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PC or Mac? Which Are You?

Hello New World,

20140429-205230.jpgSo I decided to touch on a topic that will go on and on for years.

PC or Mac?

That is the question!

Well, here is my take on it. My very first laptop, was a Dell Inspirion E1705. It was the first laptop I had customized. I love it. In fact, to this day, I have it running in a very decent order. I just changed the operating software from XP to Windows 7. What an uphill battle that was?! Anyway, I put PS4 on it, and from there, everything from graphics to retouching ha taken place on it. Later on, I decided to have the memory maxed out on it. I was able to do my Sims movies and work on Photoshop. Hey, I even had room for Lightroom 3. It’s a nice machine. Later on, I started to notice an abundance of Apple user coming forth. I was wondering what the “big deal” was with the MacBooks. I am big n Apple’s mobile products, such as the iPad, iPod, and iPhone. Trust me, it took an extremely long time to figure that once you have one of these products in your life, without them, you can’t function.

So, when my tax money came in, I decided, what the hey, I will splurge and go for a MacBook Pro. The thing was, I didn’t want a 15inch. I want something close to my Dell. I wanted a Cadillac model. I wanted a 17inch. The problem was Apple stopped manufacturing the 17inch MacBook Pro’s. What am I to do? Thank sweet baby Jesus for Amazon. I found a 17inch MacBook Pro, and we have been like peas and carrots ever since.

Now, as far as photo editing software goes, I have CS6 for both Mac and PC. Although PC’s are tough and can take virtually whatever program you give it, Mac is definitely faster, with a better color calibration. I was able to get a retouch out the way in 15mins., instead of an hour! I know, but perfection takes time. It is lighter, as far as the weight of laptops. My Dell was luggage and my MacBook Pro it a tote. So freakin’ light, I forget it’s there! Mind you, I am talking about their 17inch older model. I assume that by now, the newer models are probably that “scary light”. You know what I mean?! Scary light is that light you don’t want to touch, because it feels easily breakable. You feel me on that one! Oh, and the most important part, for me. You can sync Apple products to work together. You can link the iCal to work with the iPhone or iPad calendar. You can iMessage on the MacBook Pro, as well as Facetime. Since buying my MacBook Pro, I haven’t touched my PC. In fact, below are two images. One was done on my Mac and the other on my PC. Can you tell the difference?





Battle of the Tri States………..You In?!

Hello New World,

Well, it’s that time! The “Battle of the Tri States” is going down on May 18th, in Seacacus, NJ. This is a no brainer for me. I will be there, and I gotta get my look right! This is a hair competition for barbers, hair stylist, and just enjoyers of “Good Hair”. Here is a quote from the press release:

“Watch your favorite hair professionals work their magic on the main stage. Some of the hottest celebrity stylists in the country will present the BOBBI BOSS® luxury brands INDIREMI® and GENESIS® with breathtaking trend models. The Pinnacle of Luxury meets GENESIS™ The Beginning of Natural Essence of Luxury with celebrity host Glynn Jackson. These stunning models will be sporting exclusive hair trends for 2014-2015. Come and be a part of this unprecedented hair experience.
Don’t miss BOBBI BOSS® America’s Next Top Stylist winner Travis Douglas of Columbia, South Carolina. He was America’s big winner as thousands of people went online — — and voted for him as “America’s Next Top Stylist.”

So…………what are you waiting for?!



PhotoShop World is Here! Why Am I Here?!

Hey New World,

This weekend was beautiful. Being in New York, is always a pleasure.

So the subject. Yes, PhotoShop World is happening! Yes, right now. In fact the key note speech is set to start at 9 am. Sooooo…………….yes, I am a die hard fan of Photoshop World and NAPP. Why am I in DC if PhotoShop World is in Atlanta? Well, it’s for that reason. It’s in Atlanta! Nothing against the ATL, but I am just not seeing it. In fact, I have family there. Still not seeing it. Now, I will say, that I do have the PSW app, on my iPad, and it updates me to what is going on. Personally, I love Florida. I wish this year was in Florida. I love Orlando, the theme parks, people, and the outlets. Oh, I miss my Nike outlet!

Anyway, check out the website or download the app, to check out the line up. I think that since Adobe has launched its CC, that will probably what a majority of the workshop will be based on.


Re: Gettin’ Radical!

Hey New World,

So I wanted to give an updated post of the Get Radical Women’s Conference. I would like to thank Alee, of Dynamic PR, for the invite. Also, I would like to thank Doreen Rainey, for creating the conference and giving such a powerful pep talk, during the conference. Check out the article link below:

The 6th annual “Get RADICAL Women’s Conference”