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Pick A Focus!

woman-holding-cameraHello New World,

Once again, this is similar to another soapbox rant, but more or less meant to educate.

I started thinking about, when I was fired from my job at EPFCU. I remember how lost I felt and how out of control I felt. I continued my education at the University of Phoenix. I started with my Associates in General IT. It then lead me to practice graphics. Well, before I started graphics, I was on the Sims 3, hard. What?! I love my games. Anyway, I moved from that into retouching. That is where the love of fashion began to unfold. So, at that point, I began to learn from the photographer’s stand point. I am not fully there, not by a long shot, but it took me a while to be confident about who I am, and where I stand, in photography. I stepped out and did a shoot, and learned some hard lessons. It took a true passion for what I wanted to become and where I would like to be, to continue on.

The reason this story is even coming to the forefront is because of a situation that happened to a friend of mine. My neighbor once told me, “Pick a focus and learn it.” So that is what I did, and granted there is so much more I need to learn. It is nice to be considered as possibly someone’s inspiration, butnever look on the outside of a situation and assume that it’s “easy”. It takes work to make shoots run smoothly, at least for me now, because I have to be my own art director, stylist, lighting, etc. Sometimes, it drives me crazy! I put a lot into shoots, as far as time, money, sweat. When I’m actually performing the shoot, I have fun because I know that the hard part of the shoot, is done. That is why, a lot of times, at my shoots, people see either “fun”, “easy”, or “laid back”.

Also, I think that, as a beginner photographer, if you are not quite comfortable to perform a photo shoot, on your own, ask an experienced photographer to come and assist you. If they know you are starting out, most will be happy to help out. Never feel like you can’t ask! Experience is the best teacher, good or bad. If you can avoid a bad situation, by asking a more experienced photographer to assist and “watch over” what you are doing, then do it!

I hope this post reaches someone that really needs to read this. Trust me, I am far be it from where I would want to be. I have so many more goals, within photography, to complete. I am only giving advice of situations that I have been through. I hope that no one takes this personally.



Soapbox Rant #125 Not Interested………………….

10453376_10203973787575504_1122884582315844469_nHello New World,

Before I go into this post, I want to state that this is in no way or form meant to be disrespectful or hurtful to anyone. This is only meant to inform people. Please, don’t take this the wrong way!

So, this weekend, I was in the house chilling, cleaning, planning, etc. Well, maybe mid morning, I get a phone call, from a friend. He let me know that his cousin is getting married. I said “Wow, that’s fantastic.” He then proceeds to let me know how she is looking for a photographer. I let him know that I could recommend someone, and he was just not trying to hear it. I left it at that.

Once again, this is not a post to be disrespectful, insensitive, or ungrateful. I thank those people, when in need of a photographer, call me and ask. I am humbled and thankful that you think of me when looking for a photographer. I so greatly appreciate it.

However, I am not interested in shooting your Grandma’s bar mitzvah, your cousin’s 52nd wedding, the overly extended family of twelve babies mama and thirty children portrait, or the birth of your umpt teenth child. I’m just not interested.

20140217-035836My goal, at this point in my life, is to be published in several different magazines. The ultimate dream would be to one day become a contracted photographer for Conde’ Nast. To be able to walk up to Cindi Leive and say “What is on tap for today?”, would be an ultimate dream. In fact, once I began to focus on what I wanted, in photography, I knew I wanted to work for Glamour magazine. I’m not into working with Vogue, so much. I totally get the idea of controversy selling, however, I wish Anna Wintour would’ve stuck to her guns, and didn’t put the Wests on the cover. Every lady that she has had on the cover made a powerful impact on our society. Other than Kanye’s music, I have yet to figure out what Kim has done. After that, I lost respect for Vogue. Still love Annie Leibovitz images she does for that magazine, though.

But back on the subject, No! I’m just not doing it! Now, before you think that I solely work to grab magazines attention, not true. I do events, as well. I work with Alee of Dynamic PR. She has the most exciting events and networking opportunities that are absolutely gorgeous! *SHAMELESS PLUG FOR DYNAMIC PR* I thank the Heavenly Father that he has giving me a job that allows me to be able to work on photography. Plus, I always think back to one of my favorite photographers, David Cuerdon, and what he stated in his workshop. He said, in so many words, photography is my side job, and during the week, I have a regular job. Well, that is how it for me now.

Anyway, enough ranting!


The “BIG” Change

Good Morning New World,

How was the weekend?

So I have so much on my mind that I am dying to spill the thoughts.

First, the agenda for the next couple of weeks, isn’t too bad?! Just a lot of planning, though. I will toot the horn on this one, however. I landed a young actress a piece the upcoming magazine “Dame Fashion Magazine”. So I am doing the shoot for that, on August 24th. This young lady was an extra to the movie “12 Years A Slave”, as well as other parts. Needless to say, I am very excited on doing this shoot.

On August 30th, I will be shooting at the Miss Tanzania Pageant. It will be held at the Silver Spring Civic Building. The time will be at 6:30 p.m. If you are interested in attending, you can go through the website.

On October 5th, I will also be at WSP, doing my “Think Outside the Box” shoot. This shoot will be mainly high contrast, black and white. It will be very clean and simple. I just gotta get that box built. The wardrobe concepts I am still trying to plan. Yeah, I know. Too much with not enough time.

On September 7th, I will be doing the the Race for the Cure in New York. Also, while on the subject of New York, I want to discuss this announcement. I started to realize that I am more and more up in NYC. I love everything about being up there. Granted, every time I come up, I’m in Manhattan, but I love every part of this place. I love the people, places, sights, just everything! Also, with my career of choice, of course photography, is very hot there. I love working within the fashion industry. From my understanding, New York is the fashion capitol. So with that being said, you can kinda guess where this post is going, right?! I need to be there! Simply said. So, I’m looking for co op rentals and potential jobs, and hitting up family members for possibly staying with them. Yeah, it’s expensive, but I think this will be well worth it!