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Location Files .02

Good Morning New World,

I decided to put out another shoot location, in the DMV area. This one is Meridian Hill Park, or as a lot of people are familiar with Malcolm X Park. Meridian Hill Park is a structured urban park located in the Washington, D.C neighborhood of Columbia Heights; it also abuts the nearby neighborhood of Adams Morgan. The park was designed and built between 1912 and 1940. This 12 acre (49,000 m²) formally landscaped site is maintained by the National Park Service as a part of Rock Creek Park, but is not contiguous with that much larger nearby park. Meridian Hill Park is bordered by 15th, 16th, W, and Euclid Streets NW, and sits on a prominent hill 1.5 miles (2.42 km) directly north of the White House. (Wikipedia, 2016) The park is known for its beauty and community gatherings. In fact, one of the most popular activities happens on Sunday, at the Drum Circle. I have yet to go, but I heard it is quite beautiful. So, on to the real nitty gritty. I love to shoot in the park. The park has several locations to shoot from and each part looks as if you are shooting in Europe. The walls that border the park, alone, are excellent backdrops. Also, The waterfall is a must to shoot. The statues make for excellent props, while shooting. I did my first shoot there. Well, my first magazine submission shoot. The images never made it to print, however I still have the images. I did a total planning of that shoot and I was very proud of what I accomplished. When I become employed, again, I would like to start shooting again. I know, it takes time, but I am willing to wait for the latest adventure.



Location Files .01

Good Morning New World, 
I do apologize. Yesterday I shot an event for the non profit I volunteer with, called Archaeology In The Community. The event was called “Archaeofest”. It was an event where archaeology is introduced to the community. It was fun. But the main reason for the post, was where the event was hosted. I know, I’m selfish for this one, but I just couldn’t help myself. The event was hosted at the Dumbarton House. This house, located in Georgetown, was the house of the first registrar of Treasury, Joseph Nourse. The house is absolutely gorgeous and would make for an excellent site for a shoot. Unfortunately, I can’t show the images that I have, however, I will show a few images from online, that I did find. Let me know what you think.
*Side Note- The house seems to be used for mostly wedding venues, in case anyone is looking.*


Photoshoot Diaries Entry 3

Hello New World,

This is the third installment of this series. So, I am just going to go back, a little. We have planning, hopeful in excess, the perfect location, now what is next?


Well, I will be totally honest with you. I am not good with lighting, period. I am still learning how to position my lights. So, I really can’t go into detail on that subject. As far as what lights I use, I will say that I bought what a beginning student could afford. I bought the Neewer strobes, from Amazon. I am very careful to keep on the model light. This helps me to position the light. Also, a must have, in every photographer’s bag, should be a light meter. At least, in my opinion, if you plan on doing studio work. A light meter reads the light source and tells you what settings to put in your camera to get clean shots.

Also, just a little side note, double check the settings in your camera, and make sure the settings are on auto fine tune, for lens calibration. I found out about this little bit of info at PSW, in Orlando. By doing this, it ensures that you will be taking a clean shot. If you want to go in depth, with lens calibration, there is a kit, that is available for purchase. I believe it is called “LensAlign“. When I saw the demo, in Florida, it looked pretty decent. The creator of the kit, after calibration, shot very clean images. I was amazed.

Knowing Your Models

It is a good idea, prior to the shoot, to get to know your models. Guys, I am not talking about finding out critical dating facts, and the same thing for the ladies, as well. LOL! I mean find out who they are, so that you are getting the best shots, for your shoot. I mean, the saying goes that you are capturing a piece of this person, why not try to capture the best part of this person. Another reason, in my opinion, is that you want the model to feel comfortable around you. I am not big on telling a model how to pose. Any models, please do not take this the wrong way, but a model should have a vast amount of poses, set in their repertoire. Models should know what angles they look best at. A photographer is there to either guide, or enhance, what you already know. Besides, I love for a model to be in the moment. That is when “magic” happens. This is when the pose, scenery, and look, just come together. I am quite sure that if this was a paid shoot, then it would very different. At that particular moment, I would be spitting out commands. That is why a majority of my shoots, I usually try to make them TFF(Time For Files). I want my shots be relaxed, non forced. You know what I mean?!

At the end, if all is planned well, you should have great shots! I will say that, there are times that, even if you follow a plan, down to a “t”, and pardon the language, sh*t still happens. This is fine, because I have had this happen, many times over. It just a part of working on TFF projects. It happens.

Anyway, I do my shoot on June 23rd. I will show behind the scene shots.


Photoshoot Diaries Entry 2

Hello New World,

This week was kind of hectic, for me. I traded up my first gen iPad for an iPad 3. I was blessed to have the sellers, the GoodyStore, send my iPad early. You know, when anyone exceeds my expectations, I have to give up a whopping endorsement, so here it is!

If you are looking for an iPad, Kindle, or any type of fun or useful electronic devices, check out the GoodyStore, on Amazon. The products are nice, below market value, very clean, and this company is very fast. My experience was great! I needed a new iPad, because the one that I had, would not allow me to upgrade the IOS. I was overdue, anyway, to get a new one. I researched iPads on Apple’s website, and the one that I wanted, they did not make them, anymore. I will be the first to say that, I want a product that Steve Jobs still had his hands in. I wanted the iPad 3. The one that Steve Jobs promoted prior to his death. Call me picky! Any who, I researched and found that the one’s that were available, was running $700-800 bucks. Noooooo! I am still a busted college graduate. My pockets only produce lent. So, I went on Amazon, and after weeks of searching, I found one for $335. Cool, I can do that. So, I sold my old one, and ordered this one. I know the guys, from the GoodyStore,was very tired of hearing from me. I called them almost everyday, to find out when the next shipment of iPad 3’s were coming in. The staff there was very courteous to me. I really appreciate that.

So getting back to the point of this post, this is the second entry to my photoshoot diary. Today, I will talk about:


There is nothing like the relationship you have with a studio owner, and if you don’t have one, get one! The reason I state this is because when you need space, he or she will work with you. Well, I guess they will work with you anyway, because you are renting the space, but trust me, it is a good thing to build a working relationship. It is, also, important to do your research, prior to booking a studio. I try to do this, when I can. I, personally, love MOCA DC. The studio manager, David Quammen, is a very colorful guy! The studio is very clean and he always have various artwork up. His prices, for me, are very low. I believe he is $35 an hr. To me, that is pretty low. I believe that some studios offer package deals for the year. So, I have booked my space for my shoot on the 23rd. I am ready, but a little nervous. I haven’t shot anyone, in a while, and I hope it goes well.