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The March on Washington 50th Anniversary

1150735_10201810204127270_387244259_oHello New World,

This weekend kicked off the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but my understanding of the march was to rally against racial injustices. I never knew it was about jobs! When I was in school, which was a long time ago, we were taught that it was to fight Jim Crow laws, as a result of what happened to Rosa Parks. My neighbor, Cynthia Harsley, had attended the first march. She cleared up that it was a march about jobs. In fact, t’he March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom or “The Great March on Washington”, as styled in a sound recording released after the event, was one of the largest political rallies for human rights in United States history and called for civil and economic rights for African Americans. It took place in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, August 28, 1963. Martin Luther King, Jr., standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial, delivered his historic “I Have a Dream” speech advocating racial harmony during the march. The march was organized by a group of civil rights, labor, and religious organizations, under the theme “jobs, and freedom”. Estimates of the number of participants varied from 200,000 to 300,000. Observers estimated that 75–80% of the marchers were black. The march is widely credited with helping to pass the Civil Rights Act (1964) and the Voting Rights Act (1965).” (Wikipedia, 2013)

The events started on August 27, and ends on August 31st. I heard that the biggest day of the march will be the 28th. That is the day that President Obama, Oprah, and former President Clinton will be set to speak. Getting back to why I did this post, for shameless promotion! I ended up going to the Saturday march. It was very interesting. So, while I was there, I got in some great shots. I took some time out, and created a great slideshow. I did everything in CS6. I even added a music track, which inspired me to do the slideshow in the first place.

Anyway, check it out!



My Opinion on Photoshop Makeovers


Hello New World,

So, I was reading an article that I thought was kind of crazy, to me. I am the first to say this, even though there will be probably several shocked faces (sarcasm), but here it is.


There it is! I laid it all out! I like some of her songs, but I am not trying to memorize her dance moves. Truth be told, I am actually more of a super fan of her husband, Jay Z. I pretty much own everything Jay has done! His greatest album, Reasonable Doubt, of course! I wish I could have went to the show that was held in Baltimore, last week. I was late with it, coupled with many bills.

Anyway, I am going way off the subject.

I know this is late, but there is an article out about Bey wanting unflattering photos of herself off the internet. I guess that this came about during the Superbowl Halftime Show, I am not sure when. I know it was not recent! However, I am assuming that photographers must have got her mid dance move. It happens. The article states that her publicist has requested several different images be removed from the internet, but we all know that once it is out there, it is out there.

This prompted me to further research the issue of photo retouching. Although there are several online tutorials on this, I have not found any on the opinions of people who have had this done. Very interesting!

So, I felt that I would throw my two cents out there. It is just my opinion.

On the Beyonce issue, honestly, I saw a few of the photos that were considered as “unflattering”, which shows just how effective this whole process of removing those images were in the first place. However, I thought the images were ok. As I stated before, I am not a Bey super fan, but I will state that if you sell out shows, and afterwards, have legions of new fans, then obviously something has been done correctly. Those “unflattering” images show me, and should be to anyone else, that this young woman is a very powerful performer, period. Tina Turner, and other performers, have some images that do not flatter them, and when you see them, you get the point that the performance was vicious. Trust, it would be a totally different story if you just looked “unflattering”, walking down the street, eating food, posing for a pic, etc. But, she is not! It is during a musical set that involves physical activity. No one looks good during any physical activity. So, please, continue to show us your human side, Mrs. Carter. It is so greatly appreciated! Also, I love the new cut! “A woman that cuts her hair, is a woman that is about to change her life” (Balsan, Coco Before Channel)

On to the next part of the topic.

I started out in Photoshop, doing makeup makeovers. It took me some time, to get it to look natural. I am very proud of the fact that I spent days and years on learning this technique. I am far from a pro, but I am damn good at what I do, as well as countless other professional retouchers. This is what we do! I think that, as long as it does not skew reality, it should be fine! My definition of “skew” is turning a woman of 260 lbs. into a supermodel of 115 lbs., or giving a person unrecognizable “photoshop plastic surgery”. A Photoshop makeover is like eating cheesecake, it must be done in moderation. So as long as it is in a respectable aspect, fine. When you begin to mess with the reality of what a person looks like, and by a very reasonable amount, then you have altered that person’s appearance, and then image becomes unusable.

Ok, so that was my soapbox rant. Let me know your thoughts, in a comment, below.


Photo Shoot Diaries…….Entry 5 (Magazine Quest)

Hello New World,

Well, I’m doing it, again!

I am putting together another shoot. Since the last post, I started to review my site, and realized that I needed more images. I know what you readers are saying. I always need “new images”. Well, this time, I am shooting for a purpose. Some time ago, I got tickets to a fashion show, in New York, and found that the show was done by a magazine. So, I decided to check it out. I am always interested in something involving fashion. What can I say, it’s interesting! Anyway, looked at it, and I found that the magazine has only been around two years. I don’t know why, but I would love to work with a publication that is brand new, or just starting out. I don’t want to aim for the “big time”, yet. I want to put in the work!

Anyway, I found that the magazine has a section for photographers to submit their work. So, of course, I want to jump right into that!

So, I am starting off the same way I did, in my prior shoot.

Casting Call

This time, a majority of the models will be used from a talent agency. I am blessed enough to know someone, who owns her own talent agency. Cheri Amor Talent Agency has very elite models. If you don’t know, you need to check them out! So, I decided to add one more model, into the mix. I wanted to try and get the young lady that I worked with in a prior shoot, but she has a pretty hectic schedule. So, on Friday, I decided to post a casting call. I wanted to find someone that is similar to her. I know, you can’t find an exact, but you can find someone that is similar. So, here is what I posted, for the casting call:

Hello All,

My name is Lady Tre’, and I am looking for a model, for an upcoming shoot, in October. Here are the specifics:

Female Model
Age: 20-32
Weight: 110-140lbs
Height: 5’7′ and up
Ethnicity: Does not matter
Eye Color: Hazel, Gray, or Green
Purpose: Fashion Magazine Photo Submission
Shoot Date: October 5th, 2013

***Serious Inquires Only Considered.***

If interested, please inbox me or leave a comment on the casting call.

Note that I posted, “Serious Inquires Only Considered”, because every now and then, we get those boo-boos.

Well, since the posting, I had maybe, 36 views, which is fine. I took a hiatus, like maybe a year ago, and I don’t expect to turn out the views I once did. So far, I had three inquires, about the shoot. Two of the young ladies, seem to really have a look that I am looking for, but I am having a hard time choosing. I won’t make solid decision, until September, but these two, so far, have good odds. One young lady, reminds me of a “Kimmie K” look a like, the other one looks like a personality, which is always a plus. Either way, I am sooooooooo confused! Well, like I stated before, I still have time, and I am not sure what will time bring!

So I will close out this post, on that note!


Unveiling of the New SmugMug!

Hello New World,

What a great day!

Today, I wanted to a review on the new updates to SmugMug.


Ok, anyone who has a SmugMug account knows that, unless you are a serious coder, and a photographer, your SmugMug site won’t look like much. Hey, it took me a minute to figure out how to code my site, and make it look decent.  Even after I coded, until I could not curse at the computer, any more, there is finally “hope”.

On July 31st, SmugMug relaunched it’s old website. It was a total revamp from the old site. They offered us TEMPLATES! OH HOLY HAT RACK, TEMPLATES! Do you know how much easier it is to use a beautiful template, as opposed to completely coding yourself?! I know, on some faces, huge and whopping smiles are covering your cheesy faces. It did with mine! So, I gave it a try. What could it hurt?

So to give you a heads up, the templates are customizable. It took me a week to customize my site. Honestly, I am not completely finished, but I wanted to keep my launch date, on point, so I launched the site. The template, as far as the site goes, is a beautiful, smooth slideshow. The site has social buttons! NO MORE PAGES CONTAINING LINKS! I will state that my site is a paid portfolio site. I had the business site, but due to financials, I had to downgrade. So, I believe that prior to the old site, portfolio sites were customizable. I will state that, I believe that is still true, but I am having a problem with my bio and guestbook page. (Note: The staff at SmugMug are soooooo prompt, that they have taken care of this problem for me.)

So, my final word. I liked SmugMug, prior to the changes. Now, I am in love with SmugMug. It is easy. It’s a drag and drop concept. Very nice, now.

Well………………enough chatter, check it out!


Oh, yeah! If you like what you see, please leave me a note on my guestbook.

Thank You!

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