DC Fashion Week Review

Guest @ Dirty Bar
Good Evening, New World,
I know, sorry for being M.I.A., but the past couple of day, have been a dream. I am meeting so many new people. DC Fashion Week, is beginning to change my outlook.
Lady Tre & Paul Wharton
I will start off by telling you guys about the Eco Fashion show, that was Monday. It was at a location called Perkins & Will, that was located in NW DC. Some of the designer were awesome. I especially loved the Aidah Collection. Her designs, in my opinion, are very classic.
At the end of the show, I had an opportunity to snag a photo with Paul Wharton.

 My friend, Leah Jones, took the photo of me and Paul Wharton.

Then, on Thursday, the Dirty Bar hosted a Fashion Networking Party. I loved the party. It was very fun, and I had a chance to network with a couple of individuals. The models were very lively and other photographers were very friendly.
There are a few more events that are going on this week. Please, check them out.
Guest @ Dirty Bar
Check you guys out, l8r!

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