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VR Fashion?! 

Good Morning New World, 
So in most of my recent posts, I have yet to chat about fashion. I know I have been back and forth with my personal quests, but it’s time that I brought the subject into light.

So, I received a notification of YouTubers I subscribe to, and one caught my eye. Spankie Valentine, who’s videos often range from fashion, comedy, and music, just uploaded a VR fashion video. It’s called “360 VR- Summer Lookbook”. She goes over the latest summer trends, and on a mobile device, can look left, right, up, and down. Off of that technology alone, I was AMAZED! Literally! Anyone that knows me, knows that I did not get a chance to finish the video. Don’t get me wrong, Spankie is a very cool lady, with amazing content. She is absolutely brilliant for the virtual reality idea. I just got stuck on the VR technology. In fact, the only part that I was concerned about was the lack of clarity, in the video, however, I am assuming this was due to me not having the headset needed for this technology. 

All and all, I am in love with the concept. VR technology, in fashion would take the industry to a whole new level. Seriously! This would bring fashion shows to the household mom, or even that buyer that couldn’t make it to Milan. How amazing would it be to sell video of NYFW in virtual reality, to the masses? Not to be that person, but I would buy it. One of my dreams has been to shoot at NYFW, but to be able to view it on my laptop, through VR, would be just as great. 

So, with that being said, I will give you all a chance to view the video, with the link below. Let me know what you think. Do you love the idea of VR in fashion or hate it?

360 VR Summer Lookbook


Personal Updates

Hello New World,

Well, after graduation, comes more classes.

Yep! I started my classes at the Washington School of Photography.

Wait! I need to backtrack a moment.

As we all know, I decided to attend WSP, this summer. I believe it was a few post back, when I made that statement. Anyway, I had paid for the first two classes, and decided that there should only be a few classes I need. So I decided to take Fundamentals of Photography, Studio Lighting 1 & 2, and Portraiture. I will have to pay for the other two classes off of my income taxes. I am hoping that this year will be amazing!

So, my instructor, Joe Yablonsky, is a wedding photographer. He teaches the basics of photography, at the school. I like him. He’s a cool, smart ass, like myself! Needless to say, that I am super excited to be in the class. His best line, for the whole class, “You can’t spell fundamentals without f-u-n, and if you find that corny, then f-u!” Love it! He is a very cool instructor. This week’s assignment is going out and shooting! Vicious! The book for the class, not so vicious. Photography, eleventh edition, extremely expensive. Also, they have a lot of upcoming workshops. In September, on the 18th, guest lecturer, Nikhil Bahl, will be talking on Landscape and Lighting. Very cool.

The school gave us laptop bags, and inside the bag they gave us some freebies. One that I loved was the Moo sample pack. If you are unfamiliar with Moo, then you have to check them out. They offer you business cards of different sizes with different backings. This is a photographer’s dream. You can put your entire portfolio on the back of your cards. How cool!

Well……….I think I can wrap it up, today.

Oooohhhh, wait!

I just applied for my press pass for DCFW. I know, I am terrible on the last minute issues. So, please, everyone, try and wish me the best.


DC Fashion Week Auditions! DO IT ASAP!


So, you know what time it is!

Yep, DCFW (DC Fashion Week), is fast approaching and are casting for models, MUA’s, photographer’s, and etc.

They are casting for the Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Although I love the spring, and hate the summer, I am quite sure the collections will be very hot. It is set to take place September 23rd-29th.

So, if you are a Model, Makeup Artist, or Photographer, your deadline is fast approaching!

“Registration (Media/Buyers/Press) for DCFASHIONWEEK 2013 will be held from May 1, 2013 to September 10, 2013. Registration for Volunteer/Staff Registration is July 1, 2013 to August 1, 2013. Open registration for Designers is May 1, 2013 to August 1, 2013. Designers registering after August 1, will be evaluated on a case by case basis until August 19, 2013. Registration for models is May 1 to August 1. Registration for buyers is May 1, 2013 to September 1, 2013. If you register outside of these times, your application may not be considered.” (DCFW site, 2013)

I will post a link to the registration page, so that everyone can apply.

Yeah, this year, I will be applying for my press pass.

So………………with that said, hope to see you there!


DCFW Registration Link

Are You Ready? DCFW is Coming!

Hello Everyone,

So is everyone ready, again? DC Fashion Week is fast approaching with new looks for spring/summer 2013. The designers, this time, look to be very interesting. The schedule seems to be the same, as last year, which would be great to have a slight switch up. But, none the less, I am very excited. This year, due to my personal schedule, I won’t be attending every show. I will be only doing the Networking Party @ Dirty Bar. This year, I am only interested in networking, more so than fashion, this year.

With that being stated, can’t wait to see you there!