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Updates…………………..Yeah, Again!

1502583_10202963458877918_2075585281_oHey New World,

I know you people are hating me,

right about now, because I have been away for so long. I apologize. 2013, for me, has been busy, and it has continued into 2014. Also, my personal life has finally bloomed in a way, I never expected. Yeah, that is how happy I have been.

I want to give you a few updates. My new mission is to be a published photographer. With that being said, I will be posting only once a month. I know, don’t hate me too much. I have to do this because planning shoots and being my own stylist, for my shoots, takes up a lot more of my time. In fact, I just wrapped up a shoot on the 18th of January. I came across an article on Model Mayhem about magazine submissions. I plan on researching those links. I will link it, below.

But, in the meantime, Shoots, shoots, planning, and more shoots.

Pray for me this year, readers!


 I will try to post as much as I can, but be patient with me!

Too many new goals!


Model Mayhem Article