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Touche’ Anyone?! Touche’ Supper Club Review

Hey New World,

How is it going?

Happy REAL Snow Day!

I know you guys are like “Say what?!” Well, D.C. hasn’t really had any snow. This was the first time, in a long time, we had some “workable” snow. No good for snowball fighting, be decent for sledding. Yeah, real big kid, right HERE!

Well, everything is very vicious, for me. Wow, I have too much going on and doesn’t seem to stop. That is the coolest thing I have ever had happen to me. Thursday, I know it’s a long time coming, but crucially needed. I’m coming back to NYC! Cattura Magazine is throwing a two day event, at the Museum of Sex! I’m going! Still haven’t decided if I am still going to the rooftop party for Uomo Magazine. It’s cold and snowy, up there!

March 8th, I am back at it, again. I have another shoot coming. I will be doing portraits that will feature the work of the unbelievable makeup artist I work with. This shoot will be for Facon magazine photo submission. I can’t wait!

_DSC4186Well, here is what you have been waiting for, Touche’!

I know I normally talk about photography and fashion, but I figured I would take a quick break from that. We all need a break from work to remind us that we are human. We need a place to just kick back and relax. So, here you have it. I am giving an honest review to Touche’. Simply put, I love the club. This club is two levels. The first floor reminds me of the spots that the grown folks would go play cards, hang with friends, etc. To me, that felt like a second home! Don’t judge, colorful childhood! The second level was all the way live, with stage and lounge area. The general manager, Jayne’ LaMondue Price, was the sweetest person in the world. She made sure that the customers were well taken care of. The club is located on 1123 H Street, NE DC. It’s down the street from Union Station. It’s on the newly renovated H Street corridor.

The menu features a Southern French fusion cuisine. The sample of the night’s_DSC4216 copy menu was very welcoming. The baked macaroni and cheese was as close as my mother’s recipe, as possible. Thank God, she doesn’t read my blog. I would hear it later. The wings, and apologize if I don’t know exactly what they were, was spicy and succulent. I loved the catfish bites, with spicy sauce. It was so vicious.

_DSC4218 copy

The bar was highly live! I didn’t really drink like I normally would, because, me personally, I hate drinking by myself. None the less, the bartenders were sweet enough not to let me go full in, alone!

The biggest difference, I think, with this club, is that they feature live entertainment. But, the thing is, it’s not just normal entertainment. The club

House band, Gut Sol.

House band, Gut Sol.

features local talent. So, all my rapper, singers, bands, etc., if you are interested in being a part of local talent, I will link the website to the club. Go to the “Contact Us” link, and hit the manager, Jayne’, a note! She will feature Up & Up open Mic! (rappers, please!) Back to the review, the house band, Gut Sol, was very vicious. The songs were very nice.

Joe Clair and Tati, from the "Joe Clair Morning Show, on  95.5 WPGC, in DC.

Joe Clair and Tati, from the “Joe Clair Morning Show, on 95.5 WPGC, in DC.

The best part to the event, was who I met next! So, I grew up in the 90’s. I was a big rap (not hip hop) fan! I’m talking back in the days when rappers told stories based on point of view, note a continuous hook! Needless to say, I was big on video shows, like “Yo, MTV Raps” and “Rap City”. I was a Joe Clair fan. He was funny as hell, on the show. He used to host “Rap City” with Big Lez. All the real rap fans know who she is! So, WPGC came out to show support. I had forgotten that Joe Clair came back to D.C. His whole morning crew, Tati, Guy, and Poet, showed out, to show support. Joe was so cool. I wanted to ask him, what happened to Big Lez, but got flustered.

Poet, from the "Joe Clair Morning Show, on  95.5 WPGC, in DC.

Poet, from the “Joe Clair Morning Show, on 95.5 WPGC, in DC.

Poet, was the sweetest person I had met, so I need to give her a big shout out! HEY LADY!

I wish I could’ve stayed a little longer, but I had to go to work the next day, and Empire was coming on soon. Yeah, I’m on that band wagon! In fact, if I may suggest, I noticed some places are jumping on the Empire bandwagon. It would be cool if the club had an “Empire Watch” party. I’m thinking around about the time the season finale episode or the season 2 premier. Just an idea!

But either way, the club is very relaxed, with down home food, live local entertainment, in an upcoming neighborhood. Sounds like a win win, to me!

But, don’t take my word on it. You should really take time out to go!


Touche’ Supper Club website



Hey New World,

Oh wow!

Once again, I am running again!

Courtesy of All Star Latin

Courtesy of All Star Latin

I want to give a quick “heads up” to any photographers, press, PR, and any media mediums out there. A friend of mine, in New York, is hosting an event. She is looking for media, to come out to her event. This is a major event and she is looking for media mediums to come out and show out! The event will be held at the Library Theater. I will link the show at the bottom of the post. If you’re interested in press passes, please click the link below, as well.

So, here are the updates.

Tonight, is Touché. The opening of Touché Supper Club is happening tonight. This will take place at 1123 H Street, in Northeast DC. The doors open at 4pm and the tour of the establishment starts at 5pm. There will be live local entertainment and menu samples.  So, come on and show out!

February 18-20, is the Cattura Vanity Magazine Fashion Week party. Now, with this one, it caught my eye because of the location. It will be held at the Museum of Sex in New York. I know, and the freak in me screams, “CAN’T WAIT!” Yes, smiling and blushing. I figured, since Valentines is the weekend, I would invite my boyfriend to the show. I mean, why not?! This place seems like a great spot for couples. I saw the site for the location, and it seemed like an “interesting” place to visit. The will be a fashion show and I upgraded to the VIP section. WOOT, WOOT!

February 20th, is two events that I need to choose from. I have the Glitter and Glowbal, at the Museum of Sex (yes that spot again!) and NYFW with Malph. This one is a rooftop event. The only part that may prevent me from doing that event, would be the fact that we are talking New York, in February, on a ROOFTOP! It’s going to be freezing! So that one, seems very swank, but still deciding if it’s doable.

Oh, and while I am in New York, I plan on visiting B&H photo. Yes, it’s the photographer’s toy store. The conveyer belts and every piece of equipment a photographer could think of? My idea of heaven.

Anyway, TTYL!

All Star Hubran Event

Why I Love the D5300!

Good Morning New World,

How is everything, today?


Courtesy of

Ooooohhhhhhhhhh! I gotta give up the latest on where I will be.

On February 11th, I will be attending the opening of Touche, on H Street. My friend, Alee, sent me the word, so I’m going! February 19th-22nd, I will be in New York. I plan on attending quite a few of the NYFW Events. I know, I will be coming there at the end of Fashion Week, but I wanted to do some other things, as well. Holey Doughnuts, is a doughnut spot I have been dying to hit!

Subject: Why I Love the Nikon D5300

I know what you are saying. In fact, I can hear it now. “Tre’, you have a D7000. Why would you want a D5300?!” I’m glad you asked.

I always wanted a camera with a flip screen. Every Nikon I have ever owned (which was two) have never had a flip screen. In fact, when I began looking into cameras, my original choice was an Olympus. It was mainly for the flip screen feature. At that time, the young lady that worked at Penn Camera, talked me right out of it. So glad she did.

So, I’m in the position, now, where a backup camera is definitely needed. So, now, I’m thinking Nikon D5300. Sure bet! What I didn’t plan for, once I started researching, was the features I missed when I bought my D7000. Check out the comparison, courtesy of

Advantages of the Nikon D5300

Lower frame rate movies

1080p @ 60fps vs 1080p @ 24fps

Both shoot Full HD (1080p) video, but D5300 does so at a higher frame rate

Significantly larger screen

3.2″ vs 3.0″

Around 10% larger screen

Lower noise at high ISO

1,338 ISO vs 1,167 ISO

The D5300 has a slight edge (0.2 f-stops) in low noise, high ISO performance

Has in-camera HDR

Yes vs No

Combines multiple exposures to capture high dynamic range

Much higher true resolution

24 MP vs 16.1 MP

Capture around 50% more detail in your photos

Has a flip-out screen

Yes vs No

Flip-out screens can be helpful when composing tricky shots or taking movies

Has a GPS

Yes vs No

Automatically geotags your photos when traveling

Better image quality

83.0 vs 80.0

Almost the same

Higher resolution screen

1,037k dots vs 920k dots

More than 10% higher resolution screen

Significantly smaller

124x99x76 mm vs 132x105x77 mm

More than 10% smaller

Less shutter lag

200 ms vs 238 ms

Around 20% less delay when taking photos

Better color depth

24 bits vs 23.5 bits

Distinguishes 0.5 more bits of color

Much lighter

480 g vs 780 g

Around 40% lighter

Better maximum light sensitivity

12,800 ISO vs 6,400 ISO

The D5300’s maximum light sensitivity is 1 f-stop better

Slightly thinner

3″ vs 3″

Almost the same

Advantages of the Nikon D7000

Significantly larger viewfinder

0.62x vs 0.54x

More than 30% larger viewfinder

Weather sealed

Yes vs No

Sealed to shoot in the rain

Much longer battery life

1050 shots vs 600 shots

Around 80% more shots per battery charge

Has a built-in focus motor

Yes vs No

Autofocuses with all autofocus lenses

Has a pentaprism viewfinder

Pentaprism vs Pentamirror

Pentaprism viewfinders are typically brighter

Significantly better viewfinder coverage

100% vs 95%

Around 10% better viewfinder coverage

Shoots faster

6 fps vs 5 fps

20% faster continuous shooting

Has more storage slots

2 vs 1

More slots allows storing more images without switching memory cards

Slightly less startup delay

400 ms vs 500 ms

20% less delay when turning on

Much faster max shutter speed

1/8000s vs 1/4000s

2x faster max shutter speed


$599.95 vs $696.95

The best price we’ve seen is $97 cheaper (more than 10% less)

In fact, check out the comparison, for yourself.