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Guess Who Got Their Press Pass?………….This Chic!

Hello New World,


First off, I want to personally send my prayers out to those who were effected by the Navy Yard shooter, here in DC. I know that this must be a scary and stressful time. I know because I work in the immediate area, and it seems scary to even have that thought. So, please, end your prayers out to those families. Unfortunately we are living in a time where just going to work, may be a life or death situation.

Soooooooo…………………I guess you know who just got their press pass for DC Fashion Week?!



Well, I know you are saying, “Lady Tre’, what makes this time soooooo special? You’ve been twice, before?”

That is true, but here is the difference. I am finally going as Lady Tre, representing L7 Designs. Right now, that is something very tremendous, for me. I see it as a big plan. First, it’s DC Fashion Week, then Latin Fashion Week, Maryland, New York, and Ontario. Oh yeah, they have a Fashion Week in Canada. This was such good news, that I had to share.

Can’t wait to see you there!


Personal Updates

Hello New World,

Well, after graduation, comes more classes.

Yep! I started my classes at the Washington School of Photography.

Wait! I need to backtrack a moment.

As we all know, I decided to attend WSP, this summer. I believe it was a few post back, when I made that statement. Anyway, I had paid for the first two classes, and decided that there should only be a few classes I need. So I decided to take Fundamentals of Photography, Studio Lighting 1 & 2, and Portraiture. I will have to pay for the other two classes off of my income taxes. I am hoping that this year will be amazing!

So, my instructor, Joe Yablonsky, is a wedding photographer. He teaches the basics of photography, at the school. I like him. He’s a cool, smart ass, like myself! Needless to say, that I am super excited to be in the class. His best line, for the whole class, “You can’t spell fundamentals without f-u-n, and if you find that corny, then f-u!” Love it! He is a very cool instructor. This week’s assignment is going out and shooting! Vicious! The book for the class, not so vicious. Photography, eleventh edition, extremely expensive. Also, they have a lot of upcoming workshops. In September, on the 18th, guest lecturer, Nikhil Bahl, will be talking on Landscape and Lighting. Very cool.

The school gave us laptop bags, and inside the bag they gave us some freebies. One that I loved was the Moo sample pack. If you are unfamiliar with Moo, then you have to check them out. They offer you business cards of different sizes with different backings. This is a photographer’s dream. You can put your entire portfolio on the back of your cards. How cool!

Well……….I think I can wrap it up, today.

Oooohhhh, wait!

I just applied for my press pass for DCFW. I know, I am terrible on the last minute issues. So, please, everyone, try and wish me the best.


HE’S BBBAAAACCCKKK! Scott Kelby’s “Shoot Like

946822_10152919245255328_514848032_nHello New World,

I have ultra exciting news! Scott Kelby……………is coming back to DC!


Scott Kelby, one of my photography idols, is doing his “Shoot Like a Pro” tour. The tour will be in different cities, and one of the planned stops will be in DC. It will be held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, on October 25, 2013. The seminar is from 10am to 5pm. Also, is seminar includes a detailed workbook, an issue of Photoshop User, 16×20 print from MPIX, and onOne Perfect Effects Software. That is a vicious deal!

Oh, and let me give a quick run down of the schedule.

10am-11am Work Your Settings Like a Pro
11:25am-12:45pm Shoot Travel & Landscape Like a Pro
12:45pm-1:45pm Lunch Break
1:45pm-3pm Create Portraits Like a Pro
3:15pm-4pm How to Make Better Photos
4:15pm-5pm Photo Recipes: From Start to Finish

My personal opinion: If you can go, you should go. I know I am a late player, but I am trying to get in early before all the seats are taken.
Note-You need to get your ticket early, because he sells out very fast! Scott explains information as you would if you were talking to a buddy. Simple and to the point!

So check it out! Vistit Kelby training, and check out the video, below. It will give you an idea.