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A Day @ 14th & U


Fashion on DC Streets!

Hello New World,

How is everybody?

I am very well.

Yesterday, me and Candice went to the Smithsonian. I

Candice Davis

haven’t been there in such a long time. I was hoping to see the the exhibit, I believe it was called “Females in Pop”. However, I did get a chance to see my man. Who else?! Kermit!

Anyway, we took a break, on the Mall, and we started looking at everyone. So she gave me an idea. Why not do a fashion list.

So here is what I saw in DC.

It started when we walked passed F Street. She was walking passed , with her boyfriend. I thought her outfit was very cute. I loved her jacket, as well. I was so impressed, with her outfit, that I had to take a shot of it.

This guy looked awesome. He had a dark, bad boy, biker look. The look was very Euro, and the cuff?! Wow!

This little princess came over to say “Hello!” She came over with her family, and when I saw this couple, I had to take their picture. I wish that I had taken a few more, though. The mom was very comfortable, in her jeans and henley. The father kept it simple with white tee and jeans. Ultra cute and ultra stylish.

I loved this young lady leopard leggings, and apparently, so do the guys! You gotta love their enthusiasm!

This young lady has an impeccable style. Her brown leather jacket is very hot! It looks similar to the jacket I want. I love the mat

ching bag and jacket. This girl is definitely a DC do!

This photographer put me to shame! From her hair to her shoe

s, very vicious!

I swear, this young lady, puts me in mind of my very stylish neighbor. I love her jacket, along the with the strip tee and skinny jeans. Totally hot!

This sista was was off the chain, with the classic jean look.

And, saving the best for last, this young lady had a very cute look. Peacoat, mini skirt, and rider boots! Also, I am a very big fan of streaked hair. In my opinion, she was the do of the day.

So, which one was your favorite? Got any ideas for stylish places to be, in DC.

Let me know!