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My First Shoot of 2012 (Update)

Hello New World,

Right now, I am preparing for my next photo shoot.

This shoot, I will be striving for a more high fashion stance, or at least the potential for it. I will be shooting at a skate park, with the model. I believe this will be fun. I am very excited to be working with two new faces, stylist Tamona Christian and model Amber Smith. Also, I can’t wait to test out this new lens I got from the Photoshop World Expo. This will be my first shoot with my Tamron 70-300mm lens. I am very excited to see what I will get.


Photoshop World. My Weekend Review

Hello New World,

Well, as you all may know, I look forward to going to Photoshop World, every year. This year, it just so happens that it was in D.C. What a huge relief on me, because I live here. Although, I won’t lie, I would love to have it be back in Orlando. I want to go back to Universal Studios, because I missed a few chance to get on a set of good rides.

Anyway, PSW started on Friday, with the pre conference classes. I did not register for those classes. Those classes are too rich for me. I started my conference on Saturday. I saw the the tail end of the keynote, and I saw some of the work, that got awards. Let me state this, next year, I am going to apply for a GURU Award. I need to be an award winning artist! Seriously!

I took the Dave Cross class, called “Habits of Successful Photoshop User”, and man! I have never taken a class and the instructor just knew everything I was doing, was wrong, and I did not have to day a word. I thought that was awesome. His class was very informative and he was more than willing to answer any questions you may have had. Then, the Scott Kelby class, called “Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It”, was awesome, as well. I loved the fact that he did a live shoot. The thing that I like most, about Scott Kelby, is that he shows you a way to do something, so that you have an idea, and you can tweak it, from there. The Frank Doorhof class, that was titled “Reaction, Inspiration, & Composition Secrets”. His class was very fun paced, and very active. The most inspiring part, to his class, was when he was telling me of how got into fashion photography. It gave me some hope, and new outlook, on what I need to do. The Dave Cuerdon class, called “Exposure Bootcamp”, was a class that I needed, badly. He showed me that, and I would have never thought of, to fix a photo, in Photoshop. The final class, that I took, was the Lindsay Adler class, titled “10 Best Practices for Social Networking”. I thought her class was very good. She gave a bunch of good advice for social networking. One tip, that she gave, that stuck in my head, was the Google tracking tip.
She stated Google can track when someone says something about you, so I want to see if this works. Lindsay Adler, I like your sites homepage slideshow. The pic with the girl with the red hair is nice!

Now, I will state the conference had a lot more classes, to attend, but those were the few that I attended. The remainder of the time was spent in the Expo area. The Expo had a lot of cool items there. They had live shoots, product give aways, advice from experts, etc. I won’t even lie. I planned on getting me some clothes, because I am a little behind on the latest, that thought is now put on hold. I saw this vicious 70-300mm Tamron lens. Needless to say, I gots that! The people at Midwest Photo Exchange was very help and nice. Stu gave me a good price on my lens.

Well…..with that said, I have got to get better with my social practices. To do this, I will make it an effort to post once a week.


4 Days Til PSW………… Are You Ready?

Hello Wonderful World,

As the title states, we have 4 days until PSW in DC. Are you ready, for it? Have you got your class schedule on lock?

I am. This year, I want to do more photography classes. This year, NAPP has brought back, fashion photographer, Frank Doorhof. His work looks great. I would say, that he is on my list of favorite photographers. I will put that list out, at a later date.

Anyway, this is an event for all photographers, designers, videographers, etc.

So, gear up and get ready to learn.