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It’s the Premiere! Bottom Of Bottom’s Launch Party

Hello New World,

I am back from the Big Apple!

What a time! I could scream it from the roof tops about how I love being in NYC. It is always the best!

Dame Fashion/Vagabond Sophisticent magazine, both, are the creation of Editor In Chief Whitney Bell. It will display fashion from around this country, ¬†from variety of the latest upcoming photographers. Side advertisement, I’m in that hot few! The premiere issue will be available on iTunes on August 17, 2014, and the print will be available for purchase, through Dame’s site, on August 24, 2014. So definitely check it out for the content and ME! HELLO?!

So how was the launch?

Awesome! I will say that I was behind, though. It took me a minute longer to get ready. None the less, though, it was awesome. We got a table, next to the stage. I don’t know about anyone else, but I had fun! Ate a nice meal and partied beside Dru Hill. Anyone that really knows me, knows that I am a huge Sisqo fan! I loved everything he had on, especially his Nike’s! I loved it!

One more side note-Thank you soooooo much to Whitney Bell and her crew for putting the whole party together. Once, again, one of the most awesome moments in my life, having Sisqo singing in my mere direction! Whew! Thank you, ma’am!

Anyway, here is the video! The rest of the videos are located on my FB page.




11 More Days!


10303442_10204234143124230_8702910789346536339_nHey New World,

11 more days until the Bottom of Bottoms Launch Party!

I am ultra excited, because I never get a real chance to party in NYC. Yeah, I’m up every month, but never really get a chance to party. I’m always visiting friends, and trying to handle some business. Needless to say, this time, I think will be well deserved!

So, a quick rundown.

The launch party will at SOB’s in Lower Manhattan. It will be so ridiculous! That was meant in an awesome way!

If you go to Eventbrite, there may be tickets left! So if there are any left, come out and have fun with us!




Upcoming Schedule

Hello New W20140606-142235-51755587.jpgorld,
I won’t lie. These past couple of weeks have been extremely busy, for me. I am back in my class and I have an upcoming shoot. So, please forgive me for being spotty with my posting.

So this shoot, that happens on this Sunday, I went another route from my usual 20140606-142524-51924075.jpg
way of planning shoots. This time, I’m in studio and I am planning lighting. This will be portraits. The theme is candy coated, and……………..that is all I can give you. I think that once I shoot these images, you will LOVE THESE!

So ok, back to where I was going. My upcoming schedule. These are some of the events you will catch me.

Photo Shoot
June 8th

Photo Shoot (tenative)

Dame Fashion/Vagabond Sophisticent Red Carpet Magazine Launch
New York, NY

New York Fashion Week (?)
New York, NY


Meet Obsession: The Launch Party!

Hello New World,

I know this is an early post, but this one is pretty cool. Early, last week, I responded to an invite to another magazine launch. I know, twice in a week, how lucky am I? Anyway, there is a new fashion magazine, in DC, called “Meet Obesession”. One of our fellow bloggers, Sinta Jimenez, is one of the editors. She is a great blogger, so I knew I wanted to check out the magazine. The magazine, from the preview issue, feels similar to Glamour, more rocked out! In my opinion, that is pretty sweet, considering the fact that I really love Glamour magazine. We even got cool bags, just for coming out! So needless to say, I would buy it. The party was held a L2 Lounge, in DC. Wow! This place is so beautiful, that I barely wanted to leave. It felt like a great studio. Not sure about restaurant. Anyway, check out the shots.


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