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Planning for the Next Big Thing………………… Photo Shoot #2?!

Good Afternoon New World,

The past couple of weeks, I have been helping my friend, Leah Jones of LLJ Photography, out with a photo shoot, that is scheduled for June 4th. In the mist of lending a helping hand, I began to have an idea for a shoot.  Now, the first shoot that I did, it was a themed shoot. When I did this shoot, I was very excited and very tired. This was due to last minute planning and excitement. Although, I loved every moment, I realized that I had bit off more than I could chew. Also, I feel that I made a few mistakes. 

This time, I want to do a few things differently. 

This time, I want to take away the thought of a theme and replace it with a setting. In my opinion, I think that people act, in response, to their environment. This, in a way, is easier for the model to be herself and to direct their own poses. Just freestylin, I guess would be a good way to put it. Also, I need to keep my mind open for any and every thing that could possibly happen.

But still, every option is still in the air! 


Style Network Shows

GM New World,

Ever since I started doing photography, I have seem to become more intrigued by the shows on the Style channel. The drama of “Jerseylicious”; the unique designs of “Project Runway”. Today, Style has a marathon of “Project Runway”. This show is especially inspiring because it shows runway modeling and fashion, to another level. I don’t know, call me a “geek”. These shows give me soooo many ideas. So………give me your thoughts on the shows on Style. 

Hello……………….I’m new here………….

Hello New World,
I am very unfamiliar with the world of blog, but I am here to give it a shot. 

I wanted to start this blog to give the self taught enthusiast (those individuals that have stayed on their personal grind to perfect their art) the chance to learn and grow with each other. I will start off by stating that I have always been an artist. At least a self proclaimed one. My mom could draw, and that was a skill that I was blessed with. It wasn’t until I was fired from my job, that I began to revive this gift, but was uncertain of how to do that. 

Let me be the first to state, never knock a gamer. At the time, I realized that after my online classes, I had a lot of free time. At that moment, here comes Sims 2, back into my life. For a very long time, I was hard into it. Mainly because, I was confused with what to do with my life. Also, anyone that knows the Sims, knows that this game is a simulation game. It is not one of those “blow up the world with a machine gun” game, just a game where you, the player, can test out different lives, ex: baker, store owner, or slacker.

Well, I began to look on YouTube, and I saw that people used the sims to create music videos, shows, etc. It was very exciting, so I began to learn about that. I put out a few recreations on my YouTube channel,, and began to expand. 

With the guidance of my good friend, Mic Mountain, he started teaching me about Photoshop. In fact, he gave me my first copy of PS7. Then, I started to wonder into photo retouching. Well, to make this story short, I began teaching myself retouching, and now, with the help of Leah Jones, learning photography. Although, my niche is in the fashion part of photography. 

With that being stated………………

Let’s get started!