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The Next Phase

Good Afternoon New World,

_DSC4266So I apologize for being distant (again). My life, these past few weeks have taken so many loops and turns, I really don’t know what to do. It has made me feel kinda withdrawn from society.

Well, I start off by saying that, and it may not be true for most photographers, but the one’s I know in the nations capitol, often hold a “regular job”, aside from their art, to pay the bills. I am no different. I have found that DC, really doesn’t have a market for me. With that being said, I have unfortunately parted ways with my current contract. I have worked there for a few years, and have grown to like and admire the people on my job. I wished it was longer, but as the saying goes, one door closes and another opens. I just have to practice patience, which is a huge skill for me. This, I strongly believe, was a learning lesson.

The next change was that I took my photography up a level. I was able to connect with one of the most vicious stylist, Andre Wallace II, also known as VooDoo Boi. His unique style is very impressive. I can’t wait to show it off. The team that I was able to work with, was amazing, in the alley. Khalilah is unbelievable with her makeup skills and Atochi is magnificent with hair! Oh, and I can’t forget the star of the shoot, Roshelle. She is absolutely amazing. That is all I’m going to say!

So, with the time that I have, I want to do some reflecting, and planning, for my future. I want to plan for an upcoming shoot. I want to try to blog more. I need to contact, and keep in constant contact, with my business connects. So, with that being stated, I won’t make any specific promises, on me blogging more, and being seen more, socially. Once again, these past few weeks, are making me reevaluate and restructure myself. This is a work in progress, and I have nothing but time to progress.



Something New: Pose of the Day

Good Morning Gorgeous World,
I know. I am soooooo flaky with keeping up with my blog. 
These past couple of months has given me so many trials and tribulations that, unfortunately, my true passion had to take a back seat to what I have going. I was able to get in a shoot. I want to say that I worked with two amazing people, Ms. Khalilah Neals (MUA) and Atochi Bond (Hair Stylist). The images came out amazing and the shoot was a success. 
So, I wanted to introduce a new feature called “Pose of the Day”. This is set to inspire others, when shooting. These are my inspirations. Feel free to send me poses to be considered.  

Pose of the day:

This image is from Simon Walden’s book “1000 Fashion Poses”. This is a great way to pose if you are wearing a short dress, because of the instant attitude it gives. 

Glitter Glowbal and Uomo Magazine. My Weekend in NYC.

Hey New World,

_DSC4244I know. It has been a hard week at work. Last week, the company that I work for, TASC, had begun the transition over to Engility. Yes, I do have a “regular” job. So, needless to say, that I have been swamped. Also, planning for the upcoming shoot, next weekend, has me super busy and stoked! So, today is the “catch up” day.

So, okay! We (me and Mr. Aviles) went up to NY on Thursday, the wrapping of to New York Fashion Week. I wish I would have went up earlier, during All Star Weekend! I think it would have been fun! So, when I went to this particular event, I did it up! Anyone tha_DSC4221t knows me knows that when I normally do events, I come dressed down, because, I’m me! For NYFW, I figured I better come with it! From a prior event I shot at, Latin FW, in NYC, I saw a lot of exceptional hair and make up artists. I was able to get in touch with one young lady, named Deina Nelson. She is nothing but the truth. She does vicious work! So, any NYC photographers, in need of an MUA, you need to get at her! I got “dolled up” for the weekend events. We did the Glitter and Glowbal and it was amazing. The Museum of Sex was a little small, but pretty cool. I would love to see the place during normal business hours. We had VIP seats, and front row was awesome! We caught the last show.

_DSC4245The designer’s inspiration was late Alexander McQueen. The masks the model’s had were awesome. The rhinestones mask and glasses, made me want to buy them, on spot! The party for Uomo Magazine, for me, was a little dry. The Gavensport Hotel was absolutely amazing. I met a few individuals. One artist I met was named Natiq. He’s an amazing artist that has showed his work in various places, around the world. I also met Conrad Bradford. He is a designer who made an extraordinary hat. Conrad did something that most people in the industry don’t and wouldn’t do, told me some real good information that made me think. He is a wonderful man for that!


Now, of course, while in NYC, you gotta go to the holy grail of photography spots! Yes, I hit B&H Photo    . I never realized how close it was t_DSC4242o my hotel. I went there, with the intention of getting a Nikon D5300. I was soooooooooo set on getting this camera, as my back up. I came in, and the sales rep said, to me “Yeah, you could go with that, or you could check out the D5500.” So, I thought, wouldn’t hurt. I fell in love with it! The exact same features as the D5300, minus the GPS feature. Now, when I purchased the camera, I thought this camera is 2 years out, maybe! I didn’t know this camera was released in January 2015! So, I’m not sure if it’s Adobe or Nikon, but the RAW files need to be compatible with Adobe. Amazing images, and I can’t show them, as of yet, because the file situation. I wanted to use the camera for the upcoming shoot, but if I do, I would use it in JPEG. Urgh!

Anyway, love the time, loved the shows, and I can’t wait to go back up!


Pinterest for Photo Ideas

Hey New World,

IMG_0499.JPGSo, first off, my timing is all screwed up! I just been that busy. So here are some quick updates.

On October 4th, 1-5pm, I will be doing another set! I soooooo can’t wait! I have my lighting ratios together, make up artist ready, and wardrobe almost complete. Although, earlier this week, I had issues with studio space. I learned a very valuable lesson. Jealousy is a horrible monster, paid or not! Now that this situation is now in my past, on to the future.

On October 17th, brings Latin Fashion Awards Gala, in DC. Now, I did LNYFW, and I thought it was absolutely awesome. So, now that Sobeidy Vidal will be bringing the awards show to the District, it’s needless to say, I’m excited! This will be a huge award event, with what I believe will be very Avant Garde.

On to the topic!

So, every now and then, I do internet searches for lighting set ups. Google search gives an amazing amount of creative ideas for lighting set ups. You get some really creative ideas! Anyway, one of the times I did an internet search, brought me to Pinterest. I thought to myself, “Really?!”, but I was actually shocked. Pinterest has an abundance of set ups. It has pics with settings. I thought to myself, “This should be very interesting.” I plan on trying it, on Saturday. I know when you see the images, you may think, this looks pretty ordinary, but it will be exciting for me based on the set up I use. I don’t know. I will get a little nerdy about that. Anyway, if you need ideas for lighting set ups, check out Pinterest for ideas.


Photoshoot Diaries, Entry 1

Hello New World,


So, I decided to put out there, how I go about planning for my shoot. I will be giving you several entries, up until the time of my shoot. The proposed date will be June 23rd. I decided to do a shoot the way that I have always done it. Plan in excess. So, let me start the entry with the first step.


I know that there are times when we just have to do something quick, because the opportunity came out of the blue. Then, that is understandable. However, if you had the idea that has been swirling in your head for a month, and you decide to act on it, in a day’s notice, then prepare for a possibly stressful shoot. I try to plan at least two weeks, in advance. I will state that the past couple of shoots have not gone the way I would have like them to have gone. This was due to ill proper planning. So, this time, I am starting back from scratch. The first thing that I need to do is post a casting call. In the performing arts, casting (or casting call) is a pre-production process for selecting a cast (a meaning of the word recorded since 1631) of actors, dancers, singers, models and other talent for a live or recorded performance. (Wikipedia, 2013) I have two accounts with two different modeling websites, however, the one I use the most is Model Mayhem. The models and MUA’s(make up artist), that I have met, have been very fun and colorful. Some of them, I still keep in touch with. I put out two casting calls, one for models and the other for MUA’s. So far, I have had a few responses, but I am waiting for more! I will be browsing the site, and contacting a few individuals, to see if they would be interested in working with me. By doing this, I am hoping to spark more interest. More interest means more models to choose from. This leads me back to a statement that I said earlier. Plan in excess. This statement is means that you want to plan for the worst. If I want to work with one model, try to book two, or three. I have had, like clock work, one show up on the day of the shoot. If all three show up, combine it and make it a great shoot, but if none show up, enjoy your day off.


There are different ways to plan, for a shoot, and I am just giving you the way that I do it. This is not the end all be, by no means. I am quite sure that there are better ways to plan for a shoot. This is just my way of planning. You can use this to, as a template, to plan for your own shoot, or not. 🙂


Photography and Makeup. What is Your Take?

Hey New World,

I was sitting here, thinking to myself, on different looks, for an upcoming shoot. I have seen so many looks, that I would like to try that it is not even funny. I love makeup looks, but I am a little retarded, when it comes to makeup. My skin is very sensitive. When I was in my teens, the makeup burned my skin, very badly. This made me not want to put on, or learn about, makeup.

Well, here it is. The year 2012, and I am on my way to becoming a photographer. I find that, for shoots, because I don’t know how to paint a face, it puts me at a huge disadvantage. It puts me in a position of depending on someone else, and a majority of the time, money talks. I am only speaking for myself, as a photographer, I want to learn about makeup. I want to be able to create a looks, on a model. I don’t want to be a photographer, with only one skill set. I want to have a basic knowledge of multiple outlets.

So I am making a conscious decision to learn about makeup application. I did a Google search to find out who can teach me, some basic ideas on makeup. I found very few classes, but I found a lot of suggestions. One of the suggestions was to find an Avon, or Mary Kay, seller. I would love to do this, but I am having a hard time finding one. It is always when I don’t need one, they are always there. However, when I do need you, they are never around. If any of them are reading this, contact me!

Then, the next suggestion was to go to Macy’s, and find out if they are having free classes. I am totally for this. I signed up for Sephora online, and created a thread. I still have not heard anything from the experts. The last suggestion was to find a MUA, that is willing to teach. I know some MUA’s, but I don’t think that they are in the market to teach. With this being stated, I am a bit lost, but I know that I will figure this out.

What do you think? Should photographers know something about makeup application?