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My Amazing Weekend in NYC!

Hey New World,

This weekend, I had an amazing weekend in NYC. Well, it is rare that my weekends in NYC are just plain crappy.

DSC_0189-RecoveredSo, on Friday, my daughter and I went to NYC, for the weekend. I had to shoot the “Kids Fashion Democracy” competition, over that weekend.

There is something that is so inspiring about NYC. I love the forward thinking that keeps me coming back. I highly recommend any artist to take a trip there. You won’t be disappointed. My daughter, who is an art major, absolutely loves it. She is very huge on fashion. In fact, at the current moment, she works for a local company, sewing and cutting patterns. I am so proud of her. She wanted to go to Fordham Rd., to buy some new gear. I will say that on the various times I’ve been to NYC, I have never rode transit, alone. I always had someone with me that knew the area better than I did. So, this was quite the adventure for me. We got a little “side tracked”. Thank God I had cab fare! So, we caught the cab to Fordham Rd. First spot we hit was Dr. Jay’s. For her, she didn’t get a chance to see any clothes she liked. We purchased a few things, but nothing that really stood out to her. Now, I spotted a lipstick purse, in red. That has to be the hottest item I’ve purchased, to date. But back to my daughter. I think she was more particular to Dr. Jay’s winter selection. I agree with her. Then we hit the Jimmy Jazz, on Fordham. That one was geared toward men’s gear. So, after that, we took the train back to Manhattan. We had a chance to take our night walk. On our walk, we hit Forever 21. Now, I make it an issue to hit stores that aren’t in DC. As anyone knows, there is a Forever 21 in every mall. However, this one had three floors of hot fashion. She was able to come out with the chunky heels and some really nice shirts. By the time we were finished walking around, I was super tired.

Before I go any further, I want to give a huge shout out to the staff at the Hampton Inn, on W39th (few blocks down from Port Authority). Every time I go to NYC, it feels like home and I am amongst family. Nelson, Amanda, and Chris, y’all are so awesome. I come there, and never want to leave. That is how much I love being there. So, if you go to NYC, go to the Hampton Inn, on W39th. You won’t be disappointed. It feels just like home. I got up, worked out, and I geared up to go the event.

DSC_0249The event was a few blocks away, at the Hotel Pennsylvania, but I opted to take a cab. The event was great. I had a chance to network with some really awesome people. Ms. Jonise Boyd, she was a correspondent for the event. Her videographer, Adam Smith, of A.B.S. Productions, was a very cool guy. Simon and Liamm, both kept me laughing, and as well as helped me out along the way. I thought the experience was very exciting and interesting.

Later on, that night, you know I had to hit up the Old Navy, at W34th. This one had three huge floors of vicious clothing. So, I burnt my pockets, in there! Hey, didn’t I tell you I’m in love with Old Navy?! We did some more late night walking. I got in a few shots with my camera, but I had to format the cards, in preparation for the event.

I posted a few of the images shot.

Enjoy and TTYL!


Plexiglass! My New Toy!

radiant-iridescent-reflections-0b008Hey New World,

So over the weekend, I did a shoot, for my daughter school secretary. She wanted the ad from Rihanna’s parfum line. I thought to myself, cool. The lighting should be a piece of cake. Still, I knew that we are in studio. Something needed to scream to me. I wasn’t sure what it was, that I needed, but I needed something different. A while back, I downloaded “Scott Kelby’s Photo Recipes”. One of the tutorials he had on the app was plexiglass lighting, for models. So, in the ad, she stood in DSC_0015front of a mirror. It hit me that Washington School of Photography, had some extra plexiglass, lying around. It shouldn’t give me a mirror effect, but it will give me a sweet muted reflection. So, like Scott said in the app, “Grab two Brads (friends or helpers) and let’s get started.”  My friend, Leah Jones, decided that we should create a stand, to hold the plexiglass. I stood the subject beside the glass, and we have magic!

So, since this shoot, I am now addicted to the magic which is plexiglass! I’m even thinking about ordering glass, in different colors and textures, to see what looks great. Once you try it, you’ll love it. Trust me, try it in studio, and you won’t be disappointed.886014_651653201601397_6940218250623714602_o (1)


SBY Teen Day Party Review


Hey New World,

How’s everyone?

Happy 4th of July!

I am amazed at how well this Saturday posting is working for me. I am able to come up with a topic and freely write on it during the week. I totally love this.

So, you may ask, any events on the calendar?

Starting in August, I will be working with stylist Khalilah Neals, on building our ports. I know this will be extremely cool move for both of us. I believe the prior post will give a better description on what my feelings are on collabing. I just put in for my Press Pass for Latin Fashion Week, for both New York and Washington D.C. I am hoping this goes through. Next month, in July, I will be registering for the Komen Race for the Cure, in NYC. I believe this will be coinciding with Latin Fashion Week, NYC. I am not sure if I want to do DC Fashion Week, this year. I have done DC Fashion Week, before, and I heard that the creator of DC Fashion Week, Mr. Ean Williams, has a line out, called “Magnum”. I believe it is a men’s underwear line. Not totally sure, but none the less, should be interesting line. So, the debate still rages on about that.

The Sasha Bruce Teen Day Party.DSC_0027

So, okay, I want to start off with a little background into the organization. The Sasha Bruce Youthwork Prevention, Outreach, Wellness, Education and Risk Reduction (P.O.W.E.R.) Program launched an HIV testing social media campaign, over the weekend (#Never2Early). The founder of the organization, Debra Shore, started the organization in 1974 to help out runaway and homeless teens. Two years later, the organization gained the recognition of Evangeline Bruce, Ambassador David Bruce wife, following the tragic death of their daughter, Sasha. Mrs. Bruce donated the money to the organization in her daughter’s memory.

DSC_0018 The party was held at LIV Nightclub, on 11th and U Streets’ in NW. I have passed by this club, several times, and never realized it was a club. The spot actually reminds me of when I used to DSC_0080club, at the spots I used to frequent. There were several media outlets, in attendance, including the Washington Informer and WPGC radio. I believe the host, for the event, was Mr. Redz from WPGC. Now, I’m not even going to front. It’s been a while since I listened to the radio. The last host I remember vividly was Donnie Simpson and EZ Street.

DJ Fat Cat,DSC_0049 was vicious with mixing. Then, a dance crew came in and gave up some vicious moves. One guy, popped his shoulder out of wack, on beat. I thought it was very different, and cool, at the same time.

Now, if you follow me on my Facebook page, you will hear me demean today’s teens. Mainly because of the post I have seen online, or what I have seen, on the Metro in DC. I’m not even gonna front on half of the situations I have witnessed. I am not trying to make it sound freakin’ horrible, but there are some really DSC_0175ignorant situations I have seen, just for attention. This event was a perfect opportunity for teens to be viewed in a more responsible light. So, with that being said, I applaud the teens that showed up to show that they care about their lives. It was a beautiful event with a decent turn out.