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Random Thoughts………

Good Morning Bright New World,

What a beautiful day. Finally, a cool 80 degrees and life is good. 

Right now, I have so much to be thankful for and so many things to think about. 

The first is that I need to recut my hair. I just found a wonderful, young lady, named Mistarie. I want to say, if you are ever in the DC area, and you want something different, go to Aveda Institute. I walked out loving my cut. I wanted to get a trim and to cut my sides. After playing with them, I think that they are too long.

One thing, one client, I can’t reach her. 

Also, I must send out my emails to the models, alerting them to he date for my shoot. I know, I am soooooo late, but better late than never, right?!

Ooooohhhhhhh, so much going on, in my coconut, such little time!


A Glimpse to My Day and a Bit of News!

Good Evening New World,
A young lady enjoying her lunch.
Another young lady enjoying her afternoon.
This afternoon was something. I have a week off, from family, and I am trying to enjoy it. I just came back from Georgetown and I was able to see some of the sights. I found two wonderful young ladies, that allowed me to photograph them. One young lady, the one in the jeans, is studying 3d animation. I wish I would have gotten her name, she seems very interesting. Other than the usual, I think that the I will be putting out a casting call to shoot, for practice, up until my big shoot.
Welcome Relaxation!
Oh yeah! I forgot to mention a new young model, that I am proud to introduce. Her name is Laura. She is a great model. She is on point with the poses, and she is just getting started, so watch out, World!
Aspiring Model  Laura

Modelfy Pic of the Week Contestant………Right Here?!

Good Afternoon New World,

Ok, so the latest is that I just entered this contest on Modelfy for “Pic of the Week”. So being as though I am a newbie, to that site, I decided to take a chance. 

So………….anyone out there that has a Modelfy account, please, vote for me as “Pic of the Week “!

This is the link!

A Bit of Good News!

Good Morning New World, 

Today is a new and wonderful day. It is also the start of a brand new, and totally great month. 

The first is that I have a shoot, today. I have yet to do a location shoot, so I will see how this will work out. I am very hopeful that this shoot will go smoothly. 

The second is that I have two paying jobs, this month. I am very excited about this. 

I just got my account accepted on Modelfy. I was looking, on the site, and I am in complete aww. These people are professionals! I love that editorial fashion shoots. I went online, to do some research, and I became more swept away by Vouge magazine covers. I want to aspire to that.

The last bit of news was that I applied for a position, in the government, as a VIS. I am hoping it goes through! 

Anyway……………..enjoy this beautiful day!

The Online Lighting Diagram review

Good Evening New World,
So far, since being on vacation, this week, I have been practicing on light set ups. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am a visual learner, as opposed to an audio learner. Anyway, I am still practicing on setting up my lights, and stumbled across a site that is interesting and free! 

The website is called “The Online Light Diagram”. The site, in my opinion, is very interesting. It allows you to map out where you would set your lights. The diagram contains a person on background paper, a camera in front of the person, and a variety of lights sources and equipment. 

Personally, I used it a couple of times, but have found this site to be very useful. I need to be in a habit of using this site more often. I think that for the individual, that is learning photography, on their own, this would be a very resourceful tool. In fact, I think that the site makes it an ultimate resource by allowing the user, if they have Photoshop, to download their PSD file, which I believe is free.

So…………….in a nutshell, check this program out. It is a great tool.

The Online Lighting Diagram website-


Good Evening New World,

I know that I have been M.I.A., but I nothing interesting has happened. Well……..the one interesting thing was that I am on a two week vacation!

During my time, I made up my mind to get in some exercise, and practice my lighting set ups.

In the upcoming months, I have a couple of paid shoots. I am still doing my TFP (Time For Print, or Trade) shoots, as well! It is just that in this backwards economy, I need to get paid!

So……………………I will try to keep you wonderful people posted! 

****I am not big on doing that muah thing! It took me a long time to realize that it was the noise made when sending some one an air kiss! Crazy!