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Unveiling of the New SmugMug!

Hello New World,

What a great day!

Today, I wanted to a review on the new updates to SmugMug.


Ok, anyone who has a SmugMug account knows that, unless you are a serious coder, and a photographer, your SmugMug site won’t look like much. Hey, it took me a minute to figure out how to code my site, and make it look decent.  Even after I coded, until I could not curse at the computer, any more, there is finally “hope”.

On July 31st, SmugMug relaunched it’s old website. It was a total revamp from the old site. They offered us TEMPLATES! OH HOLY HAT RACK, TEMPLATES! Do you know how much easier it is to use a beautiful template, as opposed to completely coding yourself?! I know, on some faces, huge and whopping smiles are covering your cheesy faces. It did with mine! So, I gave it a try. What could it hurt?

So to give you a heads up, the templates are customizable. It took me a week to customize my site. Honestly, I am not completely finished, but I wanted to keep my launch date, on point, so I launched the site. The template, as far as the site goes, is a beautiful, smooth slideshow. The site has social buttons! NO MORE PAGES CONTAINING LINKS! I will state that my site is a paid portfolio site. I had the business site, but due to financials, I had to downgrade. So, I believe that prior to the old site, portfolio sites were customizable. I will state that, I believe that is still true, but I am having a problem with my bio and guestbook page. (Note: The staff at SmugMug are soooooo prompt, that they have taken care of this problem for me.)

So, my final word. I liked SmugMug, prior to the changes. Now, I am in love with SmugMug. It is easy. It’s a drag and drop concept. Very nice, now.

Well………………enough chatter, check it out!


Oh, yeah! If you like what you see, please leave me a note on my guestbook.

Thank You!

Lady Tre 4 L7 Designs

LISTEN UP! Looking for a FREE PORTFOLIO? Check This Out!

Hello New World,

I have some news. Anyone who needs a portfolio, but know about the cost, that accompany portfolio sites. I have some info for you. I was looking on Twitter, and I saw that I had a new follower. It was a business, called “Crevado“. So being the curious person I am, I decided to check it out. This site was very interesting. Here is a bit of info:

“Crevado is an online tool which makes it easy for Artists, Illustrators, Photographers and other creatives to create an online portfolio so they can showcase their work online. With Crevado, it’s also possible to sell your work online – our paypal integration makes it a cinch to receive payments online. Crevado is free, quick and easy to use – you don’t need to be a technical guru or programming whizz. You can manage your entire online portfolio yourself using just a web browser. Crevado Portfolio sites are designed to impress and are perfect for promoting you and your awesome creations. Every day hundreds of creatives choose Crevado for their online presence. ”

I know I am one to talk, I have SmugMug!

Yeah, I agree with that, but I did not find out about Crevado until after I had upped my account for another year. So there!

However, I am going to find a way to incorporate Crevado, with SmugMug. I just need to get down with some creative coding.