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I hope the title  got your attention! Lol!

GM New World,

With all the new situations going on, in my life, I wanted to send out a quick post. 

I had asked  the producer, Mr. Ean Williams, about getting press passes for DC Fashion Week, the Spring show. Well, he stated to me that the time to apply is November 1st. Imagine my excitement! So I am passing the word out. Please, fashionistas, bloggers, photographers, and etc., sign up for that press pass! I am only speaking from experience, but I met a lot of cool people. 

I think that this year, I am ready! New business cards and new website ( still in progress). 

So…….set those calendars for November 1st!



Biker Shoot Update

Hello New World,

Last week was very wild. The biker shoot, that I had scheduled, was a success, minus the bike. 

I had some people pull out of the shoot, which was fine. I ended up with two great models, and one superb makeup artist.

The shoot was by the Hosteling International. I held the shoot, in the alley. I thought it was a hot spot. I planned that spot especially for the bikes, but oh well. The ladies, Rachel Baines and Rogi Banks, both had on their best biker outfits. This was one shoot that I was thought, even though we had a few trials, was an overall success. 

Once the retouching has been done, I will post them. Also, I just did some readjusting to my business. I will post my first website, very soon. 

Once again, to all, TTYL!

Biker Shoot. So Reeady!

Good Evening New World,

I know, but there wasn’t anything happening to me, so nothing to blog about. 

But, I do have something, for today. 

This week, I have a shoot. I know a lot of you are like, finally. I have been in hiatus. Please forgive me.  This upcoming shoot is biker themed. You know I have to do it different. So I will be working with MUA’s, models, and hopefully a few other photographers. I will see.