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Disappointment and Determination. How Do You Deal?

DSC_0001Hey New World,

How has the world been, today?

Well, in my world, I’ve been having a few deep thoughts to go past. Over the weekend, I decided to practice with the Nikon D5500. I had to shoot in JPEG, because Nikon and Adobe haven’t “linked up”, yet. Well, at least until Sunday. Adobe came out with an update to now view NEF files for my camera. Needless to say, I was jumping for joy! Alas, it was just a pipe dream! I tried to pull up those NEF files and I’m still having trouble with that! Come on! I have faith that it will happen!

DSC_0002So, during the week, I had gotten sick. I caught a cold, but still in recovery. Later on, in the week, I will be doing a product line shoot for a jewelry designer. This young lady creates spectacular jewelry, and I can’t wait to have the opportunity to show you some of her work. Then, in April, my tribal shoot will finally take place. Yeah, I know the snow wasn’t bad, but I take the Metro. Also, I am still in the process of resolving my own personal issues, so I may not be as busy as I am used to.

Disappointment and Determination


What lead you to this subject, Tre’?

Well, I was talking with a good friend of mine, Ty Hanson for It Works, and he said something to me, that really rang with me. He valued my creative freedom with his future business plans. That statement, in my opinion, is something I believe a photographer hear’s when they have officially “made it”. Well, that brings me back to the party I hit in NY. It was the rooftop party. It was there, I spoke with a gentleman, whom gave me the run down on the industry. He basically told me that, without looking at my work or what I had to offer, if I’m not immediately recognizable, then maybe I should delve into a different aspect of photography. DSC_0007I won’t lie. For a brief second, my heart fell into my shoes, because he didn’t really know who I was, how far I had came, or etc. Not saying that he should’ve been like “ I love all of your work”, but still?! He just knew that I was that short lady, with a camera, in the back of the room. I totally felt like a novice, at best! I was like “Wow, I’m THAT lady?!” He let me know to “reinvent” myself. So, I went from disappointment to determination. I recognized that I don’t want to be that lady, ever again. Although, I’m no where I would want to be, I’m so much further than where I could have imagined! I am so blessed for that!

So, disappointment. How do you deal with it and does this feeling makes you determined to surpass that feeling?

Let me know your thoughts.




_DSC4259Hello New World,

I am taking a break, to gain new perspectives and to handle personal business. I still have shoots lined up. I am just aligning everyone’s schedule, which can be slightly difficult.

So, I was looking online, trying to find books for the Nikon D5500. The one that is almost biblical, to me, are the “From Snapshots to Great Shots” series. The book gives you settings, to try, for your camera. I love them soooooooo much, along with Kelby One media. An absolutely brilliant series. Anyway, I was looking through my Kindle library, and found some of the books I use, as reference, for photo shoots. My “Go-To” book is “Mastering Model Shoot” by Frank Doorhof. This book, every time I read it, inspires me to shoot more.

Hence, the topic of the post!


That’s it!


LMAO! Nah, just kidding!

Inspiration, by definition, is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. My definition, it’s a feeling that comes about when an image is viewed or music being played. So, once I downloaded Frank Doorhof’s book, I was inspired. The inspiration was to shoot outdoors, again. In his book, he lists places to shoot. He gives a lot of great ideas, on where to shoot. One idea was to shoot at silos. I don’t recall seeing silos, in D.C. It would be nice, if they were here. I think I may start spending more time in Baltimore. Baltimore has great places to shoot. A lot of industrial spots. So inspirational, to me! Even though my focus is urban, my inspiration sometimes come from nature. I love being by the water. It makes my heart sing. So, I’m curious. What is your inspiration? What inspires you to move, to make your art comes alive? Let me know in the comment section, below.


Glitter Glowbal and Uomo Magazine. My Weekend in NYC.

Hey New World,

_DSC4244I know. It has been a hard week at work. Last week, the company that I work for, TASC, had begun the transition over to Engility. Yes, I do have a “regular” job. So, needless to say, that I have been swamped. Also, planning for the upcoming shoot, next weekend, has me super busy and stoked! So, today is the “catch up” day.

So, okay! We (me and Mr. Aviles) went up to NY on Thursday, the wrapping of to New York Fashion Week. I wish I would have went up earlier, during All Star Weekend! I think it would have been fun! So, when I went to this particular event, I did it up! Anyone tha_DSC4221t knows me knows that when I normally do events, I come dressed down, because, I’m me! For NYFW, I figured I better come with it! From a prior event I shot at, Latin FW, in NYC, I saw a lot of exceptional hair and make up artists. I was able to get in touch with one young lady, named Deina Nelson. She is nothing but the truth. She does vicious work! So, any NYC photographers, in need of an MUA, you need to get at her! I got “dolled up” for the weekend events. We did the Glitter and Glowbal and it was amazing. The Museum of Sex was a little small, but pretty cool. I would love to see the place during normal business hours. We had VIP seats, and front row was awesome! We caught the last show.

_DSC4245The designer’s inspiration was late Alexander McQueen. The masks the model’s had were awesome. The rhinestones mask and glasses, made me want to buy them, on spot! The party for Uomo Magazine, for me, was a little dry. The Gavensport Hotel was absolutely amazing. I met a few individuals. One artist I met was named Natiq. He’s an amazing artist that has showed his work in various places, around the world. I also met Conrad Bradford. He is a designer who made an extraordinary hat. Conrad did something that most people in the industry don’t and wouldn’t do, told me some real good information that made me think. He is a wonderful man for that!


Now, of course, while in NYC, you gotta go to the holy grail of photography spots! Yes, I hit B&H Photo    . I never realized how close it was t_DSC4242o my hotel. I went there, with the intention of getting a Nikon D5300. I was soooooooooo set on getting this camera, as my back up. I came in, and the sales rep said, to me “Yeah, you could go with that, or you could check out the D5500.” So, I thought, wouldn’t hurt. I fell in love with it! The exact same features as the D5300, minus the GPS feature. Now, when I purchased the camera, I thought this camera is 2 years out, maybe! I didn’t know this camera was released in January 2015! So, I’m not sure if it’s Adobe or Nikon, but the RAW files need to be compatible with Adobe. Amazing images, and I can’t show them, as of yet, because the file situation. I wanted to use the camera for the upcoming shoot, but if I do, I would use it in JPEG. Urgh!

Anyway, love the time, loved the shows, and I can’t wait to go back up!