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Good Morning New World, 

These past few weeks have been nothing short of frustrating, for me. Recently, I found out that WSP (Washington School of Photography) has filed for bankruptcy, ran for a bus, which made my arthritis in my foot flare up, personal relationships in the trash, and after countless efforts on the job front, still no job. I am not even going to lie, these past few days, I have been feeling like such a loser. Needless to say, I am still waiting for a grand moment to shine, just waiting on when it will happen. So the basis of this post, is that I feel so uninspired by my life. My life is full of ups and downs (more recently downs) and I am curious to know what do you do to pull yourself back up? Let me know in the comment section, and I respond back.



The Next Phase

Good Afternoon New World,

_DSC4266So I apologize for being distant (again). My life, these past few weeks have taken so many loops and turns, I really don’t know what to do. It has made me feel kinda withdrawn from society.

Well, I start off by saying that, and it may not be true for most photographers, but the one’s I know in the nations capitol, often hold a “regular job”, aside from their art, to pay the bills. I am no different. I have found that DC, really doesn’t have a market for me. With that being said, I have unfortunately parted ways with my current contract. I have worked there for a few years, and have grown to like and admire the people on my job. I wished it was longer, but as the saying goes, one door closes and another opens. I just have to practice patience, which is a huge skill for me. This, I strongly believe, was a learning lesson.

The next change was that I took my photography up a level. I was able to connect with one of the most vicious stylist, Andre Wallace II, also known as VooDoo Boi. His unique style is very impressive. I can’t wait to show it off. The team that I was able to work with, was amazing, in the alley. Khalilah is unbelievable with her makeup skills and Atochi is magnificent with hair! Oh, and I can’t forget the star of the shoot, Roshelle. She is absolutely amazing. That is all I’m going to say!

So, with the time that I have, I want to do some reflecting, and planning, for my future. I want to plan for an upcoming shoot. I want to try to blog more. I need to contact, and keep in constant contact, with my business connects. So, with that being stated, I won’t make any specific promises, on me blogging more, and being seen more, socially. Once again, these past few weeks, are making me reevaluate and restructure myself. This is a work in progress, and I have nothing but time to progress.



Hello New World,

I have some news. I started working!

Yeah, I ‘m tired.

You would think that I would be well rested, because I took two weeks off, from my classes. I decided to do some overtime. Christmas is right around the corner, and my daughter wants the latest and greatest something.

Well, the other change that I have made in my life is the place I plan on attending for photography. It was no secret that I wanted to attend the Art Institute of Washington, for photography. It seems like a very right choice, at the moment. They have a beautiful facility, due in part of the highly artistic students. It felt like a no brainer, at the time. Until they sat me down, and talked to me about the price. The cost, for a certificate, was a little high, for my price range, and I had used up my Financial Aid with the University of Phoenix. So I became a little discouraged. The enrollment counselor, for the Art Institute, told me to apply for scholarships. I really appreciated the help she offered, but for someone of my age, yeah, I am only 21 (LOL!), scholarships are not readily available. So I began to look in another direction. Thus, finding the Washington School of Photography.
“Washington School of Photography offers many courses, ranging from traditional film and darkroom
practice to digital media, in addition to a Professional Program leading to a certificate in
professional photography. WSP’s state-of-the-art facility features a black-and-white darkroom; a dedicated digital teaching area;
and a professional shooting studio.”
So, I went to the Open House the school was hosting on December 1st. It was mainly for students looking to gain there certificate, in Professional Photography. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted that, as well, but since the school is geared toward working professionals, I felt like I may need a few courses. I know I need lighting, business, and portraiture. The school has a very loving environment that is geared directly in photography. This means that you do not have to worry about theory courses, which is a huge plus for me. The school offers outside individuals the opportunity to learn, as well. The Washington School of Photography offers workshops. In fact, there are quite a few workshops that I would love to check. Also, a huge deciding factor was the price. The total price, of their certificate program, is $8,000. The Art Institute is $9,000 more than WSP!

In fact, don’t take it from me. Take time out to find out for yourself.



Hello to All,

This week has been a week of roller coasters and things. I have started a new regimen, in order to get in a shape. The shape of round just isn’t attractive, to guys. Also, I am adjusting to new glasses. Needless to say, I have a new headache every afternoon, and I made some decisions on my photography. I think the one that matters the most, is the decision I am making, on my photography.

First off, I will still be running my business, but only as a side business. I love doing photo shoots, being and having that creative freedom, but I need a job. One day, I would love for my photography to become my full time job, however, at the moment, I need to make money for me and my daughter. So, I am making the decision to go back to banking. I will still be doing photo shoots, just during my free time. Also, this does not mean you will hear from me any less. I will still be doing post, as always. I just miss customer service, I guess.

Well, TTYL!