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MB Fashion Week in NYC?! I Think So!

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Hey New World,

I wanted to start off this post with an opportunity I had to miss. LinkedIn is a very useful social media tool. It’s excellent for networking. If you don’t have an account, you should really think about getting one. Well, I hope I am not overstepping myself here, but I have to tell you this story. Yesterday, I was home, due to the “snow storm”. I look in my email and noticed that I had a message. It talked about an opportunity to shoot, today. This was for HER DC Life Magazine. Unfortunately, I had a previous engagement. I was able to recommend someone to the magazine, but I sorely wished that I could have done it.

Okay, so back to the post.

Remember, from the last post, I stated that I was inspired by the photographers group, I was in. Well, it also inspired me to apply for a dream of mine. At the very least, start it. I have begun the process of applying for a press pass for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York. I have always wanted to do this, but knew I had to be to a certain “level” in order to this. I knew I wasn’t to that level, yet. Hanging with the group, help me to build my confidence level.  Of course, I haven’t finished it, yet. I heard, from a friend of mine, that the press pass will cost and I would like to get this when I have extra to play with. Also, there is a huge part of me, which is scared to do it. The fact that I will be coming in as my own media outlet, I guess, can be either heralded or discriminated, depending upon the person. Not to mention, the “snub” level may be very high.  None the less, I need to do this. Networking opportunities should be very high, with great potential. Not to mention, the bragging rights you have with it! I would be like “Hey, I don’t need to hook on to anyone else, I’M LADY TRE’! I get into all the hot shows!” and stuff of that nature.


I need to stop! However, I am going to wrap up my application and this post today!



Networking With Photogs…………….I’m In!

Hello New World,

This weekend was decent, for me. My birthday was January 16th, and I really didn’t get a chance to celebrate as I wanted to. That was fine. It helped me to plan for future ventures. One, in particular, inspired me to change my point of view. It made me look at things, on a larger scale.

So today’s topic,


But not just any type of networking. We are talking about networking with other photographers. Now, I know this sounds like something that shouldn’t be too big of a deal to do, but in some cases, it is. When I first began learning photography, it was hard to talk to other photographers about learning photography. I was often told learn your camera, which at the time, I only had it for a week or so. They never wanted to talk to me. It was a true blessing that a friend of mine, told me about The Exposure Group. This is one of the first black photography clubs. None the less, the elite of the elite photographers were welcomed. I got to visit one of the meetings by luck. So the majority of the group, didn’t really make people coming in feel “welcomed”. There were two photographers that were very cool. I have been cool with Ms. Leah Jones, ever since. This taught me, that, when I learned anything that was beneficial, I would, often, keep it to myself. In fact, I was taught, by my neighbor whom worked heavy in the field of photography, to keep it to myself. This made me a tad cold, and I didn’t want to do that. Eventually, I began to change that point of view. It was trial and error, but I eventually learned who to share info with, and who not to share info with. So, anyway, this weekend, I went to a photographer’s meet up, hosted by photographer Ethan Johnson, and his girlfriend. This was such an awesome experience. This had to been one of those times where I knew that something was going to come out of this. First, it was very cool of them to open up their home to other photographers. Then we went over our past experiences, and what we plan on gaining from these meet ups. I am always on lighting. To me, good lighting creates an image, but great lighting creates an emotion. That is what I want, so I am always looking for new techniques. I gotta keep up those magazine worthy images (hopefully?!). Also, I needed to know more about event shooting. I have a bad habit of shooting Auto, for lighting scenarios I don’t know. It was cool to learn what they knew and for them to learn about what I knew. I’m still learning, so whenever I come across some bit of info, I try to share it.

With that being said, we need to start sharing techniques, and networking with other photographers. I am only speaking, based on my prior experiences with other photographers. We are in an ever changing career, with new doors opened every five minutes. We need to learn from each other. I noticed that, with the photographers, we tend to “clam up” on sharing, but open up when we cut each other down. WE NEED TO STOP AND SHARE, MORE!


So What’s Next?

Hey New World,

I apologize for the late post. Personal life is taking me places.

So, I noticed something. I went back to old posts, and I spoke a reality into my life. How exciting it is to see that a post that you had written at the beginning of the year and had no idea would come into reality, is the new norm! So with that being said, I am going to make another reality happen. This year, I want to be published in a big name publication! I don’t know how this is going to happen, but I’m going to put my all into making this goal happen. Mark it!

This year, I have two more classes I need to get out of the way. I’m doing the Photography Business I and II classes. I need this to build into a business for my daughter. One day, she is going to take it over. She is a great photographer, now. I need her to strive to be the exceptional one. Also, I need to create a brand! Not trying to sound bad in any way, but I realized that I am a unique individual. I realized that people recognize me from my hair, and then realize I have a personality. Go figure! I want have people recognize that personality. If people can identify you, then they feel a connection to you, I think. I want that! This creates better business.

This year, I need to be more in NYC. I spent a good bit of time up there, but I still need to network way more than what I have. I am so grateful for the people I have met, in my life. They have been so awesome. Truly, they have, in a sense, been my lifeline and inspiration, and I feel so blessed to know these individuals. You know who you are.

With that being said, I put my affirmations out there.

Tell me yours!