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Something New: Pose of the Day

Good Morning Gorgeous World,
I know. I am soooooo flaky with keeping up with my blog. 
These past couple of months has given me so many trials and tribulations that, unfortunately, my true passion had to take a back seat to what I have going. I was able to get in a shoot. I want to say that I worked with two amazing people, Ms. Khalilah Neals (MUA) and Atochi Bond (Hair Stylist). The images came out amazing and the shoot was a success. 
So, I wanted to introduce a new feature called “Pose of the Day”. This is set to inspire others, when shooting. These are my inspirations. Feel free to send me poses to be considered.  

Pose of the day:

This image is from Simon Walden’s book “1000 Fashion Poses”. This is a great way to pose if you are wearing a short dress, because of the instant attitude it gives. 


Collabing………Would You?!

Hey New World,


Let me start out by stating that this isn’t one of those rants where I spout off about how I am the greatest, or some bull crap like that. That’s not me, at all!


So, recently, I’ve been asked, by a few fashion industry professionals, to collaborate with them. In the past, I would turn it down, because something, at least in my opinion, would never feel correct. It either felt forced or the potential person I would be collabing with, would rub me the wrong way. I know a lot of people that are reading this, and are probably saying to themselves that money is money. This statement is true, however, regardless to the amount; I will not risk my sanity on no amount of money.


So, in the past and up until the present, I have been so thankful to work with some wonderful individuals. We all came together, on a collaboration and created magic. That is what I want with all my images. Magic! So, recently, I am fortunate to, once again, work with more awesome talents. One, who is Ms. Khalilah Neals, online blogger for Facon Magazine. I am super excited about the collab in the works. I do, in the meantime, have a few shoots lined up, but nothing like this! I have so many ideas to bring to the table, it’s not even funny.dsc_1346_5810002908_o

For a long time, I have been “the everything”, in the shoot process. I have been pre and post production. It would be nice to finally be able to share ideas with a person who has the same goal in mind. Ya’ know?!

So, collabing. What do you think?

dsc_1393_5810002310_oI love it. It is a way for you to trade off services, network, and gain more knowledge.

What is your take on the subject?

Leave me a comment and I will answer back!


MshopNYC Review

2-BECOME-A-StylistHey New World,

So, I am back, for a while, though. I just came back from NYC, and boy are my arms tired!


Seriously, I just came back a week ago, and I’m tired and sick. I brought you guys back a cold from NYC!

So, I wanted to give a huge shout out to Michelle. She was very informative and inspirational to me. She has styled for numerous celebrities, opened her own boutique, taught various informational workshops, and she is originally from DC. She understood that in order to become someone great, you need to be in an area of greatness. Michelle gave honest answer for all the questions I had. I think that, unfortunately, I may have put her in a position that can be confusing, because I wanted just styling ideas. The stylist class is definitely for business and breaking into the industry, when starting from scratch. She offered so many options, for me, professionally, that I did not think about. I appreciated that, greatly. There are sooooo many changes to be made. So with that being said, next year will offer me new changes. Website, once again, will be revamped. I want to add to my portfolio stylist work. I think I can do this. I have always loved putting pieces together, and this offers me that opportunity. Also, when I officially make that “Big Move”, I want to be able to have job options. I think this will allow me to do this. While doing the workshop, Michelle made mention about Karl Lagerfeld. I knew of him as the lead stylist for Chanel, and that was it. She stated that he is considered as a “creative genius”. When I got home, I looked him up, and she was correct. He is lead stylist, creative director, and photographer. After reading more, I realized I have researched my new idol! I only know a small handful of people, who are considered as “Jack of All Trades”, and I want to strive to be this, within the fashion industry. Needless to say, the trip was very inspirational and very productive. So, if you don’t know how to get your “foot in the door” in the industry, I would greatly recommend taking one of Michelle’s workshops. Also, MShopNYC offers so many other workshops, in addition to the stylist workshop. Check them out!


Drumming Up Support!

Hey New World,

I know my times have been sooo off. My schedule has been picking up, recently. FullSizeRenderMy apologies. I have been horrible with my social networking skills.

So, first, I wanted to tell you about upcoming events. I have to cancel a few events I had planned for New York, due to some scheduling conflicts. I will be, for sure, in New York for November 23, for a class for MshopNYC. They have a “How to Become a Fashion Stylist” class, which to me, is very interesting.

On December 7th, the Bobbi Boss America’s Next Top Stylist competition will be held at the Washington Convention Center. This is definitely an event to see, trust me! I loved every bit of it! Here is the press release from my friend Alee, of DynamicPR:America_s_next_top_stylist_2

Who will be the 2014 BOBBI BOSS® America’s Next Top Stylist? Find out on Dec. 7 at the Washington Convention Center, in Washington, D.C., during the 23rd Annual Golden Scissors Awards – HairGames 2014.

The finalists for the 2014 BOBBI BOSS® America’s Next Top Stylist are some of the most talented and creative hairstylists in the country. They are: Shivonne J — Houston, Texas; Cocca Mane — New York City, NY; Richard Grant of Brenton Lee Salon and Studio — Pasadena, Calif.; and Tarina Akbari — Atlanta, Ga. Who will current BOBBI BOSS® America’s Next Top Stylist winner Travis Douglas of Columbia, SC, pass the title to? You have to be there to find out!”

So, as you know, I recently did a shoot, and the images were awesome. Mainly because I did not use my own camera. People, please learn from my mistakes! I left my camera battery in the house. How horrible was that. My friend, Leah Jones of LLJ Photography, had her Canon. I will say that I am a “Nikon Girl”, and will be fo’ life! I used her Canon and I am shocked at the images. I’m not switching teams! I am not sure if I gave my opinion on this previously, but Canon’s are great for portrait, and Nikon’s are excellent for scenery. Anyway, I am drumming up support for one of my latest ventures. WTTG Fox 5has a segment called “Allison Seymour’s Fab 5 Pics”. The first week she did this venture, a local photographer was selected. I thought to myself, “Damn, his business is through the roof, now!” So I thought to myself, “Hey, why not try?!” IMG_0010and I did. I uploaded 2 images to Instagram, with the hashtag “Fab5pics”. So, if you are feeling froggy, stop by and leave me some love.


Learning Fashion

Hey New World,

Yesterday, I started to plan for upcoming events, and came across quite a few events that caught my eye. Needless to say, my calendar is filling up, quick.

One event, which is free, is from FAN magazine (Fashion Avenue News). That was the first magazine I wanted to become a part of, but I guess God had other plans. Anyway, they are hosting a Sip and Shop event. The event will have 2 fashion show, as well as a casting call. I will be attending that event.

Also, I ran across a workshop that seems very interesting. The company is called “MShopNYC“, and they offer classes in fashion styling. At first I thought, ” That sounds interesting, but not for me”. Then, it hit me, “That’s not business minded of you”! I need to listen to that voice, more often. That voice has guided me to great places and adventures that have yet to fail me. So I did a little bit of research, and this company has worked with Mary J. Blige (one of my R&B idols), and not to mention, she has a really funky cut!

Well, there is this company, out there, that is looking out for upcoming fashion entrepreneurs. If you are just starting out in the industry, or just a little confused, like myself, then you will definitely want to check out one, or all, of their workshops. The stylist class really sparked my interest, because when I do shoots, I normally do the styling, and get a little swayed, after a few days. This usually happens when I’m doing the shopping, because I start to think, within the shopping trip, this looks good, as oppose to shopping by theme. It usually falls together, but it takes time for me because my focus goes in ten different directions. I felt like this really could help me, in my endeavors in becoming an accomplished fashion photographer. The workshop will be on October 19th, but I will try to attend another one on a later date. Check out the site!