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Lauren Francis Does It All!

Hello New World,

CEO of She Copywrites
Lauren Francis

So, if you don’t know, by now, about the two loves of my life, then you late?! You know

that my first is photography and the second is networking. Well, it is actually

three. If I have time, then a well done

composition is always nice. Hard work, but very fun. Well, I must pass along this info, on this young lady. She puts me in mind of me.

Okay Tre’, way to sound conceited!

No, really.

Courtesy of She Copywrites

Lauren Francis is a single mother, like myself, and

is literally, on a fast track to “gettin’ her shine on”! This lady is vicious. She is currently residing in L.A., and yeah, one of these days, I have got to visit L.A., and she does everything from web designs to press kits. In fact, her company, She Copywrites, launched in January 2012, and she has made it her mission to help small businesses with marketing and advertising. Businesses such as myself. Although, right now I am trying to be more about the art, as opposed to the business. The majority of her clients have been in fashion, beauty, and entertainment.

She Copywrites specializes in copy, graphic design, PR, web design, web copy, articles, press releases, press kits, brochures, and media communications.

First off, I have seen her work, and this lady is, once again, vicious.

She has a sense of fashionable flair, that is seen in her work. Her designs are very clean, and that is what I love. A black and white design, clean lines, and perfect alignment, for her typography. I will provide a link, to her work, below. In fact, I look forward to working with her on some of my projects. So, fashionistas, bloggers, MUA’s, photographers, and fashion designers. Do yourselves a favor and check her out!


Lauren Francis
CEO of She Copywrites


Fashion on DC Streets!

Hello New World,

How is everybody?

I am very well.

Yesterday, me and Candice went to the Smithsonian. I

Candice Davis

haven’t been there in such a long time. I was hoping to see the the exhibit, I believe it was called “Females in Pop”. However, I did get a chance to see my man. Who else?! Kermit!

Anyway, we took a break, on the Mall, and we started looking at everyone. So she gave me an idea. Why not do a fashion list.

So here is what I saw in DC.

It started when we walked passed F Street. She was walking passed , with her boyfriend. I thought her outfit was very cute. I loved her jacket, as well. I was so impressed, with her outfit, that I had to take a shot of it.

This guy looked awesome. He had a dark, bad boy, biker look. The look was very Euro, and the cuff?! Wow!

This little princess came over to say “Hello!” She came over with her family, and when I saw this couple, I had to take their picture. I wish that I had taken a few more, though. The mom was very comfortable, in her jeans and henley. The father kept it simple with white tee and jeans. Ultra cute and ultra stylish.

I loved this young lady leopard leggings, and apparently, so do the guys! You gotta love their enthusiasm!

This young lady has an impeccable style. Her brown leather jacket is very hot! It looks similar to the jacket I want. I love the mat

ching bag and jacket. This girl is definitely a DC do!

This photographer put me to shame! From her hair to her shoe

s, very vicious!

I swear, this young lady, puts me in mind of my very stylish neighbor. I love her jacket, along the with the strip tee and skinny jeans. Totally hot!

This sista was was off the chain, with the classic jean look.

And, saving the best for last, this young lady had a very cute look. Peacoat, mini skirt, and rider boots! Also, I am a very big fan of streaked hair. In my opinion, she was the do of the day.

So, which one was your favorite? Got any ideas for stylish places to be, in DC.

Let me know!


Personal Image……. What Does A Photographer Look Like?

Hello New World,

Right now, I am sitting by the balcony, at a friend’s house, and a statement is sparking this post. My neighbor stated, to me, that I look like a photographer. From my skunk streaked faux Hawk, down to my jeans and tee. I looked at her funny, and said, “Ok?!”. Then, a photographer, that I am friends with, made a similar statement. What does that mean?

When I hear that statement, I think of someone with a fisherman’s vest, three cameras on, a huge camera bag, a tripod, and a pull cart full of goodies, NOT! I guess on a daily basis, I must look this way. NOT! I know this may sound a tad conceited, but I think that I dress better than plain. So, goes the question, what does a photographer look like? Are we that much of a unique breed that we look almost non human?

Well, first off, most fashion photographers, that I have seen, have their own unique style. It is almost interesting to see. Me, personally, I am a big fan of Old Navy, Victoria Secret, NIKE, and Levi’s. Here are a few pictures of clothing I would wear. Let me go on the record, and state that I am not getting any type of kickback from any of the companies. At the current moment, I wear a size 16 plus, so if I can wear these clothes, comfortably, then anyone can wear these clothes.

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Images courtesy of Old Navy.

Once again……My personal style.


Financial Aid and My Financial Dilemma

Hello New World,

I had to put this post out. I am frustrated, confused, and devastated. So, after hitting a few magazine parties, this week, I was pumped about going to college, after graduation, for photography. That feeling was crushed.

I went to the Art Institute, to get my financial aid straight. I found out that financial aid only gives students $57,000, in aid. Since being with the University of Phoenix, online division, I have used all of it. What?! I thought that online degree was less than what I expected it to be. You are not in a class, getting lectured by a professor. This really hurt my feelings.

So what am I to do?

Well, my goal is still to go to school for photography. The problem is that I am financially strapped. I have looked for a job since late 2008, and still nothing! So, I am beginning my online search for scholarships. Although at a tad disadvantage, due to the fact that it has been a while since I graduated high school, I have a child, and I have been unemployed for so long, it feels that scholarships, for me, seem to be in short supply. But, none the less, I still have to try. So I found a few scholarships that I can apply for. When I receive more info, on these scholarships, I will put them out.

With this being stated, it took me a long time, and all of my financial aid, to figure out what I want to do with my life. I am proud of my decision, I just wished it would have come a little earlier, in my life. To any high school students, that may read this, please do not attend college until you are sure on what it is you want to do. Try several different jobs, before making such a costly decision, with your life. This was some advice my uncle gave me, and I did it, partially. When I began my journey, in college, I just went to college as something to say. To make me feel good about myself, and to receive a level of admiration, from others. Only, later in time, college became about me. Now, 32, with one child, I have found my passion, in life. It just upsets me when, we, as students, are not told everything, in advance. They probably did, but felt like I wanted to complete something, or did not want the full conversation. Either way, I wanted to put this out there, because I don’t want anyone to go through this situation.


Meet Obsession: The Launch Party!

Hello New World,

I know this is an early post, but this one is pretty cool. Early, last week, I responded to an invite to another magazine launch. I know, twice in a week, how lucky am I? Anyway, there is a new fashion magazine, in DC, called “Meet Obesession”. One of our fellow bloggers, Sinta Jimenez, is one of the editors. She is a great blogger, so I knew I wanted to check out the magazine. The magazine, from the preview issue, feels similar to Glamour, more rocked out! In my opinion, that is pretty sweet, considering the fact that I really love Glamour magazine. We even got cool bags, just for coming out! So needless to say, I would buy it. The party was held a L2 Lounge, in DC. Wow! This place is so beautiful, that I barely wanted to leave. It felt like a great studio. Not sure about restaurant. Anyway, check out the shots.


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We Have ReLaunch! Worn Magazine Relaunch Party!

Hello New World,

What an incredible relaunch to a very innovative magazine. The models, from the magazine, was there, to party along with everyone. I was able to get a shot of Nicole Aguirre, editor to the publication. Also, I did get a chance to speak with the cover model, to the relaunch issue. When I spoke with her, she reminded me of Alyson Harvard, from ANTM All Stars. Yeah, I know, I am such a fan. But, the party was great. Here are some of the images, below.


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