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Help Me Choose…………………..Please?!

Hey New World,
I know I am sooooooo late. This week has been hectic. I sent in one magazine submission, and I am working on submission 2. This is hard for me, because I am acting as my own stylist, as well as photographer. So, with that being said, I need some help. I went on Pinterest, for ideas, and I found too many ideas. So, I need to start narrowing down my ideas. Can you help me to choose looks?

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Let me know what you think in the comment section, below.

SoapBox Rant of the Day!

Good Morning, New World.

This weekend, I got my PhotoShop User magazine, in the mail, and the strangest thing happened. I wasn’t, as amped, to open the package. Normally, as soon as I see the package I rip that sucker open, but this time, I let it sit for a while. Finally, yesterday, I opened the package, and there it was. The object of my soapbox rant for today.

First off, I want to say that I think NAPP(National Association of Photoshop Professionals) offers individuals informative articles that assist beginner photographers and graphic designers in using PhotoShop and in using your camera. I love NAPP, and everyone there. I hope this rant does not “offend” anyone. Also, I love what Lesa Snider does with typography. She is awesome at what she does. So, with that being said, let me get into it.

I am thumbing through the magazine and found an article about digital makeup. Now, I don’t have anything against anyone doing a digital makeup, but I have a BIG problem with it not being taught, properly. I guess my biggest tiff( LOL, get it, .TIFF?!) would be that she missed a huge point. In her tutorial, she basically states that you can put makeup on without any foundation. That means that if the model has on no makeup, you can digitally put it on. Of course, it can be done, but I thought our goal was to be natural with our retouching efforts. So needless to say, the final results would be basic, if that. She forgot to mention that you need a foundation on, in order for the digital makeup route to work. The example I can give is, let’s say the model you just photographed has absolutely no makeup on. You can use digital makeup on her, but it looks as if you are just slapping something on. It was an informative piece, just left out one major detail.

Anyway, if you decide to go this route, please make sure she has on a foundation.


Sorry For Leaving You Hanging………………



Hello New World,

I apologize for not keeping you in the loop. My life has changed so much. I am waiting until the end of Mercury Retrograde, to see the full benefits. Yeah, I am one of those people. When Mercury goes retrogade, stuff goes completely wrong. It is stated that during this time period, you are not to make any business deals because of miscommunication that happens during this time period. Personally, I hate it, because you have to take a step back, in order to move forward. But, anyway, I have soooooo much to say, that is why I haven’t posted in a while. I have been a little busy.


First off, after the government shutdown, I was able to finally do my shoot. I switched and waited, and it FINALLY happened! Let me go back a little further by saying, yeah, my classes are starting to pay off. I learned from my class that a good setting to set your camera on would be on Priority mode. The reason I say this is that it will give you the lowest aperture number for the shallow depth of field. I gues

s it is just me, but I like that in my images. I believe that the model should be the main subject in the image. I feel that the model should not blend with the background. I


don’t know. Just me! Any who, this mode will make the model “pop”! So I shot in Meridian Hill Park, and, in my opinion, I fell in love with my work. When I looked back at the images, I felt good about myself. I was like, “Damn, I did that?!” I thought it was very interesting. The park was beautiful, the model was wonderful, the makeup artist was freakin’ fantastic! Best shoot, in a while! I even got my hands into it, and did some of the styling. It was pretty cool. The shoot was inspired by


Ralph Lauren 2013 Fall Ads. I love how classic the ads are, so I wanted to recreate something similar, but with a masculine feel. The images turned out great. So, as you all know, this was for the magazine “Fashion Avenue News“. It is a publication located in New York. Yeah, I am loving it, up there. I am trying to spend a majority of my time, up there. I just need to find reasons to go. Anyway, the publication is only a couple of years old, and I have been dreaming of coming into a magazine, from the ground up. I am hoping that this is my start!