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Photoshop World……….In DC?!

Hello New World,

I was looking through my mail. I never really look through it, unless it is a bill. I saw the latest flyer for Photoshop World. Of course, I thought, “I can’t afford Florida, right now. It is y out of my budget.”

Well, this year, PSW is coming to DC!

What is PSW?

Photoshop World is a three day conference, for digital photographers, graphic artist, and just plain out enthusiasts. Anyone, who wants more info on how to do anything, dealing in creative design, should go. If you have followed my blog from Blogger, you would know that, this seminar, is how started out. The year that I attended, I was able to meet one of my favorite teachers, David Cuerdon. So, it was so much fun.

When and where is PSW?

The conference is March 24-26, 2012, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, in DC. Since it is in DC, I will be there, for sure!

For more details, go to

Can’t wait



Updating My Latest Shoot!

Hello New World,

Happy Belated Turkey Day!

I am still in the planning stages, for an upcoming shoot. As I stated before, it will be a laundromat shoot. I am still, in the stages of perfecting the last minute details.

The look will be a diva, hollywood type look. I am being flexible, with the look, because I want to see what happens.


Resetting of Goals and Big News!

Hello New World,
First, I want to announce that Scott Kelby is coming to Washington D.C.! How awesome is that. I would love to go, but due to my economic situation, I will be grounded at home. He will be at the Washington Convention Center on December 2, 2011. He will be doing the series “Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It”. For those that are able to go, I will be soooooo jealous! His workshops are the bomb, and if you have questions, he takes time out to personally answer them. So, if you can, go see this man!
Well, this year’s FotoWeek, seemed like a bust. Other than the copyright class, I did not see too many things that I wanted to participate in.
The plus to this was that it allowed me some time to think.
I decided to reset my goals. I am even considering attending the Washington School of Photography. I want to have a base to my work.
Also, I reached out to a few fashion photographers, that are locaed in the D.C. area. I am still waiting.
My goal is to get my name out there!
I want to make it happen!

Foto, No Go!

Hello New World,

Well, this is day two of DC Foto Week. I am not big on complaining, but the website, does not have there free events readily accessible. So needless to say, I had to pass today’s events up. It was not a totally useless day, oh no. I changed my background to my website and added a reflective style to my logo. 

I know, I was so busy!


Hello New World,
I was so wrapped up in other situations, that I forgot about this week’s upcoming event! Starting November 5th into November 13th, kicks off DC Foto Week. My friend, Leah Jones, reminded me, this morning about it. I know that there are a few events that I missed, already, but there are quite a bit of events that are still going on.
Check it out

A New Look for A New Year!

Hello New World,

Well, you may notice some changes. The first change would be the look of he blog. This leads me to change number two. I changed my blog! The blog 
looks clean and very in line with my brand new website!

I still have my Flickr account, but I needed a site, to further my business. 

So………….peoples! Let me know what you think of my changes.

Catwalk for the Quilt at Aveda

Hello New World,
Well, I want to start off with the latest show that I was privileged in being a part of. Aveda Institute of Washington D.C., hosted a benefit runway show. It was called “Catwalk for the Quilt”. The show was to raise HIV/AIDS awareness. Any one that knows me, knows that I am big on charity events. Being as though I an a client, at the institute, I could not refuse. Who else is going to shape up a mohawk?!
Models and Stylist from the show.
Well, let me start off by stating that these students are awesome! I love the entire program! The styles, in my opinion, were very avante garde. I don’t quite remember the theme, but lovely, none the less. Also, my stylist, Star, sang her heart out! It was great! I will state that I thought, at least for me, it was wild, because all three ladies that style my mohawk, was in the show. Definitely, these students are very talented!

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