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Women’s March 2018

Hey New World,

Here are a few images form this year’s Women’s March. Please, enjoy and thank you for viewing.



Women’s March

Image: Jessica Sabogal

Hello New World, 
I awoke this morning to a Trump Presidency, and my heart went into dismay. The very first action he takes, is to use executive order to dismantle Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare). I was hurt. I want to be a living testimony of “Obamacare”. For the past few years, I have been hired and fired way too many times to count. In fact, this has effected my self esteem, as well as financial security. The stress has taken a huge toll on my health. I have stress induced migraines, high blood pressure, and a past foot injury that haunts me to this day. I know someone who is reading this is probably stating “So what!”, but hey, this is my story. I could not afford my medication, nor my surgery, and I thank God that Obamacare was available to me. Granted, I am not the best person with change, but I am learning that it is a part of life. However, a Trump presidency that dismantles the Affordable Care Act, should not be a part of it. I am better, but not to the point where I can stand of sit for long periods of time. I was hurt that I could not attend today’s march. I heard that it was a lot of people that attended today’s event. It was so many people that DC was closed until 6pm. I thank God for all the people that came out and stood up for rights. This administration can not stand. 



The March on Washington 50th Anniversary

1150735_10201810204127270_387244259_oHello New World,

This weekend kicked off the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but my understanding of the march was to rally against racial injustices. I never knew it was about jobs! When I was in school, which was a long time ago, we were taught that it was to fight Jim Crow laws, as a result of what happened to Rosa Parks. My neighbor, Cynthia Harsley, had attended the first march. She cleared up that it was a march about jobs. In fact, t’he March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom or “The Great March on Washington”, as styled in a sound recording released after the event, was one of the largest political rallies for human rights in United States history and called for civil and economic rights for African Americans. It took place in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, August 28, 1963. Martin Luther King, Jr., standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial, delivered his historic “I Have a Dream” speech advocating racial harmony during the march. The march was organized by a group of civil rights, labor, and religious organizations, under the theme “jobs, and freedom”. Estimates of the number of participants varied from 200,000 to 300,000. Observers estimated that 75–80% of the marchers were black. The march is widely credited with helping to pass the Civil Rights Act (1964) and the Voting Rights Act (1965).” (Wikipedia, 2013)

The events started on August 27, and ends on August 31st. I heard that the biggest day of the march will be the 28th. That is the day that President Obama, Oprah, and former President Clinton will be set to speak. Getting back to why I did this post, for shameless promotion! I ended up going to the Saturday march. It was very interesting. So, while I was there, I got in some great shots. I took some time out, and created a great slideshow. I did everything in CS6. I even added a music track, which inspired me to do the slideshow in the first place.

Anyway, check it out!