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Studios for Less

Hello New World,

I figured that I would come to you, about some of the studios, that I have dealt with. Yeah, it is not that many, but I like them, just the same.

“MOCA DC is a certified 501 (C) (3) Nonprofit Corporation incorporated in the District of Columbia and serving the greater DC region. As part of our mission to be “Open to All Artists All the Time” we embrace the creative spirit and offer opportunities to artists at every stage of their careers and from all walks of life.” I like this studio because the price isn’t bad, and the executive director, David Quammen, is a very unique, and funny, guy!

MAC Pro Studios
“As a M·A·C Pro member, you have access to book the NY Pro studio. Studio is a part of the M·A·C PRO Showroom and comes as is. Studio includes minimal lighting equipment, clothing rack and seamless backdrop.”
This studio, is located in New York. It is kind of small, as far as space, but if you take the backdrop down, you have a phenomenal shot!

The 1896
This studio, in my opinion, is the hottest studio in New York. This studio may not be necessarily, for less, but the studio is worth the money. Everyone has shot there.(except me, yet!)

So, that is my quick list! Please feel free to comment!



Branding……..Should I?!

Hello New World,

So, it is a rainy August day, and I am sitting here, bored. One of the reality( yeah, right?! Scripted reality) shows, that I am addicted to, is ANTM. I always get these great ideas, but in order to do these types of shoots, you need clout. Like serious clout, to book these places. So I bought some episodes, on Amazon video. I got the ANTM All Stars. I love Isis, Alexandria, Allison, Kayla, and Laura. I love the weird, courageous, inspirational, and individuality, of these models.

Anyway, back to what I wanted to talk about. The second episode, the girls were told to brand themselves. Each of the girls was given a word, and was told to build, on that word. This is how they should be viewed, by the public. So let’s expand on that word. BRANDING! What is it? How do we, as photographers, do it? Is there a certain level we must be, to brand, or do we start, right away? So I did some outside research.

Branding, by definition, is the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers’ mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers. (Business Dictionary, 2010) I think that, as photographers, we should brand ourselves. Our brand should be as unique as we are. Some photographers, that I have began to study, have a brand. Mike Ruiz has his signature body. Yeah, his photography is hot, too. Adam Bouska is known for the “No H8” campaign. Dave LaChappelle is known for his edgy, surreal images. Annie Leibovitz is known for her beautiful portrait photography. I loved her Vogue cover of Rihanna. Either way, these people are brands, within themselves.

So, while I was doing some research, I found a must read article. In the article, The Brand of You, by Ron Dawson, he gives out tips, to do for branding ourselves. One of his tips was to hire a pro. I will state this, I get that, if you are artistic, but don’t know certain factors, in graphic design, then yes, hire a pro. Don’t screw yourself up. I will recommend Jocosity. Jay Jackson is vicious with his designs. However, if you are fairly decent, with Photoshop, I say, go for it. See what you come up with, you never know. Also, answering my last question, I think that we should begin branding ourselves, as soon as we decide to go commercial. I am starting off, because my goal is to become commercial, or to be consider as such. I want to be known for an urban flair, but without clout and money, it is getting hard to achieve.

So, in closing, let me know what you think. What do you consider as branding? How do you begin to brand yourself? Also, one topic I did not touch on. Would you use social networking for branding?


Photography and Makeup. What is Your Take?

Hey New World,

I was sitting here, thinking to myself, on different looks, for an upcoming shoot. I have seen so many looks, that I would like to try that it is not even funny. I love makeup looks, but I am a little retarded, when it comes to makeup. My skin is very sensitive. When I was in my teens, the makeup burned my skin, very badly. This made me not want to put on, or learn about, makeup.

Well, here it is. The year 2012, and I am on my way to becoming a photographer. I find that, for shoots, because I don’t know how to paint a face, it puts me at a huge disadvantage. It puts me in a position of depending on someone else, and a majority of the time, money talks. I am only speaking for myself, as a photographer, I want to learn about makeup. I want to be able to create a looks, on a model. I don’t want to be a photographer, with only one skill set. I want to have a basic knowledge of multiple outlets.

So I am making a conscious decision to learn about makeup application. I did a Google search to find out who can teach me, some basic ideas on makeup. I found very few classes, but I found a lot of suggestions. One of the suggestions was to find an Avon, or Mary Kay, seller. I would love to do this, but I am having a hard time finding one. It is always when I don’t need one, they are always there. However, when I do need you, they are never around. If any of them are reading this, contact me!

Then, the next suggestion was to go to Macy’s, and find out if they are having free classes. I am totally for this. I signed up for Sephora online, and created a thread. I still have not heard anything from the experts. The last suggestion was to find a MUA, that is willing to teach. I know some MUA’s, but I don’t think that they are in the market to teach. With this being stated, I am a bit lost, but I know that I will figure this out.

What do you think? Should photographers know something about makeup application?


This Shot………….and a Whole Lot Of Nothing!

Photographed by: Lady Tre
Model: Cross Thompson

Hello New World,

I know, long time no hear from. Well, I will start by saying that I will try and get better, with it. I have been a tad bit depressed. I had a series of events, that brought me to the lowest of low, but now I feel better.

I know I am painting the kettle black, when I state this, but it is mandatory for us, as photographers, to copyright all our images. I have heard so many stories of photographers, that don’t copyright their images, and the image get snatched. Well, here is my story.

I assumed, which is something we should never do, that I was soooo low that I would fly under the radar. Well, I did a random Internet search, on that show, Love and Hip Hop in Atlanta, and I find that one of the first photo shoot images, in an article. It blew my mind. My logo, had been cropped out, and the image was in color. I felt like my heart had been ripped out. Yeah, my goal, to become published, had technically came true. I did not want it, like that. I would love to have the recognition and praise, that accompanies being published. I was blessed enough, to have the image retracted. This was the happy ending, to this story.

Get your minds out the gutter!

Needless to say, after this situation, I batched my work, and sent it in.

So, please, graphic designers, photographers, musicians, any type of artist. Please, get your work copyrighted. If this could happen to me, it can happen to you, too.

Here is the link:

U.S. Copyright Office