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Networking With Photogs…………….I’m In!

Hello New World,

This weekend was decent, for me. My birthday was January 16th, and I really didn’t get a chance to celebrate as I wanted to. That was fine. It helped me to plan for future ventures. One, in particular, inspired me to change my point of view. It made me look at things, on a larger scale.

So today’s topic,


But not just any type of networking. We are talking about networking with other photographers. Now, I know this sounds like something that shouldn’t be too big of a deal to do, but in some cases, it is. When I first began learning photography, it was hard to talk to other photographers about learning photography. I was often told learn your camera, which at the time, I only had it for a week or so. They never wanted to talk to me. It was a true blessing that a friend of mine, told me about The Exposure Group. This is one of the first black photography clubs. None the less, the elite of the elite photographers were welcomed. I got to visit one of the meetings by luck. So the majority of the group, didn’t really make people coming in feel “welcomed”. There were two photographers that were very cool. I have been cool with Ms. Leah Jones, ever since. This taught me, that, when I learned anything that was beneficial, I would, often, keep it to myself. In fact, I was taught, by my neighbor whom worked heavy in the field of photography, to keep it to myself. This made me a tad cold, and I didn’t want to do that. Eventually, I began to change that point of view. It was trial and error, but I eventually learned who to share info with, and who not to share info with. So, anyway, this weekend, I went to a photographer’s meet up, hosted by photographer Ethan Johnson, and his girlfriend. This was such an awesome experience. This had to been one of those times where I knew that something was going to come out of this. First, it was very cool of them to open up their home to other photographers. Then we went over our past experiences, and what we plan on gaining from these meet ups. I am always on lighting. To me, good lighting creates an image, but great lighting creates an emotion. That is what I want, so I am always looking for new techniques. I gotta keep up those magazine worthy images (hopefully?!). Also, I needed to know more about event shooting. I have a bad habit of shooting Auto, for lighting scenarios I don’t know. It was cool to learn what they knew and for them to learn about what I knew. I’m still learning, so whenever I come across some bit of info, I try to share it.

With that being said, we need to start sharing techniques, and networking with other photographers. I am only speaking, based on my prior experiences with other photographers. We are in an ever changing career, with new doors opened every five minutes. We need to learn from each other. I noticed that, with the photographers, we tend to “clam up” on sharing, but open up when we cut each other down. WE NEED TO STOP AND SHARE, MORE!



The DC Latin Fashion Awards Show

Hey New World,

latin-fashion-week-galeria-expo-and-showroom-2012_239x200I am trying to get back on my schedule. It’s hard but I am getting there. I don’t want people to think I am just doing a “Soapbox Blog”. It ain’t like that?!

So first thing first, my updates. I have a huge project, that I am keeping under wraps, for the moment. This, for me, as well as quite a few others, will be “huge”. Once I get the “green light” to share, I will. Trust me!

On to the subject, DCLFA show.

_DSC3297 copyWhat else can I say, other than “pure magic”! I loved the designs. Honestly, right off the runway, I would love wearing all of it! Simply gorgeous! It was so much to shoot, that I still have images to clean. Anywho, here are a few shots!


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Photographer’s Must See!

Hey New World,

So how was your weekend? Mine was interesting. I know you know that I would be more vocal about my whereabouts, but you know?!

This week, for me, is crunch week!

I have to get myself prepared to travel to New York, next week. My hair and feet need to be done, still waiting on my head piece, and a last minute switch of hotels really makes me trip out! Once again, the launch party, for Dame Magazine, is THIS SUNDAY! I heard there were still tickets left, so if you are willing, come party with us at SOB’s in Lower Manhattan! Jagged Edge and Mario Winans are among the guests to be there. It’s gonna be vicious!

Back to what I was telling you. Oh yeah, Thu20140722-144949-53389509.jpgrsday, I had an Instagram message about a pop up show. So, when I heard about it, I said, “Sure”! So, I grabbed my friend, Leah Jones, and we were off and running. The show was

very interesting. There were multiple vintage vendors there. One in particular, Sophisticated Phunk Vintage, had some really cool gear. I liked her operation because of the fact that she was willing to work with photographers. She knew that I didn’t want to buy and keep the clothes. I wanted to “rent” them for a one day shoot. She was willing to work with us, meaning photographers, to rent the clothes for a day. She has an IG (Instagram) account and there are quite a few items she has that I would love to rent for a shoot. One dress, in particular, is very hot for a shoot I have in mind for the fall. Needless to say, I can’t wait! The vendors were wonderful, when you walked in, it felt like a family reunion. 20140722-145040-53440104.jpgThere were a ton of deals and great items out to buy. I loved it!

When I got home, the show had given me a renewed inspiration I sorely needed. I sincerely thank Renee Richardson, of Dulce Mina Catering, for giving me the “heads up” on this event.






DCFW Images

This gallery contains 19 photos.

Hello New World, I swear, I wasn’t holding the images for ransom. I will be honest, with everyone. I don’t think that this was some of my better shots. I think that I should have been more focused on the … Continue reading

DC Fashion Week 2013 Review

Hello New World,

20131002-102350.jpgI want to start off this post with a retract.

In a couple of post back, I stated that I had my press pass. I found out three days later that I did not have my pass. I had missed the deadline date to put in for the shows. I do apologize to you, the readers, and to myself. I kind of let myself down. I know that I need to be more on my game. I am woking on that.

“How did you get in?”, that is the question.

I was a second shooter for my friend at LLJ Photography. I know. Next year, I will be able to get my press pass. I already know that it is possible, I just need to be more vigilant on checking my email.

This time, I only hit up two events. This week, in addition to DCFW, I am in the process of planning for my upcoming shoot. I will be doing a shoot, on October 5th, in an attempt to be published. I am hoping this works out in my favor.

Anyway, the first event I hit was the Madame Tussaud’s show. I love the fact 20131002-102423.jpgthat the statues were left out, during the show. The show was for Corjor International. I loved Ean’s designs. I think that one of his influences for one of his designs was Madonna. I believe it was her “Like A Virgin” era. I loved it! Oh course, I love 80’s-90’s fashion. The final gown was very beautiful. It was like a fallen angel gown. At least that was the idea I had. I loved the concept. It was very chic, for me. The second show I attended was the finale. It was held at the Historic Society, in DC. 20131002-102405.jpgThis show held all the designs that were shown all week. It felt like this season had a lot of African themes. One part that surprised me, and maybe this was during the week, but I did not see Howard University. What happened?

Oh, and the networking this year was nice. In fact, quite a 20131002-102416.jpgfew people either I worked with them, friendly with, or I just admired their work. It was such an awesome vibe that I have to mention and link these people.
Morris Gough– excellent menswear designer, as well as an outstanding model, as well as a great friend!
Aleatha Carver and Prodigy Artist– two of the greatest MUA’s I have ever seen, as well as the two greatest personalities I have ever met!
LaLa from GSA (Golden Scissor Awards)– she is an exceptional person and does a great job marketing the event.
Cheri Amor Talent Agency– this young lady has some of DC’s hottest talent, and most were in the shows.
and Leah Jones (LLJ Photography)– always a pleasure to hang with!

I hope that is everyone! If I happened to forget anyone, I do apologize. It was just too many people.

Anyway, I am going to do a quick wrap up.


Shoot @ RED

Hello New World,

You know, I am a huge fan of Mr. Quammen and MOCA DC. Every shoot that I have done, as far as studio work goes, has been in there. I praise the name of MOCA DC, mainly because of his prices.

But, this weekend, I found a very worthy contender.

My friend, Leah Jones, of LLJ Photography, did a shoot at this studio, in Frederick MD, called Red. Man, what a vicious set up! The studio owner has this real cool looking wall, that is so hot for a gothic shoot. The studio has several different freestanding backgrounds, 3 sets of seamless background paper, an amazing clean wall, and a warehouse brick wall, as well. I was soooooooo amazed by what I saw, I just had to tell everyone about this.

And I am!

Very hot studio space, plenty of props, and such cool backgrounds, and did I mention very hott?!

So, what are you waiting for?! Check them out!


Red Studio

Fashion Watchin’ In Georgetown

Hello New World,

Happy Memorial Day!

Yeah, it’s late, but better late than never!

981900_370986123001441_875612668_oSo, I finally got around to playing with the video blog, to begin editing it, but we are our worst critic, and I am an extreme case. Leah Jones, of LLJ Photography, the BEST PHOTOGRAPHER I KNOW, will probably kick my butt for saying this, because she is such an excellent photographer and videographer, she shot the video for me, and I realized something. I am DRY ON CAMERA! No, seriously, I need to get personality training, or something.

Any who, let us get started.

981544_370986149668105_1736037098_oSo, we started on the back end of Georgetown Waterfront. The end that starts on 34th Street. I met a group of young ladies that had a look, that was very clean and simple for a spring day on the water. I think that white is always a good choice, when on the water. It just adds to the clean and nautical feel of the water. It just makes me want to hop on a boat, and just go!

976849_370986253001428_729722730_oI tell you, I am such a fan of white by the water, it is not even funny. She was spotted laying in the grass. Actually, the beach cruiser was cool, and that was what I spotted. I love the peach top with the white pants. I believe the top is Pink, by Victoria Secret. And the shades, oooohhhhhh you are killing it!

964190_370986329668087_973658320_oThis guy had a great look. With the bike, it put me in mind of a New Yorker on his way to chill in the park. The khaki and blue messenger bag is very nice. He was definitely a do!


966881_370986336334753_2041222793_oThis little guy was my kind of guy! He was not camera shy, at all, and why should he?! His cool cargo khakis, paired with the jean jacket. He just knew he was hott!


965544_370986376334749_928199795_oOh and his little sister was styling, as well. I just could not get her to show it off. I know I may be a little off because this happened a while back, but, I think she had on a black A-Line Dress, with colorful stripe leggings, and black flats. Also, after closer inspection, is that a gold Barbie necklace?! Too Fierce! She was soooo camera shy, but such an adorable subject.



Now, I thought this look was very cute. In fact, this reminds me of an outfit I would wear.


980776_370986763001377_877956538_oI think that the day that I shot this post, it was literally an all white day! This guy was too cool with his linen suit! There are a couple of guys that I know could take a pointer from this guy.


474233_370986643001389_509443574_o (1)Let me be the first to say that a put together nautical look, is always a go, for me. It was funny because I was on the train and spotted a gentlemen that had a youthful 1960’s look. When I took a closer look, it was him! So needless to say, he does it 24/7!

980396_370986773001376_1787210428_oAnd to end this post off, for us, is Mz. Peach. I loved the outfit, down to the shoes, and back to the accessories. She was a DO!

Well, this wraps up today’s post. I will get on those personality training courses, so I can start video blogging. I have no problem with the video highlights, just talking on camera.

Also, if I did not include you on this post, the images can also be found on my FB Page. Don’t forget to like it!

Any who, TTYL!

Assisting, and Why You Should Do It.

Hello New World,
Well, first off, I need to apologize to everyone. I just started back working and I have been working my butt off to get a few Christmas presents. I will try to continue posting more good info!
On to today’s topic!
I chose this topic today because, on Sunday, I will be assisting my friend Leah Jones, on her shoot. I know there are some photographers that are like, “Assisting another photographer?! What can this person tell me that I don’t already know?” A great deal. Assisting a photographer is very helpful to you, and the photographer.
How, you may ask?
I will tell you.
Assisting a photographer can open doors that may not have been opened, if you tried on your own. I can only speak for myself, but I have assisted a few photographers, and it helped me to get in a few places that I would not have been able to get in, on my own. In today’s society, it is still based on who you know, and not necessarily what you know. Another reason is lighting. Forget the fact that you think that you know everything basic about lighting; because there is always something extra you could learn. You can learn new and different ways to light your subject. When I first learned about photography, I assumed that three lights was the standard and the positioning may change. As I began to assist more photographers, I learned that there are other ways to light a subject. Also, you can check out another photographer’s posing technique. Without question, different photographers have different styles and ways of posing a person. Even though the posing is generally the same, there may be slight differences that make an image unique. The next reason is that it is always good, for both you and the photographer, is that both need the extra set of eyes during a shoot. A majority of the time, I find that what one photographer may not see, your assistant may see, and vice versa.
So……….with that being said, you should think about it.


The Photographer’s Socialite…..Could Be?!

Hello New World,

On my morning walk, I was blasting my cell phone music, and was thinking about what would be my next move. All of a sudden, a flashing idea, hit me. Should I change my current title?

Well, let me go into a brief description of my current title. I named my blog ” A Chic With A Camera”, because when I first started doing photography, the term “A dude with a camera”, was a derogatory term for a novice photographer. I know that the term is still used on Model Mayhem for those photographers that take low quality ass shots. Not trying to offend anyone, but you know who you are. At the time, I was a chic with a camera, and I had no real respect. So, once I got more into NAPP, and hanging more with my friend, Leah Jones, I wanted to change it into something decent. I am not saying that I have completely changed the term, but I have tried to get people to give it a second look.

Anyway, I am beginning to notice that I go to more social events, as oppose to doing my photography. This got me to thinking, what about being a socialite? That would seem fun, to be the it girl at all the parties. Then, another thought hit me. Wait, don’t you have to be rich?! Not necessarily so. Wikipedia defines it as “A socialite is a member of a social elite, or someone aspiring to be a member. According to Merriam-Webster the word was first used in 1928. A socialite participates in social activities and spends a significant amount of time entertaining and being entertained at fashionable events attended by others of similar standing.” Didn’t say anything about money. So, why not?!

So, I want to change things up, once I graduate from AI (Art Institute of Washington). Once I am close to graduating, I want to change from “A Chic With A Camera” to “The Photographer’s Socialite”. I will still be the same, but more social activities. I love it!

Everyone, let me know your thoughts.