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Fashion Watchin’ In Georgetown

Hello New World,

Happy Memorial Day!

Yeah, it’s late, but better late than never!

981900_370986123001441_875612668_oSo, I finally got around to playing with the video blog, to begin editing it, but we are our worst critic, and I am an extreme case. Leah Jones, of LLJ Photography, the BEST PHOTOGRAPHER I KNOW, will probably kick my butt for saying this, because she is such an excellent photographer and videographer, she shot the video for me, and I realized something. I am DRY ON CAMERA! No, seriously, I need to get personality training, or something.

Any who, let us get started.

981544_370986149668105_1736037098_oSo, we started on the back end of Georgetown Waterfront. The end that starts on 34th Street. I met a group of young ladies that had a look, that was very clean and simple for a spring day on the water. I think that white is always a good choice, when on the water. It just adds to the clean and nautical feel of the water. It just makes me want to hop on a boat, and just go!

976849_370986253001428_729722730_oI tell you, I am such a fan of white by the water, it is not even funny. She was spotted laying in the grass. Actually, the beach cruiser was cool, and that was what I spotted. I love the peach top with the white pants. I believe the top is Pink, by Victoria Secret. And the shades, oooohhhhhh you are killing it!

964190_370986329668087_973658320_oThis guy had a great look. With the bike, it put me in mind of a New Yorker on his way to chill in the park. The khaki and blue messenger bag is very nice. He was definitely a do!


966881_370986336334753_2041222793_oThis little guy was my kind of guy! He was not camera shy, at all, and why should he?! His cool cargo khakis, paired with the jean jacket. He just knew he was hott!


965544_370986376334749_928199795_oOh and his little sister was styling, as well. I just could not get her to show it off. I know I may be a little off because this happened a while back, but, I think she had on a black A-Line Dress, with colorful stripe leggings, and black flats. Also, after closer inspection, is that a gold Barbie necklace?! Too Fierce! She was soooo camera shy, but such an adorable subject.



Now, I thought this look was very cute. In fact, this reminds me of an outfit I would wear.


980776_370986763001377_877956538_oI think that the day that I shot this post, it was literally an all white day! This guy was too cool with his linen suit! There are a couple of guys that I know could take a pointer from this guy.


474233_370986643001389_509443574_o (1)Let me be the first to say that a put together nautical look, is always a go, for me. It was funny because I was on the train and spotted a gentlemen that had a youthful 1960’s look. When I took a closer look, it was him! So needless to say, he does it 24/7!

980396_370986773001376_1787210428_oAnd to end this post off, for us, is Mz. Peach. I loved the outfit, down to the shoes, and back to the accessories. She was a DO!

Well, this wraps up today’s post. I will get on those personality training courses, so I can start video blogging. I have no problem with the video highlights, just talking on camera.

Also, if I did not include you on this post, the images can also be found on my FB Page. Don’t forget to like it!

Any who, TTYL!


Need A Wardrobe? Check Out Consignments.

BFXlogo-bwHello New World,

First, I know, I should be posting my video blog, but my personal life has now taken a front seat. I need to, actually, start adding more of me to the blog. Well, before I go into my spill about the topic, I just wanted to go into a few upcoming changes. I know, I am always making changes, but I do this suit what I need to become a better photographer.

Anyway, the first change will be that my various pages will be no more. I will be switching from SmugMug to Squarespace. This will be happening as soon as I get a moment. I know, I do apologize. Squarespace has everything looped into it. It has a blog, does FB and Twitter updates, video blogging, and I believe more. I know that I have been singing the praises of SmugMug for the past couple of posts, and don’t get me wrong, SmugMug is a great website for profit photographers. Right at this particular moment, I have decided to take a different route. Also, the templates for Squarespace are vicious. The particular template that Squarespace has, I would have to pay 345, on SmugMug. I will still do fashion photography, but my goal has changed from personal clients to commercial photography. I would love to have my work published in a magazine. It will happen:-) Well, this eliminates the need to keep WordPress , for my blog. Also, a while back, I was thinking about changing the name of the blog. Once I make this switch, the name may change, as well.

On to the subject!

While in Florida, for PhotoShop World, I took the Frank Doorhof class on doing photoshoots for less than 20 dollars. One of the topics he mentioned was working with a local consignment shop. That was an idea that I have never considered. So today, I decided to go into that. Consignment shops in DC. Prior to doing this post, I did not think that DC had any consignment shops. The only one I knew about was the big Goodwill Thrift, in Northeast DC. I began to do some research, and found that there are a few shops. One, in particular, caught my eye. Buffalo Exchange is an exchange shop, that allows a person to exchange clothing. If you want the cash, you can get that, too. I think that once you look in the shop, realistically, would you want the cash? Here is a little info:

“Buffalo Exchange is unique, because clothing and accessories are bought, sold and traded locally with store customers. Bring in your former favorites for trade or cash on the spot! Our ever-changing inventory includes designer labels, vintage, jeans, leather, current basics and one-of-a-kind items. You’ll also find brand new merchandise and accessories.” (Buffalo Exchange, 2013)

I actually went there, with my friend Leah Jones, and it was a pretty nice shop. The clothing as a cute vintage. I saw a nice yellow peplum dress, that would look great for a garden shoot, but that idea is for another day. The jewelry there, also, was absolutely stunning. I wish it was my pay day, I would have bought a few pieces to add to my collection. The plus, I would assume for photographers, would be that once you use the item, granted still in good tact, you should be able to bring them back. I am not sure if it is either getting a refund, or just selling the clothes back.

Well, I thought I would bring this to you guys attention. It is nice to have the option to swap clothing, and I don’t know about any one else, but it would be nice to have a few pieces for a couple of bucks, and that is RETURNABLE, WHAT?! I will post a link that will cover consignment shops in DC, and will post a separate link to Buffalo Exchange, as well.


Buffalo Exchange
Google Search: Consignment Shops in DC

Komen Race For The Cure Highlights

Hello New World,

I know you guys are saying “What happened to the video blog?”

I am still working on it. We are our own biggest critics. I think that I am my worst critic.

With that being stated, I want to roll out the highlights to the Susan G. Komen “Race For The Cure”. This year was very different. The race was on Mother’s Day, and there was not that many sponsors.  However, it was still a blast!

Check it out!


Hello New World,

I would normally do a post, today.

Well……I guess this is still considered as a post.

I will be doing an upcoming vlog post. I just shot it yesterday, and I am in the process of editing it this week. Well, anyway, it should be ready for the next post. So, while I was out, shooting, I realized I have two stylish individuals on bikes. We are not talking about motor bikes; we are talking beach cruiser bikes. So I want to know, who did better? Leave a comment, below, to let me know who looked better.

Also, I wanted to do more post about fashion, but I am a little lost on where to go, in DC. Let me know where there are some good places to shoot, in DC, and I will come out.

Photo A

Photo B






Anyway, TTYL!