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Hello New World,

I need to vent, I suppose.

I am lacking ideas for shoots. This week, I am happens from time to time. It has been a while, because I took a break from photography. I think that my recent lifestyle change, I mean my diet, and constant worries, have put a damper on me, just a bit. Also, I am soooooo uninspired by DC, right now. The safety in this city is suffocating! Everyone wants to look like some one famous, instead of looking like themselves, and it is suffocating me!

Anyway, tell me what inspires you. What drives you? What is your motivation? I would love to know.



Adobe Creative Suite 6 Is Here!

Hello New World,

Well………….the excitement has finally built up to this day. I can’t believe the greatness of today! Photoshop World practically advertised for it. The flyers were in every graphic design magazine. Now, it is finally here.


Yes, all us geeks, yeah I am talking about myself, have been waiting for this. I know this may sound, kind of dilly, but I normally buy the suite, as oppose to one particular program, because, in my opinion, I think that it is better to own a majority. You never know when you may need to use several products, in a day. Just me, is what I’m saying. So for me, my feature list would be in PS 6. Some of the features include:
Dark UI
Oil Paint By Default
Face Detection in Select>Color Range
Adaptive Wide Angle
Auto-correction for Adjustments (Who ever thought of this, I would like to personally thank them.)
Lighting Effects Using the 3D Engine
White Balance and Noise Reduction as a Brush (HALLELUJAH)
New Controls for Black/White/Highlights/Shadows
Video (Yes photographers and creatives, we have options)
And the biggest advancement
CS6 can be purchased on a monthly basis.

These are great new features, you would think that Adobe would change one thing, student versions. I am very grateful at Adobe has done soooo much, as far as CS6 goes, however, Adobe, I am a poor student. I don’t know if anyone else got suckered, but let me tell you my story. I was sooooo impressed with the new features that I made it a priority to save up and buy it. So, my school put down an advertisement for buy Adobe CS5.5 and get CS6 for free. Who could pass up a deal like that?! So I bought it, got CS5.5 and began some learning, on it, and found out that when CS6 comes out, I need to delete CS5.5 because student version are not upgradeable. So I am stuck with CS5.5. With that being said, Adobe, please make student versions upgradeable to other student versions. Students are broke! I could have kept my money and waited for CS6! Seriously!
You know I have to find something to complain about.


Personal Time

Hello New World,

This week sparked a debate. I would love to hear point of views, on this subject.
This is my week off, from my classes. I am also in the process of building my business, as well as finding a job. Somewhere, in the mist of all this, I am searching for personal time. I have a friend of mine, who is constantly building his business. He is doing it, to the point, where he is losing people close to him. It seems as though he is grasping for personal time.

My question is this. As a amateur photographer, when do we have personal time? Does this come during the times when we have no business? My personal thought would be to make time, regardless to what is going on. I think that, if you don’t make time for the important people, in your life, then loneliness becomes your new friend.

What do you think?


Hello to All,

This week has been a week of roller coasters and things. I have started a new regimen, in order to get in a shape. The shape of round just isn’t attractive, to guys. Also, I am adjusting to new glasses. Needless to say, I have a new headache every afternoon, and I made some decisions on my photography. I think the one that matters the most, is the decision I am making, on my photography.

First off, I will still be running my business, but only as a side business. I love doing photo shoots, being and having that creative freedom, but I need a job. One day, I would love for my photography to become my full time job, however, at the moment, I need to make money for me and my daughter. So, I am making the decision to go back to banking. I will still be doing photo shoots, just during my free time. Also, this does not mean you will hear from me any less. I will still be doing post, as always. I just miss customer service, I guess.

Well, TTYL!