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Sticker Marketing: Hip or Hype?

Hello New World, 

These past couple of weeks, I have been bored out of my mind! With any operation, you are confined to your home. So, I started something that I have never done before. Binge watching! Yup, Netflix is an addiction all it’s own. So there is a movie on Netflix that had caught my eye called “Exit Through The Gift Shop, A Banksy Film”. It was a documentary about a videographer on the search to meet the legendary Banksy. The surprise twist was that, once he met him, he realized that he was an artist and developed a love for graffiti. It was to be a story on the search of Banksy and it ended up on being a story about the creation of “Mr. Brainwash”. In the movie, he started his marketing, or his transition into graffiti by promotion through stickers. He had another artist create an image of him filming, and he turned the image into a sticker. He placed his stickers all over L.A., I believe. He used these stickers to create his own hype. I thought to myself, “That is a cool way to promote myself.” So, this is an idea I may expand on. It would seem like a brilliant idea, for self promotion. I began to research a few online sites that create custom stickers. There are quite a few online sites for sticker creation. Here are a couple of sites that you may be interested in:



Sticker you

My thought, is to use my logo as a graffiti creation sticker. What are your thoughts?


Lauren Francis Does It All!

Hello New World,

CEO of She Copywrites
Lauren Francis

So, if you don’t know, by now, about the two loves of my life, then you late?! You know

that my first is photography and the second is networking. Well, it is actually

three. If I have time, then a well done

composition is always nice. Hard work, but very fun. Well, I must pass along this info, on this young lady. She puts me in mind of me.

Okay Tre’, way to sound conceited!

No, really.

Courtesy of She Copywrites

Lauren Francis is a single mother, like myself, and

is literally, on a fast track to “gettin’ her shine on”! This lady is vicious. She is currently residing in L.A., and yeah, one of these days, I have got to visit L.A., and she does everything from web designs to press kits. In fact, her company, She Copywrites, launched in January 2012, and she has made it her mission to help small businesses with marketing and advertising. Businesses such as myself. Although, right now I am trying to be more about the art, as opposed to the business. The majority of her clients have been in fashion, beauty, and entertainment.

She Copywrites specializes in copy, graphic design, PR, web design, web copy, articles, press releases, press kits, brochures, and media communications.

First off, I have seen her work, and this lady is, once again, vicious.

She has a sense of fashionable flair, that is seen in her work. Her designs are very clean, and that is what I love. A black and white design, clean lines, and perfect alignment, for her typography. I will provide a link, to her work, below. In fact, I look forward to working with her on some of my projects. So, fashionistas, bloggers, MUA’s, photographers, and fashion designers. Do yourselves a favor and check her out!


Lauren Francis
CEO of She Copywrites
email: shecopywrites@gmail.com
twitter: twitter.com/shecopywrites
tumblr: shecopywrites.tumblr.com
website: shecopywrites.com
carbonmade: shecopywrites.carbonmade.com