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Branding……..Should I?!

Hello New World,

So, it is a rainy August day, and I am sitting here, bored. One of the reality( yeah, right?! Scripted reality) shows, that I am addicted to, is ANTM. I always get these great ideas, but in order to do these types of shoots, you need clout. Like serious clout, to book these places. So I bought some episodes, on Amazon video. I got the ANTM All Stars. I love Isis, Alexandria, Allison, Kayla, and Laura. I love the weird, courageous, inspirational, and individuality, of these models.

Anyway, back to what I wanted to talk about. The second episode, the girls were told to brand themselves. Each of the girls was given a word, and was told to build, on that word. This is how they should be viewed, by the public. So let’s expand on that word. BRANDING! What is it? How do we, as photographers, do it? Is there a certain level we must be, to brand, or do we start, right away? So I did some outside research.

Branding, by definition, is the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers’ mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers. (Business Dictionary, 2010) I think that, as photographers, we should brand ourselves. Our brand should be as unique as we are. Some photographers, that I have began to study, have a brand. Mike Ruiz has his signature body. Yeah, his photography is hot, too. Adam Bouska is known for the “No H8” campaign. Dave LaChappelle is known for his edgy, surreal images. Annie Leibovitz is known for her beautiful portrait photography. I loved her Vogue cover of Rihanna. Either way, these people are brands, within themselves.

So, while I was doing some research, I found a must read article. In the article, The Brand of You, by Ron Dawson, he gives out tips, to do for branding ourselves. One of his tips was to hire a pro. I will state this, I get that, if you are artistic, but don’t know certain factors, in graphic design, then yes, hire a pro. Don’t screw yourself up. I will recommend Jocosity. Jay Jackson is vicious with his designs. However, if you are fairly decent, with Photoshop, I say, go for it. See what you come up with, you never know. Also, answering my last question, I think that we should begin branding ourselves, as soon as we decide to go commercial. I am starting off, because my goal is to become commercial, or to be consider as such. I want to be known for an urban flair, but without clout and money, it is getting hard to achieve.

So, in closing, let me know what you think. What do you consider as branding? How do you begin to brand yourself? Also, one topic I did not touch on. Would you use social networking for branding?




Hello New World,

Did you hear? America’s Next Top Model went through a round of firings. At first, I thought that the judges had bigger opportunities, to pursue. I thought that they asked to perhaps leave their contracts. I guess that was not the case. According to US Weekly Online, Tyra Banks shocked America’s Next Top Model fans when she fired her panel of experts — Nigel Barker, Jay Manuel and J. Alexander — but the show’s hostess says cleaning house was a necessary evil. (US Weekly, 2012)

Wow! My mouth was floored.

Let me start off by saying that I am not an advocate fan. I don’t own any of the seasons, on DVD. I catch the show, every now and then. So, needless to say, these are my opinions, on the show. I like Nigel’s work, and I think that they need a photographers opinion, on how the models could perfect their posing. I feel as though his opinion would be more so needed because he has been on both sides of the fence, as far as modeling and photography is concerned. They really need Miss J. to show these young ladies how to walk like models, instead of walking on knuckles. Also, Jay Manuel’s vision, for the shoots, are so awesome, that I secretly copy them! If the ratings are plummeting, then it is because each season is the same. I was an advocate fan after the third season. I think that the models that are chosen, look extremely similar to Tyra’s model pals. If not that, the girls seem to look similar each year. It just feels like each season regurgitates itself. One idea, that I sent to her FaceBook page was to do a season on plus size models. I have nothing against pin thin women, but another reason that the ratings, I think, are going down, is because thick chicks, such as myself, can’t fully relate to the models. I will say that it is a given that she has had a few plus sized models on her show, but none ever make it to final four. I could be wrong, because as I stated before, I don’t watch every season, but that would be a great start. Honestly, if they had to fire anyone, it should have been the producers. The ideas for new shows are recycled each season.

So, my best wishes goes out to Nigel, Miss J., and Jay Manuel. For Miss Banks, I hope this coming season was worth this change.


A New Idea

Hello New World,

I have been doing some thinking, and I have come to a conclusion. Anyone one that truly knows me, knows that I am a seasonal photographer. I know there are quiet a few people, out the asking themselves, “What the heck, is a seasonal photographer?” Well, I will explain. The is a person who only shots during good seasons. The best season, to shoot, would be during spring and fall. I hate to sweat, and I hate the cold! If I am unhappy, then that means no shooting.

Anyway, during these times, I would like to have a goal of doing a photoshoot, at least once a month. Here is the dilemma. I have too many faces, that I would like to work with, but I am confused on who to work with. So next month, I will begin a polling contest. I will give out a list of models, and you can vote on the model you would like me shoot. After the second week, I will announce the winner.

Give me some feedback. It would be greatly appreciated.


A New Years Solution……………..For Photographers!

Hello New World,

Happy New Year!

Does anyone have any new resolutions? I know that mine is to shoot more models! I will try my best to shoot more male models. I don’t think I shoot enough men!

Well, if your New Years Resolution is similar, then I have the solution, for you. Susan Centineo, of Studio C Photography, is hosting “Portfolio-In-A-Day”. It is set for January 27, 2012, at Studio Red, in Frederick MD.

“This session will feature both male and female models, with interaction, with the focus on Fashion and Editorial, the Editorial portion following a storyboard. The models we will be featuring are all models that we have worked with before, all experienced, and all exceptionally photogenic. We will feature clothing by White House Black Market primarily, and the Lecture portion will be on the Fashion Industry today and trends in Fashion Photography, and Ad Creation to add to your Portfolio.”

Tuition for the session is $499, and $399 for alumni, which is an excellent price for everything.

Susan is a sensational photographer and very experienced with fashion photography. Check her out and if you have any questions, please give her a call @ 240.446.6085.


More Information

Susan Centineo
STUDIO C Photography
154 North Market Street
Frederick MD 21701