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Good Morning New World, 

These past few weeks have been nothing short of frustrating, for me. Recently, I found out that WSP (Washington School of Photography) has filed for bankruptcy, ran for a bus, which made my arthritis in my foot flare up, personal relationships in the trash, and after countless efforts on the job front, still no job. I am not even going to lie, these past few days, I have been feeling like such a loser. Needless to say, I am still waiting for a grand moment to shine, just waiting on when it will happen. So the basis of this post, is that I feel so uninspired by my life. My life is full of ups and downs (more recently downs) and I am curious to know what do you do to pull yourself back up? Let me know in the comment section, and I respond back.



Water, Water, Everywhere

Good Morning New World,
So, I wanted to give you my first weigh in 

225 lbs

My starting was

226.4 lbs

I went down 1.4 lbs. 

The first tip I noticed, was water. Plenty of water. The trick with this tip, is that you must take your current weight, and divide it by two. That is the ounces you should be drinking, to effectively lose weight. Won’t even lie, the bathroom will become your best friend, but pounds lost will be an added bonus.

So try this tip, and share any you may have. 


My Weight Loss Journey

Good Morning New World,
So, the topic, for today, is so left field from photography, it’s still relevant. What am I talking about? 

Weight loss. 

Weight can be an issue, at times, when doing a shoot. It can make you unable to move in ways you need to move, in order to get a great shot, or just making it hard to move my equipment due to my extra weight. I am currently in the process, and trust it is a process, to shed a few pounds. 

So, a lot of people may not know this about me, but I have always been a thick chick. I was chubby as a child, thick as a teen, and have grown wider as an adult. I have always wanted to be lighter, as far as my weight goes. I was just clueless about it. So, I would try diet trends that have all failed me. I keep trying to lose, but no real hope. 

My main problem: late night sugar run. 

I asked a friend of mine, Mr. Ty Hanson, to help me in losing a few pounds. I started Wednesday, and began to take account of what I am currently doing, as well as doing some in-home workouts. Realistically, I would like to go down by, at least 20 lbs. I am hoping to exceed my goal. I will keep you posted on my journey, and feel tell me about your journey. I would love the inspiration. 

Wish me luck!


School Comes First!

Hello New World,

Well, anyone that has been following my brief posts, know that, like a majority of Americans, I am looking for work. In fact, it has been this way for three years. That is very hard to admit. Being unemployed also had me pick up weight. Like 40 extra lbs. I began to change myself, and I know that it has been a rough three years. Especially for my man. I know there are days when he, literally, wanted to kick my ass, on a daily basis.

So, I began to change myself. The weight that I gained, I wanted to lose it. So I got the Six Week Body Makeover. I wanted to experience fashion photography, so I began to put together my own photo shoots. I freelanced, for a while, and still have been able to do my courses. Through this time, I have discovered my talents, obtained an Associates Degree, and on my way to receiving my Bachelor’s. Eventually, I became a little burnt, on photography.

So, starting the spring 2013, I will be returning back to class. This time, I will study my passion. I will be attending the Art Institute, in Arlington, to get my Bachelors in photography. I am very excited on doing this. I want to be able to have my work shown in magazines. I want to be one of those photographers that Tyra Banks uses on her show, ANTM. Yeah, I dream big. But, really, isn’t that necessary to succeed in what you believe in?

Anyway, it is 9:15 pm EST. So, I will be saying………..