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Something New: Pose of the Day

Good Morning Gorgeous World,
I know. I am soooooo flaky with keeping up with my blog. 
These past couple of months has given me so many trials and tribulations that, unfortunately, my true passion had to take a back seat to what I have going. I was able to get in a shoot. I want to say that I worked with two amazing people, Ms. Khalilah Neals (MUA) and Atochi Bond (Hair Stylist). The images came out amazing and the shoot was a success. 
So, I wanted to introduce a new feature called “Pose of the Day”. This is set to inspire others, when shooting. These are my inspirations. Feel free to send me poses to be considered.  

Pose of the day:

This image is from Simon Walden’s book “1000 Fashion Poses”. This is a great way to pose if you are wearing a short dress, because of the instant attitude it gives. 


The DC Latin Fashion Awards Show

Hey New World,

latin-fashion-week-galeria-expo-and-showroom-2012_239x200I am trying to get back on my schedule. It’s hard but I am getting there. I don’t want people to think I am just doing a “Soapbox Blog”. It ain’t like that?!

So first thing first, my updates. I have a huge project, that I am keeping under wraps, for the moment. This, for me, as well as quite a few others, will be “huge”. Once I get the “green light” to share, I will. Trust me!

On to the subject, DCLFA show.

_DSC3297 copyWhat else can I say, other than “pure magic”! I loved the designs. Honestly, right off the runway, I would love wearing all of it! Simply gorgeous! It was so much to shoot, that I still have images to clean. Anywho, here are a few shots!


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You Need To See This!

Hey New World,

This really isn’t a post, just a good word, thanks to the good folks at MshopNYC!







StyleCareers.com is hosting the season’s only, fashion-industry recruiting event in New York at the Penn Plaza Pavilion (7th at 33rd) on Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 from 2pm to 7pm.

On-the-spot interviews with recruiters representing the best apparel, footwear, accessory, textile, home fashion and vertical retailers in the country.

Positions include (but are not limited to): Designers, Pattern Makers, Brand Managers, Technical Designers, Line Builders, CAD Designers, Graphic Designers, Textile Colorists, Buyers, Print/Surface Designers, PDM Specialists, Merchandisers, Textile Designers, Sourcing, Planners, Allocators, Product Managers, Quality Auditors, Stylists, Production, Manufacturing, Corporate Visuals, Account Execs, Etc…

The GROWING list of exhibitors include: Amazon, Bemis Associates Inc., C & C California, Club Monaco, Destination Maternity Corporation, dressbarn, FGX International, Fossil Group, H & M, Haddad Brands, J. Jill, Kohl’s Department Stores, Laundry by Shelli Segal, LF Americas, MCG (Market Connect Group), Original Penguin, Perry Ellis International, PRADA, Ralph Lauren Corporation, Randa Accessories, Ross Stores New York Buying Office, Steve Madden, Trafalgar Leather, Triboro Quilt Manufacturing, Tri-Coastal Design and 3 recruitment agencies: fourthFLOOR fashion talent, Pyramid Consulting Group, LLC and Solomon Page Group…and more to be added soon!


To pre-register for the New York FashionCareerFair, log-in to your StyleCareers.com profile, click the “View/Update My Information” link near the top of the page and check the box next to: “NEW YORK – Thur, Oct 23rd 2014” Don’t have a profile? You can create one here: http://www.stylecareers.com/candidates/cnew.asp

Sorry, entry and store-level candidates will not be able to attend this event; all resumes will be screened. Follow this link to view our admission policies: http://www.stylecareers.com/fcf.asp

Pre-registered candidates DO NOT have to wait in the general admission line. You will save on average of 45 minutes to an hour of waiting time!

Pre-registered candidates DO NOT have to fill-out forms the day of the fair.

Pre-registered candidates can apply to jobs prior to the career fair.

Pre-registered candidates will receive career fair information (floor map, exhibitor needs, promotions, etc…) PRIOR to the event.

Date: Thursday, October 23rd, 2014
Time: 2 PM to 7 PM
Location: Penn Plaza Pavilion (401 Seventh Ave at 33rd St)
Tickets: $10 at the door (cash only).

It’s the Premiere! Bottom Of Bottom’s Launch Party

Hello New World,

I am back from the Big Apple!

What a time! I could scream it from the roof tops about how I love being in NYC. It is always the best!

Dame Fashion/Vagabond Sophisticent magazine, both, are the creation of Editor In Chief Whitney Bell. It will display fashion from around this country,  from variety of the latest upcoming photographers. Side advertisement, I’m in that hot few! The premiere issue will be available on iTunes on August 17, 2014, and the print will be available for purchase, through Dame’s site, on August 24, 2014. So definitely check it out for the content and ME! HELLO?!

So how was the launch?

Awesome! I will say that I was behind, though. It took me a minute longer to get ready. None the less, though, it was awesome. We got a table, next to the stage. I don’t know about anyone else, but I had fun! Ate a nice meal and partied beside Dru Hill. Anyone that really knows me, knows that I am a huge Sisqo fan! I loved everything he had on, especially his Nike’s! I loved it!

One more side note-Thank you soooooo much to Whitney Bell and her crew for putting the whole party together. Once, again, one of the most awesome moments in my life, having Sisqo singing in my mere direction! Whew! Thank you, ma’am!

Anyway, here is the video! The rest of the videos are located on my FB page.



11 More Days!


10303442_10204234143124230_8702910789346536339_nHey New World,

11 more days until the Bottom of Bottoms Launch Party!

I am ultra excited, because I never get a real chance to party in NYC. Yeah, I’m up every month, but never really get a chance to party. I’m always visiting friends, and trying to handle some business. Needless to say, this time, I think will be well deserved!

So, a quick rundown.

The launch party will at SOB’s in Lower Manhattan. It will be so ridiculous! That was meant in an awesome way!

If you go to Eventbrite, there may be tickets left! So if there are any left, come out and have fun with us!




Guess What Happened To Me?!

_DSC2055Hello New World,

Last week I had another hectic week. I had class, once again. So I have images from this week’s class that I have not even touched, along with my shoot images, that I have been very focused on. So with that being said, I won’t keep you readers, all day with my crap. I will just announce the news.

So, you know my goal, as a photographer, has been to be published. Well, I need to change this goal. For years, I have submitted my work to different publications, feeling low because I felt like
I was ever good enough to be published. In a sense, this was good for me because this feeling made me work harder at accomplishing my goal. So, with the last shoot that I had wrapped up, in prayer, I sent it to the editor of Dame Fashion Magazine. Low and behold, I AM FINALLY BEING PUBLISHED! This has been a dream of mine, for a long time now, and this is proof, to me, that if you stay focused on your dreams, then it will soon become a reality. So since this has happened, the new goal is getting revamped. The next goal is for me to be published in Glamour magazine. Whatever disappoints that should come my way, may I take them only as learning lessons.


Help Me Choose…………………..Please?!

Hey New World,
I know I am sooooooo late. This week has been hectic. I sent in one magazine submission, and I am working on submission 2. This is hard for me, because I am acting as my own stylist, as well as photographer. So, with that being said, I need some help. I went on Pinterest, for ideas, and I found too many ideas. So, I need to start narrowing down my ideas. Can you help me to choose looks?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let me know what you think in the comment section, below.

DCFW Images

This gallery contains 19 photos.

Hello New World, I swear, I wasn’t holding the images for ransom. I will be honest, with everyone. I don’t think that this was some of my better shots. I think that I should have been more focused on the … Continue reading

DC Fashion Week Auditions! DO IT ASAP!


So, you know what time it is!

Yep, DCFW (DC Fashion Week), is fast approaching and are casting for models, MUA’s, photographer’s, and etc.

They are casting for the Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Although I love the spring, and hate the summer, I am quite sure the collections will be very hot. It is set to take place September 23rd-29th.

So, if you are a Model, Makeup Artist, or Photographer, your deadline is fast approaching!

“Registration (Media/Buyers/Press) for DCFASHIONWEEK 2013 will be held from May 1, 2013 to September 10, 2013. Registration for Volunteer/Staff Registration is July 1, 2013 to August 1, 2013. Open registration for Designers is May 1, 2013 to August 1, 2013. Designers registering after August 1, will be evaluated on a case by case basis until August 19, 2013. Registration for models is May 1 to August 1. Registration for buyers is May 1, 2013 to September 1, 2013. If you register outside of these times, your application may not be considered.” (DCFW site, 2013)

I will post a link to the registration page, so that everyone can apply.

Yeah, this year, I will be applying for my press pass.

So………………with that said, hope to see you there!


DCFW Registration Link

The Photographer’s Socialite…..Could Be?!

Hello New World,

On my morning walk, I was blasting my cell phone music, and was thinking about what would be my next move. All of a sudden, a flashing idea, hit me. Should I change my current title?

Well, let me go into a brief description of my current title. I named my blog ” A Chic With A Camera”, because when I first started doing photography, the term “A dude with a camera”, was a derogatory term for a novice photographer. I know that the term is still used on Model Mayhem for those photographers that take low quality ass shots. Not trying to offend anyone, but you know who you are. At the time, I was a chic with a camera, and I had no real respect. So, once I got more into NAPP, and hanging more with my friend, Leah Jones, I wanted to change it into something decent. I am not saying that I have completely changed the term, but I have tried to get people to give it a second look.

Anyway, I am beginning to notice that I go to more social events, as oppose to doing my photography. This got me to thinking, what about being a socialite? That would seem fun, to be the it girl at all the parties. Then, another thought hit me. Wait, don’t you have to be rich?! Not necessarily so. Wikipedia defines it as “A socialite is a member of a social elite, or someone aspiring to be a member. According to Merriam-Webster the word was first used in 1928. A socialite participates in social activities and spends a significant amount of time entertaining and being entertained at fashionable events attended by others of similar standing.” Didn’t say anything about money. So, why not?!

So, I want to change things up, once I graduate from AI (Art Institute of Washington). Once I am close to graduating, I want to change from “A Chic With A Camera” to “The Photographer’s Socialite”. I will still be the same, but more social activities. I love it!

Everyone, let me know your thoughts.