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Government Shutdown Effects on ME!

Hello New World,

I do apologize for the late post today. I have been a tad busy. I started and now almost finished my first set of photography classes. Next Monday, is my final exam in Fundamentals in Photography. I think that, at this point, I got this, meaning I think that I will pass.

So, on to the subject.

This is the “Soap Box” rant. The government shutdown has had a tremendous effect on everyone in DC. It has been hard on federal and local government workers to contractors to private sector, and frankly everyone here is sick of it! In the mornings, there would be people to talk to on the bus, now there is no one on the bus to holla at. This leaves me to now become an “online junkie”, waiting for people to get online so that I can get my next fix. All the public parks are closed! What the F*$K?! I have had a shoot going for a couple of weeks, now. I switched it to Meridian Hill Park because the atmosphere would make a great background to the shoot. Low and behold, Congress and Senate can’t get their acts together and come to a deal, to keep people working. How does this affects me? I have switched up from studio to outdoor shoot, and all in naught. I am ready to start shooting and when I have an idea planned, s*@t happens. Yeah, I know I am using the cleaned up, foul language, but hey “S*@t Happens!” I know it has nothing to do with them, personally, but because they can’t come to a deal, my work has to suffer?! What is that?! I was just telling a co worker that in America, one way to be financially set would be to work for the feds, the way things are going now, private sector looks great!

*Congress and Senate- Open the government, and solve your problems. Grow Up!*


DCFW Images

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Hello New World, I swear, I wasn’t holding the images for ransom. I will be honest, with everyone. I don’t think that this was some of my better shots. I think that I should have been more focused on the … Continue reading

DC Fashion Week 2013 Review

Hello New World,

20131002-102350.jpgI want to start off this post with a retract.

In a couple of post back, I stated that I had my press pass. I found out three days later that I did not have my pass. I had missed the deadline date to put in for the shows. I do apologize to you, the readers, and to myself. I kind of let myself down. I know that I need to be more on my game. I am woking on that.

“How did you get in?”, that is the question.

I was a second shooter for my friend at LLJ Photography. I know. Next year, I will be able to get my press pass. I already know that it is possible, I just need to be more vigilant on checking my email.

This time, I only hit up two events. This week, in addition to DCFW, I am in the process of planning for my upcoming shoot. I will be doing a shoot, on October 5th, in an attempt to be published. I am hoping this works out in my favor.

Anyway, the first event I hit was the Madame Tussaud’s show. I love the fact 20131002-102423.jpgthat the statues were left out, during the show. The show was for Corjor International. I loved Ean’s designs. I think that one of his influences for one of his designs was Madonna. I believe it was her “Like A Virgin” era. I loved it! Oh course, I love 80’s-90’s fashion. The final gown was very beautiful. It was like a fallen angel gown. At least that was the idea I had. I loved the concept. It was very chic, for me. The second show I attended was the finale. It was held at the Historic Society, in DC. 20131002-102405.jpgThis show held all the designs that were shown all week. It felt like this season had a lot of African themes. One part that surprised me, and maybe this was during the week, but I did not see Howard University. What happened?

Oh, and the networking this year was nice. In fact, quite a 20131002-102416.jpgfew people either I worked with them, friendly with, or I just admired their work. It was such an awesome vibe that I have to mention and link these people.
Morris Gough– excellent menswear designer, as well as an outstanding model, as well as a great friend!
Aleatha Carver and Prodigy Artist– two of the greatest MUA’s I have ever seen, as well as the two greatest personalities I have ever met!
LaLa from GSA (Golden Scissor Awards)– she is an exceptional person and does a great job marketing the event.
Cheri Amor Talent Agency– this young lady has some of DC’s hottest talent, and most were in the shows.
and Leah Jones (LLJ Photography)– always a pleasure to hang with!

I hope that is everyone! If I happened to forget anyone, I do apologize. It was just too many people.

Anyway, I am going to do a quick wrap up.