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FlashDance Shoot

20140626-092417-33857617.jpgHey New World,

So I wanted to do a shoot, in themed with the movie, FlashDance. You remember that movie, with Jennifer Beale, right?! Well, a young lady, that I have worked with in a majority of my latest, brought an idea of “Flash Dance” theme. You know me. It seemed very interesting! So what the hey! You know I’m shooting it.

So, I will give a little background to what I am doing. Once again, since being in class, for lighting, has made me more aware of lighting set ups. I will be using the studio space at Washington School of Photography. I will do silhouette lighting on an all light background. Now, I am not a big fan of bringing equipment to a studio shoot, but the past couple of weeks, I have had problems with the studio background stands. I am used to dealing with my own stuff, and I need to bring my own background stands. I will switch it up to head and body shots. We will be doing three looks. It should be from 1-5pm, on Sunday. I am looking forward to this shoot. I normally do themed shoot, but these seem to be coming together and this shoot is for a purpose. These images will be sent to Dame Magazine, to see if they will be featured in any upcoming issues. I need to keep the momentum going. I will try to keep everyone posted. Since the class is over, I want to keep going with light setups, but it will be a slight setback. I will make it a personal mission to do a studio shoot, once a month. So, I want to post my last studio set.

Farewell to Advanced Lighting!

Oh the fun I will miss 😦



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Guess What Happened To Me?!

_DSC2055Hello New World,

Last week I had another hectic week. I had class, once again. So I have images from this week’s class that I have not even touched, along with my shoot images, that I have been very focused on. So with that being said, I won’t keep you readers, all day with my crap. I will just announce the news.

So, you know my goal, as a photographer, has been to be published. Well, I need to change this goal. For years, I have submitted my work to different publications, feeling low because I felt like
I was ever good enough to be published. In a sense, this was good for me because this feeling made me work harder at accomplishing my goal. So, with the last shoot that I had wrapped up, in prayer, I sent it to the editor of Dame Fashion Magazine. Low and behold, I AM FINALLY BEING PUBLISHED! This has been a dream of mine, for a long time now, and this is proof, to me, that if you stay focused on your dreams, then it will soon become a reality. So since this has happened, the new goal is getting revamped. The next goal is for me to be published in Glamour magazine. Whatever disappoints that should come my way, may I take them only as learning lessons.


Upcoming Schedule

Hello New W20140606-142235-51755587.jpgorld,
I won’t lie. These past couple of weeks have been extremely busy, for me. I am back in my class and I have an upcoming shoot. So, please forgive me for being spotty with my posting.

So this shoot, that happens on this Sunday, I went another route from my usual 20140606-142524-51924075.jpg
way of planning shoots. This time, I’m in studio and I am planning lighting. This will be portraits. The theme is candy coated, and……………..that is all I can give you. I think that once I shoot these images, you will LOVE THESE!

So ok, back to where I was going. My upcoming schedule. These are some of the events you will catch me.

Photo Shoot
June 8th

Photo Shoot (tenative)

Dame Fashion/Vagabond Sophisticent Red Carpet Magazine Launch
New York, NY

New York Fashion Week (?)
New York, NY