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Just an Update……….Oh yeah, I am still around!

Good Evening New World,
Is your power back on, since Aunt Irene left?
This week has been very different, for me.
I had blessings and disappointments, but along the way, I am learning, do not put too much on one project.
Ok, where do I begin?
Oh yeah,
The Exorcist House, during rush hour.
I had an opportunity to visit the house that the “Exorcists”, was filmed. I never saw the movie. When I was younger, my mom was a big horror movie fan, but she told me that this particular movie scared her, so I never watched it. Needless to say, I had a very different idea, to what the house was. So, me and my friend, Leah, traveled over to the place. I must say, I found the house very interesting. Beautiful scenery, busy environment. One man, whom was there with his family, began to tell what the movie was about. I was listening, to his story, in aww.
That was the blessing.
Here comes the lesson………..
This month, I tried to book as many shoots, as possible, to stay in good practice. Each of the shoots had, except for one, was canceled. Either it was the weather, migraines, or new natural disasters, none were done. But, it was actually a blessing still, because I began to move my daughter into a new school.
So….what is the next adventure? Not sure, but will try to keep everyone posted!

Broke Photographer. Looking for Inspiration

Good Evening, New World,

I started to notice that this recession is hurting everyone. Beginning entrepreneurs, especially. 

I have been having these ideas for shots, but not enough business to drive the ideas. 

So I am coming to my readers, for ideas. 

I need some ideas for advertising myself. Any ideas ? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Latest Shoot

This weekend, I shoot Candice Davis, at the Arboretum, in DC. I learned that not all property is considered public. However, with the time that we had, I was able to get four great shots. So without further ado, my latest set. I will be only showing three shots. Please, enjoy.

This shot, to the right, was my favorite shot. She so a attitude through a natural setting.


Candice Davis-

Lost, but Not Forgotten.

Hello New World,
Please, forgive me. I am always begging to the world, to forgive me. I have been a little busy. I will try to do better, on blogging.
I just did a shoot, last week. I think that it went extremely well. The young couple, was absolutely beautiful together. I am hoping that I get a chance to shoot more couples, that are this cute.
Also, to any of my local photographers, in the DC area. Please, help support MOCA DC, by joining. The director, Mr. David Quammen, is a great guy. Personally, I love the studio, space, and the fees. Since I am just starting out, and my photography budget is 0, his prices work for me. So, please, join up!
These next couple of weekends, I will be running practice shoots. I am in the process of sharpening my skills. What little I have now. Anyway, I picked out a few models. One, in particular, has this look, that makes me want to just stare. LOL!
Anyway……….will be getting back with you wonderful people, very soon.
Oh yeah, check out my latest work on Flickr.