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My Retouch Tutorial

Good Morning New World,

First off, I want to say

🎉🎉Happy July 4th🎊🎊


I know those emojis have nothing to do with July 4th, but that is what Apple has!

I was talking with a friend of mine, and she began asking me about cameras and photo retouches. So, when you start me on photography, prepared to get your ear chewed off! I can talk about that all day long. Little did she know, she had given me the idea for my next blog post. I don’t normally do this, but I think that this may be good to know for both models and photographers, even though I am lightly touching on the subject. So, I just wrapped up my Photoshop 2 class, and anyone that knows me, is probably asking why the PS2 class. Well, I never received certification as a photographer, and I am in the process of doing that. During the class, we lightly touched on photo retouching. I wanted to give a basic tutorial of where my eyes go, during the process of photo retouching. I will be using a recent shot of one of my school’s administrators. It was for a commercial.



1. Skin- The first thing I look at, is the subject’s skin. I try to clear up any skin imperfections that may have shown up on camera. Here is a little side note. For models, if either a photographer or make up artist gives you a list of things to do, prior to the shoot, please do it. Trust me, it shows!

2. Eyes- With a subject’s eye’s, I try to bring those out more so than anything else. The reason is because a person’s eyes are what speaks to you, before anything else. Usually I would use the dodge tool to brighten a person’s eyes. For photographers, this is also a handy little cheat. When a subject’s eyes are properly lit, you can see what type of lighting the photographer used to light his subject. Hmmmmm……..that will be my next post.🤔


3. Skin (again)-This time, we go into smoothing of the skin. It gives the appearance of soft, smooth skin in your subject. With this step, there are a thousand and one ways to achieve this. The real question, once you have smoothed the skin, is “Does it look natural?” If the answer is no, then you need to rethink your smoothing technique. Oh, and I know there are quiet a few photographers that do this, but it needs to be said. If you use a PS plug in, third party app, or etc, please learn how to properly use it. I hate seeing a beautiful image ruined because the photographer did not fully understand the software or allow the software to fully run without making any adjustments.


color adjustment4. Color adjustments-Okay, so I am guilty of this one. At times I am so enthused about working on an image that I bypass minor color adjustments. This is actually a pet peeve of mine. In the image of the circled arm, her arm was actually lighter that her body. My quick fix? If you have PS6 or PSCC, use an adjustment layer. For this image, I used the Photo Filter, on warming tone. Don’t quote me on the name. I turn it up, in the adjustment layer, fill the mask with black, paint the arm white, lower the opacity down to 0, and gradually bring it back in. Now, that fix is a 50% shot, but when all else fails, it’s my go to.


5. Hair- I am a big stickler for beautiful hair, which is only next to eyes. So what I do is use the dodge tool to add sheen to the highlighted tresses. Also, I use the clone stamp tool to fill in any gaps in the subject’s hair (and of course, we are talking about women).



6. Lint or Dusts-Last step would be to look for any imperfections on the clothes.


Although, that is not the full extent of what I do, this gives y’all an idea.



The Next Phase

Good Afternoon New World,

_DSC4266So I apologize for being distant (again). My life, these past few weeks have taken so many loops and turns, I really don’t know what to do. It has made me feel kinda withdrawn from society.

Well, I start off by saying that, and it may not be true for most photographers, but the one’s I know in the nations capitol, often hold a “regular job”, aside from their art, to pay the bills. I am no different. I have found that DC, really doesn’t have a market for me. With that being said, I have unfortunately parted ways with my current contract. I have worked there for a few years, and have grown to like and admire the people on my job. I wished it was longer, but as the saying goes, one door closes and another opens. I just have to practice patience, which is a huge skill for me. This, I strongly believe, was a learning lesson.

The next change was that I took my photography up a level. I was able to connect with one of the most vicious stylist, Andre Wallace II, also known as VooDoo Boi. His unique style is very impressive. I can’t wait to show it off. The team that I was able to work with, was amazing, in the alley. Khalilah is unbelievable with her makeup skills and Atochi is magnificent with hair! Oh, and I can’t forget the star of the shoot, Roshelle. She is absolutely amazing. That is all I’m going to say!

So, with the time that I have, I want to do some reflecting, and planning, for my future. I want to plan for an upcoming shoot. I want to try to blog more. I need to contact, and keep in constant contact, with my business connects. So, with that being stated, I won’t make any specific promises, on me blogging more, and being seen more, socially. Once again, these past few weeks, are making me reevaluate and restructure myself. This is a work in progress, and I have nothing but time to progress.


Plexiglass! My New Toy!

radiant-iridescent-reflections-0b008Hey New World,

So over the weekend, I did a shoot, for my daughter school secretary. She wanted the ad from Rihanna’s parfum line. I thought to myself, cool. The lighting should be a piece of cake. Still, I knew that we are in studio. Something needed to scream to me. I wasn’t sure what it was, that I needed, but I needed something different. A while back, I downloaded “Scott Kelby’s Photo Recipes”. One of the tutorials he had on the app was plexiglass lighting, for models. So, in the ad, she stood in DSC_0015front of a mirror. It hit me that Washington School of Photography, had some extra plexiglass, lying around. It shouldn’t give me a mirror effect, but it will give me a sweet muted reflection. So, like Scott said in the app, “Grab two Brads (friends or helpers) and let’s get started.”  My friend, Leah Jones, decided that we should create a stand, to hold the plexiglass. I stood the subject beside the glass, and we have magic!

So, since this shoot, I am now addicted to the magic which is plexiglass! I’m even thinking about ordering glass, in different colors and textures, to see what looks great. Once you try it, you’ll love it. Trust me, try it in studio, and you won’t be disappointed.886014_651653201601397_6940218250623714602_o (1)



Hey New World,

Oh wow!

Once again, I am running again!

Courtesy of All Star Latin

Courtesy of All Star Latin

I want to give a quick “heads up” to any photographers, press, PR, and any media mediums out there. A friend of mine, in New York, is hosting an event. She is looking for media, to come out to her event. This is a major event and she is looking for media mediums to come out and show out! The event will be held at the Library Theater. I will link the show at the bottom of the post. If you’re interested in press passes, please click the link below, as well.

So, here are the updates.

Tonight, is Touché. The opening of Touché Supper Club is happening tonight. This will take place at 1123 H Street, in Northeast DC. The doors open at 4pm and the tour of the establishment starts at 5pm. There will be live local entertainment and menu samples.  So, come on and show out!

February 18-20, is the Cattura Vanity Magazine Fashion Week party. Now, with this one, it caught my eye because of the location. It will be held at the Museum of Sex in New York. I know, and the freak in me screams, “CAN’T WAIT!” Yes, smiling and blushing. I figured, since Valentines is the weekend, I would invite my boyfriend to the show. I mean, why not?! This place seems like a great spot for couples. I saw the site for the location, and it seemed like an “interesting” place to visit. The will be a fashion show and I upgraded to the VIP section. WOOT, WOOT!

February 20th, is two events that I need to choose from. I have the Glitter and Glowbal, at the Museum of Sex (yes that spot again!) and NYFW with Malph. This one is a rooftop event. The only part that may prevent me from doing that event, would be the fact that we are talking New York, in February, on a ROOFTOP! It’s going to be freezing! So that one, seems very swank, but still deciding if it’s doable.

Oh, and while I am in New York, I plan on visiting B&H photo. Yes, it’s the photographer’s toy store. The conveyer belts and every piece of equipment a photographer could think of? My idea of heaven.

Anyway, TTYL!

All Star Hubran Event

The DC Latin Fashion Awards Show

Hey New World,

latin-fashion-week-galeria-expo-and-showroom-2012_239x200I am trying to get back on my schedule. It’s hard but I am getting there. I don’t want people to think I am just doing a “Soapbox Blog”. It ain’t like that?!

So first thing first, my updates. I have a huge project, that I am keeping under wraps, for the moment. This, for me, as well as quite a few others, will be “huge”. Once I get the “green light” to share, I will. Trust me!

On to the subject, DCLFA show.

_DSC3297 copyWhat else can I say, other than “pure magic”! I loved the designs. Honestly, right off the runway, I would love wearing all of it! Simply gorgeous! It was so much to shoot, that I still have images to clean. Anywho, here are a few shots!


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Pick A Focus!

woman-holding-cameraHello New World,

Once again, this is similar to another soapbox rant, but more or less meant to educate.

I started thinking about, when I was fired from my job at EPFCU. I remember how lost I felt and how out of control I felt. I continued my education at the University of Phoenix. I started with my Associates in General IT. It then lead me to practice graphics. Well, before I started graphics, I was on the Sims 3, hard. What?! I love my games. Anyway, I moved from that into retouching. That is where the love of fashion began to unfold. So, at that point, I began to learn from the photographer’s stand point. I am not fully there, not by a long shot, but it took me a while to be confident about who I am, and where I stand, in photography. I stepped out and did a shoot, and learned some hard lessons. It took a true passion for what I wanted to become and where I would like to be, to continue on.

The reason this story is even coming to the forefront is because of a situation that happened to a friend of mine. My neighbor once told me, “Pick a focus and learn it.” So that is what I did, and granted there is so much more I need to learn. It is nice to be considered as possibly someone’s inspiration, butnever look on the outside of a situation and assume that it’s “easy”. It takes work to make shoots run smoothly, at least for me now, because I have to be my own art director, stylist, lighting, etc. Sometimes, it drives me crazy! I put a lot into shoots, as far as time, money, sweat. When I’m actually performing the shoot, I have fun because I know that the hard part of the shoot, is done. That is why, a lot of times, at my shoots, people see either “fun”, “easy”, or “laid back”.

Also, I think that, as a beginner photographer, if you are not quite comfortable to perform a photo shoot, on your own, ask an experienced photographer to come and assist you. If they know you are starting out, most will be happy to help out. Never feel like you can’t ask! Experience is the best teacher, good or bad. If you can avoid a bad situation, by asking a more experienced photographer to assist and “watch over” what you are doing, then do it!

I hope this post reaches someone that really needs to read this. Trust me, I am far be it from where I would want to be. I have so many more goals, within photography, to complete. I am only giving advice of situations that I have been through. I hope that no one takes this personally.


It’s the Premiere! Bottom Of Bottom’s Launch Party

Hello New World,

I am back from the Big Apple!

What a time! I could scream it from the roof tops about how I love being in NYC. It is always the best!

Dame Fashion/Vagabond Sophisticent magazine, both, are the creation of Editor In Chief Whitney Bell. It will display fashion from around this country,  from variety of the latest upcoming photographers. Side advertisement, I’m in that hot few! The premiere issue will be available on iTunes on August 17, 2014, and the print will be available for purchase, through Dame’s site, on August 24, 2014. So definitely check it out for the content and ME! HELLO?!

So how was the launch?

Awesome! I will say that I was behind, though. It took me a minute longer to get ready. None the less, though, it was awesome. We got a table, next to the stage. I don’t know about anyone else, but I had fun! Ate a nice meal and partied beside Dru Hill. Anyone that really knows me, knows that I am a huge Sisqo fan! I loved everything he had on, especially his Nike’s! I loved it!

One more side note-Thank you soooooo much to Whitney Bell and her crew for putting the whole party together. Once, again, one of the most awesome moments in my life, having Sisqo singing in my mere direction! Whew! Thank you, ma’am!

Anyway, here is the video! The rest of the videos are located on my FB page.



FlashDance Shoot

20140626-092417-33857617.jpgHey New World,

So I wanted to do a shoot, in themed with the movie, FlashDance. You remember that movie, with Jennifer Beale, right?! Well, a young lady, that I have worked with in a majority of my latest, brought an idea of “Flash Dance” theme. You know me. It seemed very interesting! So what the hey! You know I’m shooting it.

So, I will give a little background to what I am doing. Once again, since being in class, for lighting, has made me more aware of lighting set ups. I will be using the studio space at Washington School of Photography. I will do silhouette lighting on an all light background. Now, I am not a big fan of bringing equipment to a studio shoot, but the past couple of weeks, I have had problems with the studio background stands. I am used to dealing with my own stuff, and I need to bring my own background stands. I will switch it up to head and body shots. We will be doing three looks. It should be from 1-5pm, on Sunday. I am looking forward to this shoot. I normally do themed shoot, but these seem to be coming together and this shoot is for a purpose. These images will be sent to Dame Magazine, to see if they will be featured in any upcoming issues. I need to keep the momentum going. I will try to keep everyone posted. Since the class is over, I want to keep going with light setups, but it will be a slight setback. I will make it a personal mission to do a studio shoot, once a month. So, I want to post my last studio set.

Farewell to Advanced Lighting!

Oh the fun I will miss 😦



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Guess What Happened To Me?!

_DSC2055Hello New World,

Last week I had another hectic week. I had class, once again. So I have images from this week’s class that I have not even touched, along with my shoot images, that I have been very focused on. So with that being said, I won’t keep you readers, all day with my crap. I will just announce the news.

So, you know my goal, as a photographer, has been to be published. Well, I need to change this goal. For years, I have submitted my work to different publications, feeling low because I felt like
I was ever good enough to be published. In a sense, this was good for me because this feeling made me work harder at accomplishing my goal. So, with the last shoot that I had wrapped up, in prayer, I sent it to the editor of Dame Fashion Magazine. Low and behold, I AM FINALLY BEING PUBLISHED! This has been a dream of mine, for a long time now, and this is proof, to me, that if you stay focused on your dreams, then it will soon become a reality. So since this has happened, the new goal is getting revamped. The next goal is for me to be published in Glamour magazine. Whatever disappoints that should come my way, may I take them only as learning lessons.


Photoshoot Diaries, Entry 1

Hello New World,


So, I decided to put out there, how I go about planning for my shoot. I will be giving you several entries, up until the time of my shoot. The proposed date will be June 23rd. I decided to do a shoot the way that I have always done it. Plan in excess. So, let me start the entry with the first step.


I know that there are times when we just have to do something quick, because the opportunity came out of the blue. Then, that is understandable. However, if you had the idea that has been swirling in your head for a month, and you decide to act on it, in a day’s notice, then prepare for a possibly stressful shoot. I try to plan at least two weeks, in advance. I will state that the past couple of shoots have not gone the way I would have like them to have gone. This was due to ill proper planning. So, this time, I am starting back from scratch. The first thing that I need to do is post a casting call. In the performing arts, casting (or casting call) is a pre-production process for selecting a cast (a meaning of the word recorded since 1631) of actors, dancers, singers, models and other talent for a live or recorded performance. (Wikipedia, 2013) I have two accounts with two different modeling websites, however, the one I use the most is Model Mayhem. The models and MUA’s(make up artist), that I have met, have been very fun and colorful. Some of them, I still keep in touch with. I put out two casting calls, one for models and the other for MUA’s. So far, I have had a few responses, but I am waiting for more! I will be browsing the site, and contacting a few individuals, to see if they would be interested in working with me. By doing this, I am hoping to spark more interest. More interest means more models to choose from. This leads me back to a statement that I said earlier. Plan in excess. This statement is means that you want to plan for the worst. If I want to work with one model, try to book two, or three. I have had, like clock work, one show up on the day of the shoot. If all three show up, combine it and make it a great shoot, but if none show up, enjoy your day off.


There are different ways to plan, for a shoot, and I am just giving you the way that I do it. This is not the end all be, by no means. I am quite sure that there are better ways to plan for a shoot. This is just my way of planning. You can use this to, as a template, to plan for your own shoot, or not. 🙂