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Assisting, and Why You Should Do It.

Hello New World,
Well, first off, I need to apologize to everyone. I just started back working and I have been working my butt off to get a few Christmas presents. I will try to continue posting more good info!
On to today’s topic!
I chose this topic today because, on Sunday, I will be assisting my friend Leah Jones, on her shoot. I know there are some photographers that are like, “Assisting another photographer?! What can this person tell me that I don’t already know?” A great deal. Assisting a photographer is very helpful to you, and the photographer.
How, you may ask?
I will tell you.
Assisting a photographer can open doors that may not have been opened, if you tried on your own. I can only speak for myself, but I have assisted a few photographers, and it helped me to get in a few places that I would not have been able to get in, on my own. In today’s society, it is still based on who you know, and not necessarily what you know. Another reason is lighting. Forget the fact that you think that you know everything basic about lighting; because there is always something extra you could learn. You can learn new and different ways to light your subject. When I first learned about photography, I assumed that three lights was the standard and the positioning may change. As I began to assist more photographers, I learned that there are other ways to light a subject. Also, you can check out another photographer’s posing technique. Without question, different photographers have different styles and ways of posing a person. Even though the posing is generally the same, there may be slight differences that make an image unique. The next reason is that it is always good, for both you and the photographer, is that both need the extra set of eyes during a shoot. A majority of the time, I find that what one photographer may not see, your assistant may see, and vice versa.
So……….with that being said, you should think about it.



Happy 1,000 Views and Merry Xmas!

Hello New World,

Ok, it’s a little past 1,000 views.

None the less, I am totally psyched! So I decided to throw a little party! Well, it was just me and a few friends and fam. I wanted to upload the pics, but I accidentally deleted the pics. I know, dumb me!

I wish my subscribers could join us. Maybe, at the next 1,000, I will invite some subscribers. That sounds like a plan!

Merry Christmas,
TTYL, and Thank you!


Hello New World,

I have some news. I started working!

Yeah, I ‘m tired.

You would think that I would be well rested, because I took two weeks off, from my classes. I decided to do some overtime. Christmas is right around the corner, and my daughter wants the latest and greatest something.

Well, the other change that I have made in my life is the place I plan on attending for photography. It was no secret that I wanted to attend the Art Institute of Washington, for photography. It seems like a very right choice, at the moment. They have a beautiful facility, due in part of the highly artistic students. It felt like a no brainer, at the time. Until they sat me down, and talked to me about the price. The cost, for a certificate, was a little high, for my price range, and I had used up my Financial Aid with the University of Phoenix. So I became a little discouraged. The enrollment counselor, for the Art Institute, told me to apply for scholarships. I really appreciated the help she offered, but for someone of my age, yeah, I am only 21 (LOL!), scholarships are not readily available. So I began to look in another direction. Thus, finding the Washington School of Photography.
“Washington School of Photography offers many courses, ranging from traditional film and darkroom
practice to digital media, in addition to a Professional Program leading to a certificate in
professional photography. WSP’s state-of-the-art facility features a black-and-white darkroom; a dedicated digital teaching area;
and a professional shooting studio.”
So, I went to the Open House the school was hosting on December 1st. It was mainly for students looking to gain there certificate, in Professional Photography. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted that, as well, but since the school is geared toward working professionals, I felt like I may need a few courses. I know I need lighting, business, and portraiture. The school has a very loving environment that is geared directly in photography. This means that you do not have to worry about theory courses, which is a huge plus for me. The school offers outside individuals the opportunity to learn, as well. The Washington School of Photography offers workshops. In fact, there are quite a few workshops that I would love to check. Also, a huge deciding factor was the price. The total price, of their certificate program, is $8,000. The Art Institute is $9,000 more than WSP!

In fact, don’t take it from me. Take time out to find out for yourself.