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Money Vs. Art……….Can You Do It?

Hello New World,

I wanted to go in on a topic that I touched on, in a previous post. I don’t know if this will reach anyone, but I felt lead to hop back on this subject.

Money vs. Your Art?

I hope that my friend won’t get mad with me, but something is leading me to post this. I was talking to a good friend of mine, about life, and how hard it is to survive, as an artist, in a very political area. This person stated to me their feelings on “giving up on their dream” in order to survive. The concern was that his art was taking up time that could be used to make more money, or at least that is what I understood the conversation to be.

Today’s economy is extremely rough. Everything, price wise, continuously increases. Life is getting to be harder and costly.

Look, I will be the first to say “I get it!”

I make it no secret. I am a single mother. One daughter, and no help from her father. When I lost my job, in 2010, I was devastated. It was a blessing that I was in college, at the time. It helped me to find my love for graphics and photography. Every time I would receive a grant, I would take the money and buy equipment and take additional classes for graphics and photography. Needless to say, that at that time, I had time to create the images that I truly wanted. I had nothing but time and ideas. So, when I hear people giving Obama a bad rap for giving the unemployed a stimulus package, I stand up for that! I would put in at least ten applications, per day, because most employers see is “fired” or “termination”. Not all people that have been “fired” or “terminated” did something to deserve it. That is a whole other ramble.

My personal thought:

I can’t find it in my heart to tell anyone to give up on what they love. You never know where it may lead. However, we do need to survive. With that being said, I would say that if your art form is what you truly care about, then a personal life may have to take a back seat. I am quite sure that surviving with your talent, depending on the individual’s personal situation, it can be done with a personal life. In my own case, my personal life is non existent, so that is not a problem. I told my friend to continue with your dream. Anything that you have to struggle for, is worth having.

I don’t know, give me your opinion.



No Title?! I’m Blank!

Hello New World,


I wanted to try something.

This Monday, I decided to try out an app, that is very similar to Photoshop. It is called Aviary Photo Editor, I believe. So, I decided to try a self portrait. What do you think?

Anyway, during Photoshop World, Scott Kelby stated, to me, that most people do not want to read a blog that is based on a “know it all expert”. That is very understandable. I think that people want to get to know a blogger that is human, at least I would assume. So I wanted to start adding more of myself in the blog. I think that I stated this before. I am not sure, because I also try to keep to my schedule of posting a new post every Tuesday. The past Saturday, I graduated from the University of Phoenix. The ceremony was very huge. In fact, I noticed that since the economic downfall, there have been a number of adults returning to college to gain their Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree.

Anyway, the 2013 Bachelor’s degree group was very large. The plus to this year’s ceremony was that during the ceremony, we left. I would say right after my name was called; I gathered my family and hauled tail! I was very hungry! I had done a strict diet of healthy food and exercise. With that being stated, I think I looked great in my dress. I normally don’t wear dresses, ever! I DO MEAN EVER! But, I did find a website that’s for cool thick chicks! Yeah, I fell in love with the site. It is called “Plus Size Fix”. It gives us plus size women cooler clothing to wear, unlike those unforgiving “Moo-Moos”. The service was fast and the dress was very cute. So much so, that I am looking for a place to where this dress to. I am waiting until I come across some more money so that I can order more clothing from there. I really want to begin to hone in on my own look. So, I have rambled on enough. Her are just a few shots, from the graduation.  

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Hello New World,

Well, not too many things have happened, this week. My mood isn’t the best, now. My grandfather has passed away. So, I will be as cheerful as I possibly can.

Last week, I was in Downtown DC, and I know there are quite a few photographers that will be looking @ me, right now, with a frown, when I state this, but this weekend was “Sorority Weekend“, and there were tons of very fashionable sorority sisters. However, I forget my CAMERA! Go figure! I went to the gym, with my brother, and totally forgot that it was Sorority weekend. Traffic was terrible. So, with that being said, I wish I had my camera with me, so you could see what I am talking about!

Also, I am preparing for graduation, this weekend. I had a conservative look, that I was originally going for, until I realized that I have not worn heels in a while. In fact, I tell a lot of people this story, I was walking, in Silver Spring, and at the time, I was free and single, and with a way better shape. Anyway, I saw this guy from across the street, and I make my emotions known, just by staring! LMBO! So I stared him down, and I know he was like, “Who is this creepy chic, staring @ me?”. I totally missed the curb, and fell stepping up. My ankle was swollen for days. At the time, I was an advent heel wearer. It stopped after that day. So, going back to my point, I bought the RuPaul heels. I have big feet, and it is hard for me to find heels in my size. I got these fly wedges, called “Manslayers“. The wedge is very cute, but very high. Also, since I have been wearing sneakers for along time, it was told to me that feet spread. I never knew that, so my heels fit very narrow. Now, my feet are wide. So, needless to say, I am very scared I will fall on my big day!

I know there are a lot of women that will probably say “Why don’t you practice at home?”. Well, that answer is pretty simple. At least in my logic. I can’t make the time to do that! I go to the gym, work, running for the bus, chasing my daughter and dog, and not to mention those weeks that I have to do a shoot, my life is pretty busy.

Also, and yes, I am skipping the subject, I am in the process of planning another photo shoot, but I am lost for ideas. I found a magazine, in New York, called Fashion News Magazine, that is about two years old, that I would like to shoot a piece in. I, normally, am an abundance of ideas, but since I have started shooting again, my ideas have been a bit dry. I know that all artist go through a period of slump, but geez, I have had this slump for a while, now. I am hoping it will end very soon.

With that being said, TTYL!

DC Fashion Week Auditions! DO IT ASAP!


So, you know what time it is!

Yep, DCFW (DC Fashion Week), is fast approaching and are casting for models, MUA’s, photographer’s, and etc.

They are casting for the Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Although I love the spring, and hate the summer, I am quite sure the collections will be very hot. It is set to take place September 23rd-29th.

So, if you are a Model, Makeup Artist, or Photographer, your deadline is fast approaching!

“Registration (Media/Buyers/Press) for DCFASHIONWEEK 2013 will be held from May 1, 2013 to September 10, 2013. Registration for Volunteer/Staff Registration is July 1, 2013 to August 1, 2013. Open registration for Designers is May 1, 2013 to August 1, 2013. Designers registering after August 1, will be evaluated on a case by case basis until August 19, 2013. Registration for models is May 1 to August 1. Registration for buyers is May 1, 2013 to September 1, 2013. If you register outside of these times, your application may not be considered.” (DCFW site, 2013)

I will post a link to the registration page, so that everyone can apply.

Yeah, this year, I will be applying for my press pass.

So………………with that said, hope to see you there!


DCFW Registration Link

Shoot @ RED

Hello New World,

You know, I am a huge fan of Mr. Quammen and MOCA DC. Every shoot that I have done, as far as studio work goes, has been in there. I praise the name of MOCA DC, mainly because of his prices.

But, this weekend, I found a very worthy contender.

My friend, Leah Jones, of LLJ Photography, did a shoot at this studio, in Frederick MD, called Red. Man, what a vicious set up! The studio owner has this real cool looking wall, that is so hot for a gothic shoot. The studio has several different freestanding backgrounds, 3 sets of seamless background paper, an amazing clean wall, and a warehouse brick wall, as well. I was soooooooo amazed by what I saw, I just had to tell everyone about this.

And I am!

Very hot studio space, plenty of props, and such cool backgrounds, and did I mention very hott?!

So, what are you waiting for?! Check them out!


Red Studio