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 Show Me Your Personality

Good Morning New World, 
So I am excited about being back in school. I know there are so many people out there, saying “Wait, how old are you again?” This year, God willing, I want to earn my certificate in Photography. It will be a big step for me. My current teacher, Courtney Jackson, teaches Photoshop II. There are some thing that I have learned on my own and through tutorials, but it never hurts to learn different techniques. 

Anyway, she taught us about a “Personality Grid”. I never heard of them, in prior, so this seemed to be something that could be really helpful for me. Anyway, I wanted to show the one I did with my daughter. She is tons of personality. Please, enjoy! Also, if you have any grids to share, feel free. 



My First Clothing Line Shoot

Good Morning New World, 
So I am so excited to give you a sneak peek into my first product line shoot. My daughter shot the behind the scenes to this. I fell in love with myself, all over again. 


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Link: Glamourina

Affiliate Nation

Good Morning New World, 
I have a confession to make. 

I, Lady Tre, am a referrer. 

There, I said it and I am a slight bit ashamed. 

Or should I?

(These are the jokes, people😑) 

Well, anyone that knows me, or I’m assuming any normal individual, knows that I will refer the holy hat rack out of a business I really like. There are so many that I can tell you about, it would be too darn time consuming for me to do so. Trust me, I take up too much of your time Saturday mornings with you having to reading about my shenanigans. Anyway, a young lady by the name of Amanda Uduka, fellow blogger for her blog “The Finesse Life“, which is a must read, did a FB post about affiliate programs. The article gave an awesome list for fashionista’s, but what about photographers? Are there any affiliate programs for photographers? 

Well, I started doing some research. These are the ones that caught my eye. 
Kelby One– “We continually strive to develop strong partnerships with companies and individuals who wish to promote KelbyOne on their websites or blogs in exchange for commission earned on membership sales. We welcome sites and blogs related to photography, Photoshop, graphic design, and other relevant areas. How does the program work?

Essentially, this program allows you to earn money by referring new members to KelbyOne. This occurs by placing banners and/or links to on your website. When a prospect clicks on the link or banner, and becomes a KelbyOne member, you will earn a commission.

Cost: Free

Benefits: Earn up to 20% commission on membership referrals,10% Commission on Annual Memberships, 20% Commission on Monthly Member.
Adorama– “We are looking for dynamic partners that have a close connection with their readers and who love to do what they do. Whether you are a professional photographer hosting a blog, or you spend all your time creating content for your consumer-oriented website, or you send emails out or have a group on Facebook – as long as you like and respect our brand and feel comfortable promoting it, then this is you.”

Cost: Free

Benefits: 2% base commission (with performance-based incentives), Up to 10% commissions on some Brands and Categories, Over $400 average order size, No limit to how much you can earn, 30 day cookies, Link your customers to one of the industry’s most reputable 40+ year brand, Over 250,000 products in our catalog:

Product categories include Pro and Consumer Photo, Pro and Consumer Video, Lenses, Lighting, Tripods, Pro and Home Audio, TV’s, A/V, Home Theater, Computers Desktops & Laptops, Tablets, Printers, Optics, Forensic and many more categories.
B & H Photo- “Base commission begins at 2% with the possibility for increased percentage based upon performance. Additionally, we offer 8% commission on a growing list of over 3,000 products from the following brands.”(Listed on Site)

Cost: Free

Benefits: Dedicated Affiliate Managers, Commissions up to 8%, Low minimum payout of $80, Customizable tools and links, Up to date offer and deal emails
Amazon– “Get up and running today. Just one approval to join—no third-party advertiser approvals.”

Cost: Free

Benefits: Get up to 10% in advertising fees
Of course, this isn’t the end all be all of lists. I am quite sure, later on, I will find out more about becoming an affiliate. I am still learning about these programs that are very interesting. Also, as with anything, be sure to do your own research.

Who Am I?

Good Morning New World,
I know. Every season I take off and then come back. This time with good reason. Of course, it’s a very long story, but aren’t they all?!

I took off, for a while, because I started to forget who I was. I know there are a lot of readers, out there, saying to themselves, ” How can you forget who you are? Was you high?” I will start off by saying, no, I don’t get high. Hell, I barely drink, due to a few health problems. To answer the second question, yes, you can forget, very easily, who you are.

It starts off with after my contract ending at the temp company. I was devastated for long while. I seemed to feel as if everything I did, was bound to end in disaster. This also encompassed a lot of personal issues, within my life, that still have not been fully resolved. It was a sketchy time. In fact, one of my old coworkers told me it was a blessing in disguise. At that moment, it was very hard to look at it that way. I had bills piling up and calling me, everyday. I tried to throw myself back into photography, but it then felt like a chore. In fact, the images that I shot, during this time period, are still on my laptop. As beautiful as the images were, I just wasn’t ready to go back into my creative nature. I felt stumped.
So, I decided to go back to work. It was a blessing and a curse, at the same time. The blessing was that I was able to pay off bills and pay for classes, to gain a professional certificate in photography. The curse was that it took my self esteem down to an all new low. Everything I did, was wrong. In fact, as soon as I walked into work, I felt as if I did that wrong. There were days that I contemplated quitting. I am not saying this, as to say “You should never quit a project”, because now learning what I know, if it doesn’t serve you, in any way, please leave! It had gotten to the point where my supervisor assumed that I did everything wrong, on purpose, and was in spite of her. I went home and literally cried out in prayer, because I tried my hardest, and it wasn’t good enough. So needless to say, at that point, I still did not want to shoot or finish any work because I felt like dirt beneath the dirt.
It, then, hit me that my old coworker was correct. The time off was, when my prior contract ended, in fact, was considered a blessing. It took a bad situation to see that this position was not who I am, nor meant to be, and it showed me how my life really needed to change. The last two weeks had gotten better, mainly because I only had two more weeks. During my final week, instead of burning bridges, as I normally would, I left on a positive note, accepting all good grace gestures.
I began to realize everything I would love to do, on my days off. I wanted to dive back into blog. There are still topics I want to share on. I want to finish my classes in photography, so that I can have my certificate. Needless to say, on my first week off, I decided to rest and relax. Also, I prayed that I would regain my creative spirit back. I’m still a work in progress. I am starting to gain all new ideas. During that time, that I was working, heck, I’m gonna call it what it was, depression. It made me forget that I am a photographer, social media maven, advisor, giver, funny chick, and an artist! Unfortunately we go for jobs, instead of life paths. Our main source of doing is financially motivated, as opposed to what we love to do. Sadly the case, that is the world that we live in, or the world I only know.
So, without further ado, I would like to welcome myself back!

Lady Tre’, welcome back!

Let’s get back into it!